Flanders Collection (Liederkerke, BE): the home of Belgium’s finest

Bruno Vandenbrande and Yannick Deridder: good, better, best ... Flanders Collection. These two fanciers are young and ambitious. Their only goal is to make it to the top, not only at national but also at international level.

It seems they are well on their way to reaching this goal. Bruno and Yannick own probably one of the most extensive De Rauw-Sablon collections in Europe. Their pigeons have an impressive pedigree but most importantly they perform very well. We take a closer look at this collection of outstanding breeders with some of the purest origins.

A. Breeders of international and national winners

I. Zoon Dreampair

He is the last living son of dream couple Albert X Paola and a full brother of De Fondman (2nd National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2001) and De Limoges (top breeder for Sablon). He is the sire of, for instance, New Paola, who was placed in the breeding loft after she had won two top prizes in three races (3rd Bourges 778 pigeons & 2nd Blois 404 pigeons) and Albert, who was quite successful too:

6th Gueret 103 p.
7th   Angerville 214 p.
8th   Angerville 215 p.
8th   Chateauroux 376 p.
10th  Angerville 297 p.
11th  La Chatre 297 p.
12th  Gueret 239 p.
18th  Angerville 994 p.
16th  Ecouen 227 p.
34th  Blois 404 p.
50th  Angerville p.
17th  intprov. Chateauroux 1047 p.
33rd  intprov. Angerville 1017 p.
47th  intprov. La Chatre 1151 p.
50th  intprov. Argenton 1209 p.
61st  intprov. Chateauroux 2784 p.
101st Nat. zone Chateauroux 9112 p.
350th Nat. zone Chateauroux 25263 d.
724th Nat. La Souterraine 18824 d.

Albert has not missed a single race since he won his first prize per 10 in 2010.

II. Marlon

Marlon is a daughter of the legendary Dromer De Rauw-Sablon. Her nest brother is the equally legendary Waalre of Gerard Koopman, winner of a first ace pigeon best of the best long distance 2004 with the following results: 1st nat. St. Vincent, 1st Ruffec 3,963 pigeons and a 12th Bergerac 3,232 pigeons. This is still an unparalleled feat in the modern history of pigeon racing. Let’s not forget the merits of Marlon herself: she is the dam of Cornelis, the first national from Limoges NPO and the fastest of over 35,000 Dutch pigeons that were released from Bergerac, Bordeaux and Limoges on the same day. Given the difficult circumstances that day, everybody was convinced that the pigeons would not arrive quickly so fanciers did not get up early to see their pigeons arrive. Cornelis proved them wrong: he arrived home at 06:30 and he showed us once more what the De Rauw-Sablon pigeons are capable of.

III. National Lucky Ace: the only full brother of Bak 17 in Europe

National Lucky Ace is the only full brother of Bak 17 in Europe and he can be considered as the best breeding son of Lucky 848. He is already sire of:

1st National Argenton 25,586 p. 2008
1st Int. Prov. Chateauroux 1,560 p.

IV. Blue Erica

Blue Erica is a daughter of the highly exclusive pair Blue Ace x Zus Dromer. Blue Ace, the second national ace pigeon KBDB, is in his turn a grandson of Den Dromer and a full brother of National Lucky Ace. This illustrates how the pigeons of De Rauw-Sablon inherit the talents and the amazing flying capabilities from the previous generation. Blue Erica was already dam of:

1st Nat. La Souterrraine 4,460 p. 2009
1st Nat. Argenton 10,962 p. 2011
12 first prize winners

V. National Dromer: Sire of the first national Montélimar 2009

Success breeds jealousy. This is also the case with the pigeons of De Rauw-Sablon. Other fanciers try to minimise and to ignore their achievements: when the prizes are awarded they simply look the other way. De Dromer is a pigeon that was not given the credit it deserves. Dromer is in fact one of the very best breeding birds of the past ten years. It is partly thanks to him and to the merits of his descendants that fanciers from abroad have such a great interest in the Belgian racing pigeon. The fanciers from Liedekerke are well aware of that. That is why they purchased Nationaal Dromer, which would become their next big star. Nationaal Dromer is already sire of a 15th national Argenton 2011 and full brother Lucky 77, winner of the 1st nat. ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2009:

