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Europa Master Pigeons one loft race 2020: It's your chance, don't miss it!

2020 is the 3rd edition, a clash of the titans! A single OLR, a single participation but you can win many qualifications: Europe Master Pigeons Cup with 503 prizes, FCI Racing Pigeons GrandPrix with two prizes, World Super Cup or World Master Cup and One Loft Race World League Cup!

For the 3rd, 2020 edition, a team consists of 2 active pigeons and 2 reserve pigeons. In the first 4 hotspots (HSs), any pigeon, whether active or reserved, wins prizes. HS-4, Stupina from 352 km, is the FCI stage, which is taken into account at the world championship. Finale, 503 km is the One Loft Race World League Cup stage.

The reserve pigeons replace the active pigeons, if they are lost, at any time of the season, until HS4. After HS 4, the remaining reserve pigeons must be activated to win prizes at the semi-finals and finals. From the beginning the pigeons have a notification, which are active and which are reserves. If the breeder does not make this notification, the team is ranked, in ascending order, from the smaller series to the larger series. The smaller series is considered active.
A team costs 600 euro, (2 active pigeons and 2 reserve pigeons). The pigeon reserve is activated with 300 euro per pigeon.

In the 2020 edition, you can only participate in the first 4 HSs. The price per pigeon is 80 euro. When 5 pigeons are paid, the sixth pigeon is free. The 5 + 1 team costs 400 euro. If desired after HS4, a pigeon can only be activated by the breeder or, with the permission of the owner, a pigeon can be activated for the amount of 300 euro any pigeon, who participated only in the first 4 HS. Pigeons left unactivated are withdrawn from the competition and sold at auction.

The money from the auction is divided 50/50 after the deduction of the expenses generated by the auction: the photo and the percentage of 15% of the auction house.

For the 3rd edition of 2020, 503 prizes and the sum of 518,900 euro are in play!

The pigeons are received between 29.02.2020 - 10.05.2020. We collect the pigeons directly from your pigeon Loft. In this sense, for a good collaboration and coördination, please send a message with your address on sms or watsapp, from which date the pigeons can be pick up. Tel: 0040 747 332 163

The pigeons must be accompanied by the ringcard and pedigree. Proof of vaccination against paramyxovirus is also required!

After the first week, the clinically healthy pigeons move to the Europa Master Pigeons OLR Loft and receive the electronic identification chip. From this moment you can watch the pigeons on the online cameras inside the compartments.

Starting with 01.07.2020 the official training will start.

The flight schedule looks like this:
HS 1 - Bogdan Voda (104 km) 05.08.2020
HS 2 - Panciu (182 km) 12.08.2020
HS 3 - Romanu -Braila (264 km) 19.08.2020
HS 4 - Stupina (352 km), FCI MUNDIAL RACING 26.08.2020
HS 5 - Halbfinale - Biruinta (421 km) 08.09.2020

FINALE – 503 km Bliznatsi 22.09.2020    One Loft Race World League Cup

Don't miss your chance to be a world champion in 2020!