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Fantastic auction weekend: + 416,000 euro. G & S Verkerk 5,000 euro/bird, Cor de Heijde 3,500 euro/bird, Theo Yskout 3,350 euro/bird, Pigeons for Life 3,200 euro

It has been a fantastic auction weekend. The 138 birds that were put up for auction were sold for more than 3,300 euro/bird on average!

Jos Cools – 8 pigeons – 2,063 euro/bird
Jos Cools has been one of the stars in the demanding Tienverbond competition for years, and he has been winning several national championship titles and ace pigeon titles sprint over the years. 2018 was no exception: he claimed a 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Sprint with Remco. And his many great results reflected in this very successful auction: the most expensive youngster was one of the first youngsters of Remco to be offered for sale. It will be moving to China for 2,800 euro. A youngster of Cher Ami, another great star, was also sold to China for 2,800 euro. Of the eight pigeons sold in auction, six went to China. The other go are sold to Germany and Great Britain.

Theo Yskout – 31 pigeons – 3,350 euro/bird
Theo Yskout is an iconic name in pigeon racing. He has been very successful in his own team, and his bloodlines have enabled other fanciers at home and abroad to get great results as well. Sadly enough, he was forced to offer for sale his entire pigeon collection due to health issues. The auction was a major success, with 31 pigeons being sold for 103,850 euro in total. The most expensive pigeon in this fantastic auction is The Nevers, which was sold along with his fire Den 200. They were sold to a Chinese fancier for an impressive 16,800 euro. Another star in this auction is Lucky Boy, 4th Nat. Chateauroux and a renowned breeder, which was also sold to China for 14,000 euro. Nest sisters Adeline & Fauwke were very popular as well, and they too were sold to China, for 13,000 euro and 12,200 euro respectively. China was clearly the big spender in this auction, with 20 pigeons in total going to Chinese lofts. The remaining birds go to Great Britain (8), Taiwan (4), Japan (2), Italy (1) and Belgium (1).

Gevaert-Lannoo – 16 pigeons – 2,588 euro/bird
The great champions with a small basket; that is how Paul Gevaert and Carlos Lannoo are often referred to. They sold 16 youngsters of their best breeders. The eye-catcher of this event was Princess Amelie, from a joint breeding with the 11 year old top breeder King Gaby x Amalia of the PEC. She was sold for 16,000 euro to a Belgian loft. Another special pigeon in this auction was the last ever youngster of CEO Bliksem x chipa (daughter Chipo Steveninck) to be sold in auction. She goes to China for 5,000 euro. The pigeons will be moving to China (7) and Belgium (7). Another two pigeons are moving to Great Britain.

Cor de Heijde – 33 pigeons – 3,517 euro/bird
Cor de Heijde sold a large selection of young birds on PIPA for the first time, and it was quite a success! The 33 youngsters were sold for more than 116,000 euro in total. The eye-catchers are two youngsters of Jonge Don Michel, and they were both sold to the same Dutch fancier for 15,200 euro/bird. That same buyers also purchased a son of Diamantje for 10,200 euro, as well as a daughter of Marianne for 8,400 euro. The Cor de Heijde pigeons were sold to pigeon lofts across the globe: Belgium (6), Japan (6), The Netherlands (6), China (3), France (3), Taiwan (3), Romania (3), Great Britain (2) and Poland (1).

G & S Verkerk – 15 pigeons – 5,007 euro/birds
Gerard and Bas Verkerk had another fantastic season, with one big result after another. It resulted in a very successful auction as well, raising over 75,000 euro for 15 youngsters from their best breeders. The most expensive pigeon in this auction was a youngster of Equal First x Eye Catcher; it goes to Taiwan for 12,600 euro. Another star in this auction was a youngster of Ridge x Feline, which goes to China for 8,600 euro. Five pigeons went to China, and five to Taiwan. The other birds are going to france (2), The Netherlands (2) and Belgium (1).

Philippe Dobbelaere – 6 pigeons – 1,367 euro/bird
Philippe sold two racing birds and four youngsters of his best breeders today. The two racing birds were the most valuable; they were both sold for 1,800 euro. A full sister of the 3rd Nat. Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2017 was sold for 1,700 euro. Two pigeons were sold to China, and the remaining four went to Belgium, Japan, Taiwan and The Philippines.

Mark Gilbert – 8 pigeons – 1,450 euro/bird
The introduction of direct youngsters of Hans-Peter Brockamp's renowned Euro Diamond enabled Mark Gilbert to become an internationally renowned player. Mark now has the most first prizes in international races in all of Great Britain. He sold eight youngsters from this Euro Diamond line. The most expensive ones come from a pairing of Son New Laureaat x Romee, paired to a granddaughter of Euro Diamond; they were both sold for 2,100 euro. The pigeons will be moving to Taiwan (4), Great Britain (2), Kuwait (1) and China (1).

Pigeons For Life – 7 pigeons – 3,214 euro/bird
A small selection of pigeons with excellent origins, offered for sale in a single auction by world famous fanciers, to support a good cause. Pigeon fanciers from across the globe have shown their generosity. All revenue is used to support a good cause; we will be financially supporting four different organisations. And they will be more than happy with the support. A grand total of 22,500 euro will be donated thanks to PIPA, and thanks to the following fanciers: Carlo Gyselbrecht (5,000 euro), Batenburg-vd Merwe (4,600 euro), Bart Geerinckx (3,400 euro), Jelle Roziers (3,400 euro), PEC (2,900 euro), Jelle Jellema (1,700 euro) and Gaston Van de Wouwer (1,500 euro). The pigeons were sold to seven different countries: Belgium, China, Germany, France, Great Britain, The Netherlands and Taiwan.

Alfons Klaas – 14 pigeons – 1,493 euro/bird
The Klaas racing bird has a fantastic reputation worldwide. The pigeons of Helmut and Alfons Klaas have demonstrated their potential season after season in one loft races across the globe. The most expensive pigeon in this auction was South Africa Super Boy, which was sold for 2,700 euro. Other stars in this auction are Nice Birdy, sold for 2,500 euro, and Victoria Falls Magic 41, which was also sold for 2,500 euro. The buyers come from the following countries: China (3), Mexico (3), The United States (3), Kuwait (2), The Czech Republic (1), Germany (1) and Thailand (1).