Fanger brothers (Badhoevedorp, NL) win NPO race Sens with top class hen Kim-Liane

NL12-5205337 Kim-Liane took another national victory in district 6 of North Holland in last weekend's race from Sens, after having already won a national first prize from Chateauroux 2013.

The brothers Hannie and Frans Fanger and their sons Pascal, Dennis and Dave   

The Fanger brothers from Badhoevedorp have quite a list of achievements in pigeon racing. The combination was founded in 2005, after the two brothers moved from Amsterdam to Badhoevedorp. They quickly started to increase their level of performance, making it to the very top of the sport in The Netherlands in 2008. The lofts are located behind their store in the Jan van Gentstraat, and there is a clear division of tasks in this loft. The young birds and the breeders are in the hands of Hannie, Frans is responsible for the old racing birds. Dave, the son of Frans, takes care of administration. Hannie’s twin sons Dennis and Pascal are closely involved in the running of the loft as well: they wait for the pigeons to arrive on the day of the race.


Very high temperatures had been expected in The Netherlands during the one day long distance NPO race in district North Holland, and the NPO organisers decided not to release the young birds on Saturday, while the districts were advised to shorten the one day long distance races. All districts agreed. The release site for the Fanger brothers was moved to Sens, which was still 472km away from Badhoevedorp. They had selected 12 hens in widowhood for this race, but these had not been thoroughly prepared, due to difficult flights and a number of cancelled races. These hens had been scheduled to race the national one day long distance flight from Chateauroux. They were not basketed one week before this race, in the last weekend of June, due to bad weather conditions. This proved an excellent decision. The race from Chateauroux was eventually cancelled as well, which means the only warm up races before Sens included a shortened flight from Meer and a short training flight near the loft. It shows that a well rested pigeon can bring great results. Pigeons were released at 07:00 am and their pigeon NL12-5205337 Kim-Liane took her second NPO victory at 12:31 with a velocity of 1423 m/min.
In addition, no less than 10 of 12 basketed pigeons have won a prize in district 6 of North Holland (South).

Sens 472 km 2553 p. 1 – 8 – 45 – etc. (10/12)

NL12-5205337 Kim-Liane, winner of a 1st NPO Sens district 6 North Holland (South)


The weather is an unknown factor in every race but the Fanger brothers can always count on their amazing hen Kim-Liaene. This pigeon had a great season in 2013, finishing in 29th in the one day long distance Spiegel championship of 2013, which is based on the results in district 6 North Holland. We take a look at her best results of 2013 and 2014:

Orléans Saran    24-06-2013   6596 p.  -  52
Chateauroux      06-07-2013   5088 p.  -   1 (1st  NPO South 3848 p.)
Bourges          20-07-2013   3207 p.  -  10 (10th NPO South 2523 p.)
Roye             17-05-2014   3144 p.  -   1 (District 6 Rayon F)
Chateaudun       24-05-2014   9217 p.  -  23 (19th NPO South 7372 p.)
Sens             19-07-2014   3337 p.  -   1 (1st  NPO South 2553 p.)

Her pedigree illustrates the composition of the Fanger brothers pigeon breed. Cou can find the pedigree of Kim-Liane here. The pigeons in this loft originate mainly from Jan Manten (Breukelen, NL) and Bertus Vermeulen (Breukelen, NL), whose collection is primarily based around pigeons of Koen Minderhoud (Koudekerke, NL). These pigeons were then successfully paired to the bloodlines of Hennie La Grouw (Amsterdam, NL), who provided two sons of Bourges (1st NPO Bourges 6627 p.), and these two cocks NL05-1195001 Suarez en de NL05-1195002 Zlatan have bred an impressive number of excellent descendants. Suarez is grandfather of Kim-Liane and several other successful pigeons, including:

NL07-5712255   Noa         4th National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance NPO 2010
NL07-5712256   Youri      14th Ace Pigeon Old Birds National Competition WHZB 2010
NL08-5808629   Ace Devil   1st National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance NPO 2009
NL10-5005817   Messi       1st Best Cock National Competition WHZB 2012

His brother Zlatan became the sire of the following two sisters:

NL 08-5808626  Romy        2nd Olympiad pigeon one day long distance 2012
NL 08-5808677  Isabel      3rd National ace pigeon sprint NPO 2010

Suarez, top class breeder for the Fanger brothers; he is the grandfather of Kim-Liane

National stars

The Fanger brothers have won quite a number of championships and ace pigeon titles. They have really dominated the one day long distance competition, taking a fourth place in the overall ranking of the one day long distance Spiegel championship for the seasons 2011 to 2013. The two brothers from Badhoevedorp have been winning several championship trophies and awards in several other national competitions as well.
Click here for a detailed overview of their most important achievements up to 2013.


The fanciers from Badhoevedorp have been able to claim another NPO win after a fairly difficult start to the season. This is thanks to an incredibly talented team of pigeons. Kim-Liane is housed in a loft that is sometimes very hot, and the inside temperature reached 43° on the day of the NPO race from Sens. We think this has helped her during this demanding race in exceptionally hot temperatures. We hope there will be many more great moments to come for this team of fanciers.