Europa Master Pigeons Winter Race 2023

The Europa Master Pigeons Winter Race first edition 2022 / 2023 ended up with the Extra Race stage, from 620 km.

The pigeons flew 797 km in 18 training races and 2,434 km in 4 HSs, the Semi-final, in the Final from 509 km far and in Extra Race from 620 km far, with an amount of 3,231 km. In the final flight, from 509 km far, the pigeons had to fly for the first time at a temperature of over 28 degrees but the latest 150 km they had to bear the wind of about 150 km/h from the front and left side. During the Extra Race, the pigeons flew over the mountains, with a left side wind, 1/3 of the route, 1/3 without wind and a temperature of 28 degrees, so that the last 1/3 was hot, over 30 degrees and a head wind of 12-15 km per hour. The wind increased in intensity after 20:00 and on the 2nd day with gusts of up to 30 km per hour, and the temperatures remained high around 30 degrees Celsius. A final test, for real!

Overview of the speed of the first pigeons that arrived in the different races:

  • HS 1 - 128 km – 1457 m/min
  • HS 2 – 187 km - 1445 m/min
  • HS 3 – 248 km – 1463 m/min
  • HS 4 – 320 km – 1306 m / min
  • HS 5 – 422 km – 1534 m/min
  • Final 509 km – 1134 m / min with a percentage of 65% pigeons arrived from pigeons boarded
  • Extra Race 620 km – 1164 m/min with a percentage of 60% pigeons arrived from pigeons boarded.

The first edition was coordinated by the classic Europa Master Pigeons OLR team, consisting of: Danut Bacalu - manager, Willi van Beers - consultant, Francois Cure strategist and nutritionist, Balea Bogdan - tactical coordinator, Anamaria and Bian - technical support, Vasile and Mihai support logistics. From the whole team, we assure you that the next edition will be even more successful. Thanks to special sponsors: Klaus Gritsteinwerk GmbH & Co. KG. and Benzing Company.

On this occasion, we thank all the participants, we congratulate them for the exceptional quality of the pigeons sent and we wish them good luck in the next edition.

For the 2nd edition of the Europa Master Pigeons Winter Race OLR, the collection will take place on July 8/9th, August 19/20th, September 23/24th and October 21/22th.

The team consists of 6 + 4 free pigeons = 900 euro. Transport costs 10 euro / pigeon.

We look forward to seeing you in the new Europa Master season!