Fantastic season for Norbert & Stefan Ally (Aarsele, BE)

The 2019 racing season is pretty much over, with just a few more races in the Tour of Belgium to go. It's time to take a look back. One father-son combination that has scored some terrific results again in 2019 was that of Norbert & Stefan Ally.

Stefan & Norbert Ally

Earlier this season, we wrote about the brilliant achievements of the Norbert and Stefan pigeon family in other lofts: we saw three national winners in just a few weeks' time that were related to the Ally bloodlines. You can reread our article here, in case you had missed it. Today, we will be focusing on their results in their own loft. And they have been winning top prizes at the highest level indeed. 


They started the season with 66 widowers: 30 old birds and 36 yearlings (including 10 late youngsters). The yearlings (without the late birds) gained some experience as youngsters in 2018, and they did one national race as well: Argenton. The late youngsters were trained up until Arras (90km) in 2018. Meanwhile, many of the big guns of the 2018 widowers' loft were no longer basketed in 2019. For instance, racing birds Den Angoulême Vooruit (1st National Angoulême 2018) and Neymar Junior (3rd National Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance KBDB 2017 & 19th National Jarnac 2018) were transferred to the breeding loft after the 2018 racing season. Two other renowned pigeons, Late Lucky (BE16-3131560) and Den 170 (170/15) were sidelined in the early 2019 season, due to a minor injury for Late Lucky, and the unfortunate loss of Den 170 Junior (186/18). This dampened the expectations for the old birds compared to previous seasons. Luckily, the widowers' team for 2019 could still rely one of the other big stars of 2018: De Jarnac (BE17-3011653), winner of a 1st Provincial and 2nd National in 2018, in a very difficult race from Jarnac. And he has won several top prizes in the old birds' competition again this year.

De Jarnac (BE17-3011653)

De Jarnac did five long distance races (600km-800km) in 2019, claiming the following prizes:

01/06 – 85th Nat. Limoges I (631km) - 13,569 pigeons
22/06 – 13th Nat. Montauban (789km) - 5,408 pigeons (974 m/min)
05/07 – 1038th  Nat. Limoges II  - 9,661 pigeons
21/07 – 140th Nat. Libourne (731km) - 4,605 pigeons
03/08 – 75th  Nat. Tulle (618km) - 6,206 pigeons

He ended the season as 5th best pigeon of Belgium across four long distance races (PIPA ranking) and 4th best pigeon of Belgium across 5 long distance races (PIPA ranking).

Jarnac's nest brother, Nestmate Jarnac, is doing well in the widowers' loft. Click here for the palmares of Nestmate Jarnac (654/17).

The team had already bred a full sister of De Jarnac in 2014, called La Souterraintje (210/14). She won a 1st National Zone La Souterraine II (547km) in 2014 as a young hen (with the sliding door) against 2,877 pigeons. And she went on to win a 2nd National La Souterraine II of 2,549 pigeons (with a small youngster in the nest).

Click here for the pedigree of De Jarnac - nestmate Jarnac - La Souterraine. The sire is super class breeder Lucky Erik (BE10-3075591). He was bred from racing star Lucky (226/06) x Limbourg hen Erika (529/08), right before Lucky left for China, having won a 4th National Souillac of 7,039 pigeons in 2010. Lucky Erik has developed into one of the very best Ally breeders around. He is for instance the sire of Aaron (421/12), an excellent racing and breeding bird. For an overview of Lucky Erik's impressive list of breeding references, click here.

The dam of De Jarnac is Halfsister Gouda (BE12-3118818), a 100% Ally hen. She was bred in the summer of 2012 from the then super class breeding hen Federa Beauty (195/09), which is the dam of Gouda (204/12), the number one stock breeder for this team today. The sire of Halfsister Gouda is a great racing bird and a son of the iconic Ally bird Primus (939/98). It's interesting to note that Lucky Erik is a great-grandson of that same Primus from his father's side. Primus is a son of the Ally stock pair Zoon Wittenbuik (Vandenabeele) x Tineke (from stock pair Blauwe Bliksem x Brave, and he was successful in the sprint, the middle distance and the long distance (3 x top 55 national).

The descendants of Primus came into prominence in other teams as well. For instance, a grandchild of Primus claimed a 1st National Poitiers of 13,814 old birds (and the fastest of 26,949 pigeons) in 2013 for Jacques & Gino Mispelaere, racing into a strong headwind (1112 m/min). This racing bird called Poitiers turned out to be a talented breeder as well: one of his sons won a 1st National Brive old birds of 9,278 old birds in 2018, again in demanding conditions.