1st  loc. Argenton, 122 Nat. 17,010 p.
1st  loc. La Souterraine, 146 Nat. 13,708 p.
1st  Toury 209 p.
2nd  Souillac 5,985 p.
21st Brive 20,310 p.
29th Bourges 2,914 p.
29th Dourdan 1,317 p.
31st Orange 6,751 p.

VI. Super Son Marseille: Best breeder from the pair De Marseille x Fijn Blauw

It’s all in the name: Super Son Marseille is considered the best breeder in Europe at the moment. He is a son of De Marseille x Fijn Blauw. He is already the sire of:

co-winner 2nd Nat. champion long distance KBDB 2009
8th Prov. Champion KBDB Fond
1st Limoges 235 p.
1st loc. Cahors, 29th Nat. 8,622 p.
1st loc. Argenton, 17th Nat. 22,422 p.
2nd Souillac 134 p.
6th Brive 262 d.

B. Breeders of interprovincial and provincial winners

I. Best of Smalle 970: Sire of the first Interprovincial La Chatre

Best of Smalle 970 is a son of Broer Smalle 970 x Dochter Zomerjong 118. Broer Smalle 970 and Zomerjong 118 are both brothers. This is a highly inbred pigeon of the 548/91, the top breeder of Marcel Aelbrecht and a son of Dreampair. Best of Smalle 970 is the sire of:

1st  Int. Prov. La Chatre
17th Nat. Chateauroux
15 x top 20 provincial

Silver Wing 970: 1st La Chatre 1151 p. & 17th nat. Chateauroux 10,000 p.

The breeding loft houses two more descendants of the 970 ready to breed a new generation of champions with the same qualities. We are talking about a full brother of the first nat. ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2003 (De Patron) and a full sister of the 7th nat. ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2006. To safeguard the entire Smalle 970 bloodline they have also purchased two children of Zomerjong 118: a son of Zomerjong 118 x Moeder Miss Joice as well as a son of Zomerjong 118 x Goede Blauwe 011 of Marcel Aelbrecht. The two offspring are already sire to a few first prize winners.

II. Ijzeren Tom: Sire of the 1st Interprov. Bourges

Ijzeren Tom, what’s in a name, was the best young bird of De Rauw-Sablon in 2003 and was purchased on the advice of Frans Sablon. A full sister of Ijzeren Tom is granddam to Andy, the 4th national ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2011 for Robert Van Eycken:

7th  Nat. Zone Limoges 5,984 p.
17th Nat. Zone Souillac 1,841 p.
22nd Nat. Zone Montauban 2,641 p.
76th Nat. Tulle 5,124 p.

III.  Frans Subliem: Sire of the first Prov. Poitiers

Frans Subliem is a son of the new top couple of De Rauw-Sablon, namely Hervé x Marthe. Hervé is grandsire of the first nat. Limoges 9,545 pigeons, the first and twelfth prov. Bordeaux and the 14th interprov. Chateauroux 6,855 pigeons. Marthe is the sister of the first nat. Perpignan 5,855 pigeons, the eighth nat. Cahors 13,093 pigeons and she is granddam of the first nat. Limoges and the first prov. Bordeaux. It should not surprise anyone that Frans Subliem has bred:

1st Poitiers 1,019 p.
2nd Poitiers 2,571 p.
1st Dourdan 159 p.
1st Dourdan 124 p.
1st Noyon 117 p.
1st Noyon 124 p.

