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The first auction weekend of 2021 ends in a total proceeds of 613,025 EURO

The following auctions ended on Sunday 10 January: Jos Martens (NL), Liliane Demely (BE), Alpdag brothers (TR), Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede (BE), Peter Janssen (DE), Sakis Minovgioudis (NL), Mike Ganus ( US), Dirk Van Dyck (BE) & Barcelona Special.

Jos Martens (NL) - 12 pigeons - 3,467 EURO / pigeon
Jos has gold in his hands with his couple Hyperion x Dolly. The couple produced Helios. The 1st International Perpignan winner with 816 meters per minute. Helios himself is still staying with Jos and will probably still produce enough marathon toppers. Today we were looking forward to the two sisters of Helios in the auction. They were sold for no less than 6,800 EURO and 7,000 EURO. The children of Helios were certainly not without merit. They both ended at 4,400 EURO.

Liliane Demely (BE) - 7 pigeons - 5,486 EURO / pigeon
Youngsters from the best breeders, including half-sister and child Mister Unique, a sister and the first son of Mister Gueret (3 & 5 Nat) and the last child of top breeder Brother Draaier 845. A magnificent group of pigeons that came under the hammer this afternoon. The first son of Mister Gueret was most appreciated, the beautiful blue white cock that largely resembles his successful father ended up as the most expensive in this auction with an amount of 9,000 EURO. Together with the other pigeons, this brought Liliane Demely to an average of 5,486 EURO / pigeon, which means that the auction raised a total of 38,400 EURO.

Alpdag brothers (TR) - 10 pigeons - 2,590 EURO / pigeon
The Turkish Alpdag brothers have invested heavily in the development of a super breeding stable in recent years. Several descendants from the world-famous Porsche line (Pipa Elite Center) also moved to the lofts of the brothers. Their auction that ended today was also dedicated to the Porsche line. They sold no less than eight double grandchildren of Porsche 911. The average price for the double grandchildren was 2,875 EURO / pigeon. One of those grandchildren really stood out today. This grandson was sold for 6,200 EURO.

Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede (BE) - 9 pigeons - 4,278 EURO / pigeon
In a season with many uncertainties, one thing became clear. The pigeons from Freddy & Jacques were ready. Because for weeks they left the competition behind and dominated the head of the results. Both provincial and national. Today their Freddy Special ended with two very special pigeons. A son of the world famous Freddy of Pros Roosen and therefore brother of the Blue Prince. The other very special pigeon was a daughter of this Blue Prince. They were clearly the highlights of this auction and were given free to two of their children who raised 10,000 EURO and 4,800 EURO.

Peter Janssen (DE) - 10 pigeons - 2,630 EURO / pigeon
Peter Janssen has an unprecedented good pigeon in the ranks with Olympic Clyde. Today there was a unique opportunity to get some of it. No less than two chances. These opportunities did not leave the buyers unused, which ensured that they were sold for fantastic amounts. The daughters went to their new owners for EUR 4,000 and EUR 4,800. The auction also included children from Chanty, First Lady and Olympic Bonnie, among others. In total, the auction raised EUR 26,300.

Sakis Minovgioudis (NL) - 8 pigeons - 3,425 EURO / pigeon
Sakis's name is often associated with the white pigeons. His auction also started today with such a white pearl. White Sublime was 1.01 today. A double grandchild of the world famous Meeuwke 12. Still known and sought after worldwide. That also meant that it was sold for a wonderful amount. The buyer paid 7,200 for this white cock. The auction was also more than successful. The auction of eight pigeons raised no less than 27,400 EURO.

Mike Ganus (US) - 10 pigeons - 3,830 EURO / pigeon
Mike Ganus bred from Wolverine ao Mike Has A Very Good One, winner of 100,000 Dollar in the Million Dollar race and (grand) sire of toppers in the Pattaya OLR, Victoria Falls OLR, the Hoosier Classic and Big Andy's One Loft Race ... Wolverine is also grandfather Red Monkey, 1st prize Victoria Falls and winner of 200,000 US dollar. This Wolverine was central in this auction and that provided the necessary spectacle on the Sunday afternoon. For example, a direct daughter of Wolverine crossed with Laura is A Big Winner Today was sold for 8,600 EURO and five beautiful Wolverine double grandchildren were available. Even though Wolverine himself may be of age, his genes will be heard in the one loft races for years to come.

Dirk Van Dyck (BE) - 15 pigeons - 1,933 EURO / pigeon
The legend Dirk van Dyck is especially famous for his Rambo Dynasty and the cannibal born from it. However, today it became once again clear that Dirk has even more quality to offer. Today there were 15 beautiful youngsters waiting for their new owner. An excellent result was the conclusion this afternoon. The 15 youngsters yielded a total of 29,000 EURO. The star of the auction was a beautiful blue cock, bred from a son of Di Caprio (Leo Heremans) x a daughter of the Staf (1st National Ace pigeon KBDB). The pigeon will move to its new owner for 3,000 EURO.

Barcelona Special - 80 pigeons - 2,239 EURO / pigeon
The international race from Barcelona is considered the classic of the classics. The queen of the marathon races on the extreme long distance, the high mass of the international pigeon sport. The wet dream of every pigeon fanatic to be able to write this showpiece to his name. To be successful in Barcelona requires typical Barcelona pigeons, real character pigeons with an exceptional perseverance, possessing an equally exceptional arsenal of strength as endurance. The best guarantee for this is with descendants from the bloodlines of real Barcelona winners.

By offering 80 typical Barcelona pigeons today, 80 opportunities were given to build or expand a Barcelona stock. So they did this in large numbers and with great confidence. We see this reflected in the total proceeds from this auction: 179,100 EURO.

Today's top three are:
Daughter New Laureaat - Batenburg vd Merwe - 11,000 EURO
Jef's 003 - Batenburg vd Merwe - 8,000 EURO
New Helios 095 - Jos Martens - 6,200 EURO

Roger Debusschere (BE) - 94 pigeons - 1,793 EURO / pigeon
Many of them already preceded today's buyers because many fellow sportsmen and women managed to achieve 1st provincial or semi-national victories with pigeons from Roger Debusschere. Pure evidence of top class and top genetics that are abundantly present at Roger Debusschere's Royal Collection. Roger only invested in the very best. Today everything came together in a spectacular auction. The very best that he got, but also the very best that he raced.

Most success was achieved with the following pigeons today.
Belmondo - 1st International Agen - 31,500 EURO
Kleine Perpignan - Winner 1st National / 7th International Perpignan - 16,200 EURO
Lotus - 2. Int. Ace pigeon 2018 / 4. National / 11. Int. Pau & 16. Int. St. Vincent - 7,400 EURO

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