A youngster of 'Lucky Erik' (608/19) won a 1st prize of 1012 pigeons, as well as a 4th provincial of 7622 pigeons in the golden spurs' race from Chateaudun young birds. She then went on to win a 77th Prov. Chateaudun of 7170 p., a 242nd Prov. Blois of 3501 p. and a 216th Prov. Bourges of 4881 p. in the three subsequent races. The 608/19 is a granddaughter of 'Gauda' from her mother's side. Click here for the pedigree.

Aaron Talent - BE17-3134075

The second best old bird in the widowers' loft for 2019 is a grandson of Lucky Erik: Aaron Talent (BE17-3134075). And this bird deserves an introduction. Aaron Talent was weened in early July 2017, and pigeons are no longer released in Aarsele at this time of year. However, Stefan's son was particularly fond of this pigeon, a racing cock, and Stefan agreed to make an exception: he released the pigeon, along with three other cocks from about the same age. He covered up to 25km in his year of birth, and training continued in in 2018, when he was a yearling. He did flights of up to 400km, and he showed to have quite a bit of potential, even though he was not very experienced yet: he won a 23rd Prov. Orleans of 3,417 yearlings and a 41st Prov. Blois of 3,367 yearlings. He was named Aaron Talent, and he was granted a spot in the 2019 widowers' loft. Stefan had clearly picked a well suited name for this pigeon, judging from his achievements in 2019. Aaron Talent was basketed 12 times in 2019, from Arras (89km) on 6th of April until Jarnac (642km) on 10th of October. He did not miss a single prize, and he claimed a total of 9 prizes per 10 (no doubles). He ended the season as 2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon - All-round old birds & yearlings KBDB 2019, based on the following achievements:

5th   Club Arras 198 pigeons
4th   Club Clermont (194km) 494 pigeons
5th   Club Clermont 422 pigeons
113th Prov. Blois (409km) 4,845 pigeons
128th Nat. Limoges II 9,661 pigeons 
3rd   Prov. Jarnac 230 pigeons

Click here for the pedigree of Aaron Talent. And you can tell where he got his talents from: his sire Aaron is considered to be one of Norbert Ally's best all-round pigeons ever. Click here for Aaron Talent's full pedigree, as well as that of his sire Aaron.

The dam of Aaron Talent is Treasure (499/16), one of the best new breeding dams of this team! A youngster of the first round, Stefan wanted to transfer her to the breeding loft right away, even though she was yet to start her first training flights as a young bird. Her sire New Schumi (2nd National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs KBDB 2015) was part of the widowers' loft at the time. He was temporarily used for a pairing with his famous grandmother Gouda in the winter of 2015-2016. Today, Treasure is the dam of four different first prize winners, including the club winner Chateauroux III young birds of 685 pigeons (604/19). Click here for her pedigree.

The yearlings' team from Aarsele had a very solid season; we run you through the best yearlings of the year 2019.

Beauty 248 – BE18-3115248

Palmares 2019

1st Club Argenton (509km) - 442 pigeons
   10th prov. 4,084 pigeons
   38th Nat.  22,826 pigeons
1e Club Limoges (631km) 257 pigeons
   7th prov. 2,133 pigeons
   14th Nat. 10,783 pigeons
4e Club Souillac (697km) 63 pigeons
   44th prov. 835 pigeons
   87th Nat. 4,056 pigeons
9th prov. Jarnac (642km) 183 pigeons
21st Club Blois (409km) 364 pigeons
   129th prov. 1,892 pigeons

Click here for the pedigree.

Sire Blue Nestpender 431 (431/12) stems from the fantastic combination Schumi x Gouda. No more than four pigeons were bred from this pair, and yet, this pair proved truly invaluable. Schumi Junior (131/13) is the most famous youngster of this pair. And Blue Nestpender 431 is himself a highly regarded breeder as well. He is the sire of Beauty 248, and of a 1st Prov. Tours (447km) – 3,478 pigeons ’17, a 22nd Nat. Limoges (631km) – 9,661 pigeons ’19, a 37th Nat. Brive (665km) – 5,929 pigeons ’16, a 69th Nat. Chateauroux (481km) – 29,591 pigeons ’16, a 73rd Nat. Jarnac (642km) – 4,940 pigeons ’18, a 152nd Nat. Tulle (618km)  – 7,447 pigeons ’17, a 182nd Nat. Libourne (731km) – 3,927 pigeons ’17, and a 345th Nat. Limoges (631km) – 9,151 pigeons ’17.

