Excellent average sale prices – Benny Steveninck 2,304 euro/pigeon – Annick Goeteyn 1,740 euro/pigeon

Four different auctions closed on Sunday, and we briefly discuss each one below.

Marc De Cock – 17 pigeons – 1,224 euro/pigeon
At the end of a fantastic season, with a title of 1st National Ace Pigeon All-round KBDB 2018, Marc went on to sell a special group of young birds, as well as some talented racing birds. The most expensive pigeon in auction was one of those racing birds: sale 1 was sold to a Belgian loft for 5,200 euro. The 17 pigeons raised 20,800 euro in total, and will be transferred to Belgium (9), China (2), Taiwan (2), USA (2), Egypt (1), and Romania (1).

Annick Goeteyn – 10 pigeons – 1,740 euro/pigeon
Annick Goeteyn had a successful fresh start in 2017, and 2018 was another great season as well, despite a mid-season racing ban due to a Newcastle disease outbreak. Her successful racing season has also led to an excellent auction, with an average sale price of 1,740 euro for 8 young birds and 2 old birds. The most expensive bird was sale 1, a top class racing bird that goes to a Belgian loft in the Brabant region for 3,200 euro. The second most expensive bird, a young bird and a grandchild of Orlando x G-Girl, goes to Taiwan for 2,400 euro. Four pigeons will stay in Belgium, the other birds are moving Taiwan (3), China (2) and Germany (1).

Benny Steveninck – 13 pigeons – 2,304 euro/pigeon
Benny Steveninck has been a household name both in the Belgian pigeon racing competiton and in our PIPA auctions. Benny had a very successful sale after perhaps one of his best seasons ever. A small selection of 13 young birds raised just under 30,000 euro. The most expensive youngster is a son of Pepchi x Sun, which goes to Taiwan for 6,200 euro. The nest mate was the 2nd most expensive bird, and was sold for 5,000 euro to a Belgian loft. The 13 pigeons will be shipped to Belgium (7), Germany (3), Taiwan (2) and China (1).

Crehan & O’Conner – 7 pigeons – 1,157 euro/pigeon
John Crehan has been outstanding in the United Kingdom in recent years, using pigeons of Jan Hooymans almost exclusively. A group of 7 youngsters of his best Hooymans breeders were sold for 8,100 euro in total. The most expensive bird was a grandchild of James Bond x Mystique, paired to another daughter of James Bond. This youngster goes to GErmany for 2,000 euro. The remaining 6 youngsters are moving to Taiwan (3), China (2), and the United Kingdom (1).