The evolution isn't standing still… PIPA to launch the ‘interactive photo’

After the introduction of the 360° photo by the 2011 edition of the ‘Jewels of the sky’ we at PIPA are taking things a step further… together with the people from ‘Pigeon Photography’ will present you the ‘interactive photo’…

With this, a new milestone in the presentation of pigeons on the internet is a fact. It began by the uprisal of the internet… which allowed everyone to introduce their pigeons, performance and such like to the world wide pigeon public. Pigeon photo's became more and more important here, a question of allowing the internet user to have a perfect picture of the pigeon behind a certain name or ring number. Certain pigeon photographers started specialising more and more, refining their techniques… so much so that the pigeon seemed to be projected in living life.  Even though it was originally just a side vieAlthough originally it was just a side view of the pigeon, with or without a detail photo of the eye. At that level the introduction of the 360° photo in October of this year ensured an important evolution… via special setting up of camera's it was suddenly possible to project an image of the bird from all possible angles… an important fact for potential buyers of pigoens on the internet, who suddenly had a complete picture of the pigeon, with views of both sides of the pigeon, front view and back view. It greatly increased the reality of the photo's!

They will later take this further… as the ‘brains’ behind Pigeon Photography (which was also responsible for the 360° photo) and PIPA, have now developed together the concept for the ‘interactive photo’! IN addition to the complete photo of the pigeon there will also be a detail photo of both the eye and the wing on one and the same photo… but that is by no means everything. Via the ‘zooming in’ of one of these 3 items, there is a separate enlargement of either the pigeon, the eye or the wing… it allows the pigeon to be seen in more detail in all its facets, and to be introduced to the user or potential buyer (by auctions). Curious as to what it will look like in reality? This unique concept will be launched by the auction of the pigeons from Pieter Veenstra on PIPA, starting around the 16th of January… and can be admired then for the first time! Once again a ‘something new’ to look forward to!