We published an interesting article about top breeder Schumi earlier on - click here.

Den 117 – BE18-3115117

Palmares 2019

2nd Club Argenton (509km) 442 pigeons
   13th prov. 4,084 pigeons
   60th Nat. 22,826 pigeons
4th Club Limoges (631km) 257 pigeons
   27th prov. 2,133 pigeons
   67th Nat. 10,783 pigeons
90th prov. Souillac (697km) 835 pigeons
   202nd Nat. 4,056 pigeons

Den 117 has an excellent pedigree; click here.

Sire: Brother Lucas (435/12) - a full brother of Lucas (506/10). Brother Lucas was sold in the PIPA auction of April 2018. Den 117 is a grandson of Schumi, just like Beauty 248. Like we said, we published an article about Schumi on PIPA earlier this year.

Dam: Sister Belle (566/16), a talented new breeding hen. She is a full sister of top breeder Belle, which is part of a great breeding pair with Schumi Junior. Sister Belle did complete a number of races, unlike Belle. A youngster from the third round, she won an 8th Prov. Chateaudoun (1,887 pigeons) and a 23rd Prov. Chateaudun (3,594 pigeons) in 2016. She is a 100% Gaston Van De Wouwer, being a youngster of Gaston 039 x Sister Kim. (Click here for her pedigree).

Perhaps the most promising young cock of 2019, Den Provinciaal Argenton (708/19), is a youngster of Sister Belle as well. Den Provinciaal Argenton won a 1st Prov. Argenton YBs of 5,665 pigeons, as well as an 8th Nat. of 23,258 pigeons. This racing bird had already shown his potential with a 9th club Clermont (194km) of 808 pigeons, a 24th Club Pontoise (232km) of 888 pigeons and a 27th club Chateaudun (357km) of 1,012 pigeons & a 226th Prov. of 7,622 pigeons. The sire is none other than Schumi Junior -  see pedigree. Given the success of the Schumi Junior x Belle pairing, the four year younger Sister Belle was paired to Schumi Junior as well, in the winter of 2018-2019. And this combination proved an instant success as well. It is worth noting that a sister of Den Provinciaal Argenton was one of the stronger young birds of 2019; he won a 9th club Chateaudun of 1,012 pigeons and an 84th Prov. of 7,622 pigeons, a 12th club Clermont of 560 pigeons, a 41st club Chateaudun of 933 pigeons, a 48th club Chateaudun of 987 pigeons and a 53rd Club Pontoise of 888 pigeons.

Witslag John – BE18-3115280

His 2019 palmares

1st Club Souillac (697km) 63 pigeons
7th prov. 835 pigeons
9th Nat. 4,056 pigeons
4th Club Blois (409km) 364 pigeons
19th prov. 1,892 pigeons
7th Club Clermont (194km) 201 pigeons
11th Club Clermont 263 pigeons
12th Club Argenton 442 pigeons
115th prov. 4,084 pigeons
461st Nat. 22,826 pigeons
476th Nat. Limoges II 10,783 pigeons

Origins: the sire is a direct Meurysse John, the dam is Arlene (Aaron x Young Schumi Girl). Click here for the pedigree of Witslag John.

Den 170 Junior – BE18-3115186

Even though Den 170 Junior is no longer around unfortunately, we would like to introduce this pigeon as well. Den Junior 170 was the star of the young birds' team of 2018, winning a 2 x first, 1 x second and 1 x third prize at club level. This is one of the team's favourite birds, always eager to rush home. As a result, expectations were high for 2019. And Den 170 Junior did not disappoint: he claimed the following prizes in his first three races (each time as first nominated): 15th Club Arras of 195 pigeons, 7th club Clermont of 263 pigeons and 1st Club Clermont 196 pigeons. Unfortunately, bad luck struck in his fourth race of the season, which was the first middle distance race from Blois. Den 170 Junior, as first nominated, failed to arrive home. Meanwhile, his fellow yearlings did really well, claiming a 2-19-50-129-185… of 1,892 yearlings, with a 10/13 per 3. Still, Norbert and Stefan were first of all disappointed about the potential loss of Den 170 Junior, an exceptional bird. And that is why they promptly put an end to the racing career of Den 170 (15-3142170); he would be used exclusively as a breeder the following season. Norbert and Stefan are of course hoping to discover a second Den 170 Junior. It is also worth mentioning that the (only) two youngsters of Den 170 Junior (paired to his widower hen) that Norbert ringed did quite well as youngsters. The 728/19 won a 3rd Clermont (194km) of 502 pigeons, a 3rd Chateaudun (357km) of 193 pigeons and a 20th prov. of 2,843 pigeons, a 10th Pontoise (232km) of 615 pigeons, a 47th Clermont of 594 pigeons, a 51st Clermont of 808 pigeons, etc. His nest brother 729/19 won a first prize from Poitiers (564km) of 166 pigeons, as well as a 16th provincial of 1,805 pigeons.

