Exclusive auction has started on PiPa !

PiPa begins with the final auction of the season.

We close the sales season 2009 magnificently with this exclusive auction consisting of the following elements :

PiPa Support-Auction
We can within PiPa once again look back at a very successful sales season 2008-2009, with thanks by the way to the sellers for the exceptional quality of pigeons that they have offered for sale to their sport friends, pigeon fanciers worldwide via PiPa, but also to all the buyers for their trust in our services and in the pigeons offered for sale. All this has only been possible thanks to the mutual trust that has been built up over the years, and which also forms the basis for an intense relationship for the future.
We traditionally close the sales season… which runs from August until May… in style, with a magnificent ‘support auction’. For this we open the ‘top drawer’ for a last time, and present to you the ‘absolute top class’ from 60 world toppers from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, who all donate 1 pigeon… one for one authoritative colonies! Clappers with 1° Provincial or 1° National victories after their name, winners of ‘Provincial’ and ‘National Ace pigeons’ or other ‘National Champion titles’… and many ‘assailants’ of the weekly sport happenings! A package of established standards, men who have already written world history with their pigeons… but also ‘new upcoming talents’ who are ready to nestle themselves between the established standards and/or… take over the ‘torch’ from some of them. In short, a pigeon auction that is unique in its kind!
Here PiPa also selected very strictly. We are sorry if your pigeon didn’t meet the requirements, but just like in our other auctions, we only want to offer the very best here. Very simply because the people who offer these ‘toppers’ here, don’t just select any old pigeon out of their colony, but a direct descendant of their ‘top couple’, from their ‘top breeder’, from their ‘national winner’ or ‘Ace pigeon’, from their ‘super crack’, or… briefly summarised… a pigeon originating from the very best that is present in their colony, say the absolute ‘crème de la crème’ of their loft! This is not only an ‘outside chance’ for the fanciers of top class (and who isn’t?), but also an ideal opportunity to now lay a basis as preparation for a following breeding season, and to obtain fitting fortification for you own breeding loft. Already thinking of tomorrow, looking ahead…  there are real ‘toppers’ busy  doing this day in, day out… you are also given a unique chance here which you should grab with both hands! A clear view of the goings-on, being clever, trying to be ‘ahead’ of your opponents… it not only applies to the races during the racing season, but likewise for the obtaining of reinforcements, for the expanding of your own colony! This ‘PiPa Support auction’ is to this end not only a ‘unique opportunity’, it is also the very last chance of this sales season  2008-2009! A chance that you can’t let pass you by…
Every year PiPa donates part of the turnover to an organisation or a charity. The idea began at the time of the ‘Tsunami’ which infested the area of Thailand and Indonesia so heavily at the end of 2004. Last year 7.000 € was donated to Unicef Belgium (reference Sonja Abeels, event officer Unicef Belgium, TEL : 02/230 59 70) for the benefit of the heavy earthquake that affected China. This year it is the intention to donate part of the proceedings of the ‘Support Auction’ for the promotion of our pigeon sport in Belgium and the Netherlands! There are already some projects on the table, where over more later.  Here you kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand you gain a pigeon of top origin to strengthen your own colony, and on the other hand you are supporting a ‘charity’! 
Do you have a good idea ? Let us know via our contact form on the site. You will remain informed of the project, because clarity is very important to us. Later this week there will also be a photo publicised showing PiPa handing over the cheque last year to Unicef.

The collection of ‘world's finest’, Marcel NICOLAESCU, Romania

Since he was a child, Marcel Nicolaescu has been fascinated by pigeons… a passion that grew with the years and which later developed into pigeon sport at top level. Marcel knew better than anybody that in order to reach the top in our sport, you have to start with quality pigeons… call it for our part ‘pigeons of superior class and quality’! He found these pigeons by pigeon sport captains so as Cornelius & Gerard Koopman in Ermerveen (NL), Ludo Claessens from Putte (NL), Erik Limbourg from Brussegem (B), Jos Thoné from As (B), Pieter Veenstra from Drachtstercompagnie (NL), Ad Scharlaekens from Baarle Nassau (NL), Dirk Van Dyck from Zandhoven (B), the Eijerkamp family from Brummen (NL), Marian & Cees Van Koppen from Schipluiden (NL), Dr H.P.Brockamp from Boppard (G), Marcel Sangers from Eefde (NL)… all pure ‘real toppers’! Descendants from the very best aforementioned colonies moved to Romania, often for a high price… and where possible there was also a real ‘super crack’ obtained here and there, we are of course referring to the famous ‘Super Barcelona 606’.

In 2005 Marcel began racing the youngsters in combination with Ursulet Andrei under the name Nicolaescu-Adi from their beautiful loft accommodation, directly with overwhelming success. Nobody expected anything different, with such a collection of class pigeons in the loft. It is a public secret that class and quality come through always and everywhere. The future looked good… the performance curve climaxed year after year… to illustrate this you will find below the powerful honours list from the last sport season 2008. It was then a total surprise to everybody when Marcel informed us that he was going to stop with the pigeon sport due to personal reasons. All the pigeons from his beautiful collection of ‘class pigeons’ will now be offered for sale. PiPa enjoyed the privilege of selecting the best 20 pigeons from this elitist breeding source, which will now be offered for sale in an internet auction. Amongst others, this sale includes the top class of the following world toppers:
3 direct Cornelius & Gerard KOOPMAN, Ermerveen
1 direct Ad SCHARLAEKENS, Baarle Nassau
1 direct Hans EIJERKAMP & Zonen, Brummen,
4 direct Ludo CLAESSENS, Putte
2 direct Erik LIMBOURG, Brussegem
1 direct Pieter VEENSTRA, Drachtstercompagnie
1 direct Dirk & Louis VAN DYCK, Zandhoven
1 direct Marcel SANGERS, Eefde
2 direct Cees & Marjan VAN KOPPEN, Schipluiden
1 direct Dr H.P.BROCKAMP, Boppard
2 direct Gebr JANSSEN, Arendonk
And of course the Barcelona crack: the ‘SUPER BARCELONA 606’ from the Comb. Van Kleef-De Jongh!

A collection of pigeons to make your mouth water … the best of the best from the international pigeon sport brought together in one and the same colony, that of Marcel Nicolaescu-Adi! And the fact that they know how to win  ‘top prizes’ is proved in the honours list for 2008! Whoever still has doubts… ‘top pigeons’ come from ‘top pigeons’… that is so and remains so, in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany… but also in Romania and the rest of the world! You can’t argue with that… and, Nicolaescu-Adi are living proof!

from left to right: Gerard Koopman, Dinu Mihai, Marcel Nicolaescu, Nikolaas Gyselbrecht en Marcel Sangers.

Limbourg, Vandenheede, Jung&Seelbach, Dochter Rambo, Zoon Marseille,....
A sublime selection of pigeons put on offer by Erik Limbourg, also a beautiful selection of pigeons from the East Flemish Vandenheede brothers, who were general provincial champion several times in East Flanders, the largest pigeon province. In addition, a small number of pigeons from Jung & Seelbach, the German combination that is well known for investing in super pigeons. Also a super breeding hen, daughter Rambo offered for sale by Mr. Dijkstra from the Netherlands and also a nice son of the Marseille x Fijn Blauw, original Aelbrecht.

Derby Arona One Loft Race

Possibly one of the hardest One Loft Race in the world. PiPa was contacted to organise the auction of the TOP 10 Ace pigeons in the final race.

Or directly at http://www.pipa.be/toppigeons/