Europa Master Pigeons: Final Race 2019

Last week, the 2019 final race of the Europa Master Pigeon one loft race was flown in Romania. We received a report about this last race, a hard one, from Danut Bacalu.

The day after the final, 246 pigeons had returned. I tried to prepare these pigeons as good as possible, because I knew it would be a tough final.

Unfortunately, due to the recent, veterinary restrictions imposed by the Bulgarian authorities, we could not liberate the pigeons from the point we originally hoped for. As a compensation for shortening the distance of the race, the wind made the route very difficult.
At the final stage there was at first a strong wind from the right side, the Black Sea to Bucharest, then the rear side wind from Bucharest to Galati, then a total lack of wind as towards the end to have a frontal, aggressive wind with cold air.

In order to ensure the highest safety, we agreed, as we announced, to bear the costs of a neutral observer. Pigeons were boarded in the presence of several participants, both from the country: Gagea Ionut, Samy Iacoban, Giani Urda, Dediu Daniel, Mesarosiu Bogdan and the observer, proposed by the Romanian participants: Gheorghe Cristi, as well as Mr. Zdenek Pavlik. We thank Mrs. Zdenek, who actually helped us with the boarding, by undoing the seals on the rings, to read the series.

The pigeons had, from the beginning, their rings completely covered, in order not to know the country and the breeder of the pigeons. As a safety measure, each cage was completely sealed after boarding. The pigeons stayed in the boarding room, overnight. In addition, the observer Gheorghe Cristi and the participant Mesarosiu Bogdan provided the pigeons' guard.

In the morning the pigeons were boarded and the car was sealed on the cage column and sealed on the cage opening system. The seals were scored, verified by the Europa Master Pigeons OLRP staff and by the observer and the participants present. At the place of liberation, the seals were checked again by the observer, he cut the seals and the pigeons were released at 07.35.

The launch of the pigeons was planned near the border crossing point. We had hoped that meanwhile we would have found a solution to move to Bulgaria and reach the desired destination. Unfortunately that was not possible. Adapting the pigeons on the route, checking the seals, the liberation of the pigeons was covered live (see video), to avoid any discussion and to keep you updated with the emotions of each moment.

You can see the release of the pigeons in this video.

At the arrival point, the weather got cooler after 12.00 h and the wind blew from north / west to south / east in the start. The pigeons arrived from all directions, including the north. As many as one or two pigeons arrived or in larger or smaller groups. It was a real air show for those who were present. After the arrival of the first two pigeons, which took some time, being tired and a little bothered by the presence of such a large number of people, two groups arrived from two different directions, united above the farm and entered together. The pigeons came both at the ground level and from above the sky. There were times when more pigeons came over the farm, but each one came from a different direction.

Unfortunately, on the first day only 133 pigeons arrived. The next day at only 3 degrees Celsius, the first pigeon arrived. I can only congratulate the winners and all the fanciers that have returned pigeons, for the special quality and value of their pigeons. After a race with so many changes of wind, temperature, clouds and rain, I can say that it was an honor for me to prepare such valuable pigeons. They are all big winners.

The pigeons flew the races with a total of 1,804 km and made 28 official trainings with a total of 1,038Km. They flew 2,842 km in total. The speed of the first 2 pigeons in the final race was 971m / min. Winner was the bird of Alfons Klaas. You can check it's pedigree here.