Origins: bred from top class racing bird Den 170 (100% Gaston Van De Wouwer) paired to his widower hen (daughter Gouda, 485/13). Click here for the pedigree of Den 170 Junior.

For an overview of the best results of the widowers of Norbert Ally in 2019, click here.

The young birds

The team bred and released slightly more early young birds compared to previous seasons, as a result of which there were no late youngsters to be released. A total of about 200 youngsters were trained, and 150 of them were basketed for races. All young birds were raced in semi widowhood (with the sliding door). In case of a race with high risks, the young cocks are occasionally kept at home, with only the hens racing. The reason is that this team focuses primarily on the yearlings and old birds raced in widowhood. The hens are only raced in their year of birth. The hens of the first round completed the most races, and they were the most successful as a team. But one of them really stood out: Miriam. We take a closer look at this racing hen.

Miriam - BE19-3100623

1st provincial ace pigeon longer middle distance West Fl. 2019
2nd Club Bourges 615 pigeons
   7th prov. 4,881 pigeons
   79th Nat. 28,446 pigeons
3rd Club Chateautun 1,012 pigeons
   14th prov. 7,622 pigeons
5th Club Argenton 825 pigeons
   11th prov. 5,665 pigeons
   38th  Nat. 23,258 pigeons 
5th Best young bird 2 national races PIPA ranking 2019
6th provincial ace pigeon all-round young birds KBDB West Fl. 2019

For the full palmares of Miriam, click here.

Miriam's pedigree can be found here.

Sire: Den 341 (12-3111341) – he did great as a young bird, just like Miriam. He won the title of 5th Provincial Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB West Fl. In the years 2013-'14-'15 racing bird Den 341 was one of the best widowers of this loft, along with Aaron and Neymar. Click here for the palmares of Den 341.

Den 341 is also the sire of one of the best widowers in the long distance in 2018-2019: Den 560 (16-3073560). Click here for his pedigree.

He wins for instance:

48th  Nat. Angouleme - 4,525 pigeons 2018
24th  prov. Libourne - 625 pigeons /152nd Nat. 3,176 pigeons 2018
78th  prov. Chateauroux - 5,904 pigeons / 2nd club 595 pigeons 2018
106th Nat. Limoges I – 13,569 pigeons 2019
183rd Nat. Libourne – 4,605 pigeons 2019
214th Nat. Limoges I - 15,789 pigeons 2018
258th Nat. Cahors – 6,903 pigeons 2019
364th Nat. Cahors - 6,356 pigeons 2018

Den 341 became the grandfather of 649/19 in 2019. She wins a 106th Nat. Argenton of 23,258 p., a 123rd prov. Chateaudun of 7,622 pigeons, a 117th prov. Fontenay of 7,114 p., etc. See pedigree.

Dam: Zita - BE13-6062030. She was purchased during the total sale minus the youngsters of Gaston Van De Wauwer in 2014 (Engels & Heremans bloodlines through Van De Poel). She won as many as 11 prizes per 10 in the (longer) middle distance for Gaston VDW in 2013-2014. She was initially paired to racing cock Grandson Blue Ace 650, bred from Son Blue Ace Limbourg x Zora (top class breeding hen from Ronaldo x daughter Zorro 618). Zita bred the following birds in this combination in Aarsele: 2nd Club Clermont 477 pigeons, 2nd Club Clermont 178 pigeon, 6th prov. Tulle 1,176 pigeons, 10th Nat. Jarnac 3,904 pigeons, 32nd prov. Montlucon 1,206 pigeons, 45th Nat. Limoges 7,274 pigeons, 67th Nat. Jarnac 3,904 pigeons, 101st Nat. Tulle 7,447 pigeons, 119th Nat. Argenton 12,449 pigeons and 261st Nat. Brive 9,278 pigeons.

Click here for the best results of the young birds in 2019.

A wonderful pigeon family

These achievements clearly illustrate the level of quality and the many top quality birds in the pigeon lofts of Norbert and Stefan Ally. These are all fantastic birds that continue to amaze week after week, either as racing or breeding birds. The 2019 season was one to remember, and we are curious to see what the team has in store for 2020.