IV. Marcel’s Provincial: Dam of the first prov. Bourges

This is a full sister of Michael, the best breeder of Marcel in 2008-2011 and also dam of four other first prize winners. Michael has won three first prizes in classic races and was the first ace pigeon in the long distance club of the Denderstreek in 2001. He has also bred the 1st national from Cahors.

V. Super Kastaar: Dam of the first prov. Chatauroux

Super Kastaar is a daughter of Kastaar (the best brother of Dromer) x Aline (the best hen of the Dreampair) and is a full sister of Lovely Kastaar, which is the dam of New Paola and Albert, the top class racer in the Flanders Collection. Meanwhile her descendants have won no less than nine first prizes.

VI. Fondman 668 en 671:

The 668 is the sire of four provincial Ace Pigeons and four first prize winners. The 671 is the sire of five first prize winners. The two pigeons are sons of Fondman, winner of the second national ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2001, who was in his turn a son of the renowned Dreampair. Before this pigeon was sold to a Taiwanese fancier he was first paired to Laura (a daughter of Dromer x Aline, the best hen of the ace pigeon pair). This pair has bred three youngsters, two of which are now part of the Flanders Collection. The 668 and the 671 have already proved their breeding qualities: four Belgian lofts have been successful with their descendants.

VII. Son Perpignan: Sire of the first Interprov. Chateauroux 3,602 d.

This is the nest brother of Perpignanke 957, the dam of Miss Joice from André Verbesselt. Miss Joice is a perfect summary of the successful Aelbrecht breed: intelligent and very strong, excellent orientational skills and the determination to win. Her descendants are successful in One Loft Races all over Asia:

Miss Arwen:   8th prize Final Race One Million Euro Race Shanghai 2008
Miss Long :  12th prize Final Race Grand Pigeon Race Thailand 2009
Miss Celine: 45th prize Final Race One Millon Euro Race Shanghai 2008
Soubalon:     2nd prize Final Race Million Euro Spring Race 2010
Miss May:    10th prize Final Race Grand Pigeon Race Thailand 2009

C.Bak 17

In addition to all of these superb pigeons the Flanders Collection also holds a most unique collection of descendants of Bak 17. No less than 14 direct descendants can be found in the lofts in Liedekerke. These pigeons have bred several first prize winners, for instance in the loft of Op de Beeck-Baetens. They have also won an 8th nat. Bourges and an 8th nat. Argenton.

The 15-duivin, one of the key players for Bruno and Yannick

D. Pros Roosen & his Freddy

Freddy, the pigeon of the late Pros Roosen, is admired by many. Not many pigeons have had such an impact on our sport as this super champion of Pros. His descendants should not be missing from this collection of Belgium’s finest. These descendants were particularly expensive but then again, Bruno and Yannick were determined to have them in their collection.

The first descendant to join their team was Favoriet Eddy. This was the best racer of Pros Roosen in 2009 and 2010. Pros said to Bruno: “If I decide to sell some of my pigeons you should to try to get your hands on this one. He is my best bird at the moment.” Favoriet Eddy is a half brother of Blue Prince (2nd prov. Vierzon 6,928 pigeons, 4th nat. Bourges 12,754 pigeons and 11th nat. Bourges 10,759 pigeons). Another top class breeder is Prince Junior, who is obviously a son of Prince. It is worth mentioning that he is the sire of the co-winner of the first nat. championship extreme long distance KBDB and of the third prov. ace pigeon KBDB Limburg. There is also Fantast II. He is the only full brother of Fantast I in Europe, so he is a grandson of Freddy and Chateauroux. During his career Fantast I has won 20 top-10 prizes (no duplications).

To conclude we would like to point out that the Flanders Collection is not just one of many breeding lofts that are based around a few big names. To prove our point we give you a few results from 2012: Bourges provincial against 1,966 pigeons: 3-7-15-46-71. Argenton provincial against 3,475 pigeons: 5-27-28-60-85-88-89. Such results can only be achieved by a top quality team. We wonder what the future will bring for Bruno and Yannick.