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Europa Master OLR Winter Race increase his prize money

As Europa Master OLR promised, the prize money will be increased for over 3000 pigeons delivered.

We have 332 paid teams, which is why we are increasing the prize money for the following places:

51-100 cash prize 300€

101-150 cash prize 200€

151-230 cash prize 100€ 

231-280 1 free pigeon for the next edition of WR 2024/2025


EMP Winter Race 2024, Sevilla-Spain, competitions calendar is:

HS1- 27.02.2024

HS2- 05.03.2024

HS3- 12.03.2024

HS4- 20.03.2024

Semifinal Race-27.03.2024


Extra Race 24.04.2024


Best Team category:

It is counted the score obtained by the first two pigeons from each team of 6+4 pigeons (no need to name 5 pigeons)  which will be nominated once enrolled in this category. 

The score is calculated by adding the places occupied by the first two pigeons in a team. The winner is the team with the lowest score.

With over 150 teams, the prize money will also be increased in percentage. The activation fee is 200 Euro and must be paid until the opening of the first hotspot meaning until February 27th 2024

Please contact us on WhatsApp for registration +40 747 332 163. 

CD COLOMBOFILIA DANUT BACALU , account no. ES84 0049 2695 4423 1419 8831, Banca Santander (When making the transfer, please indicate the activated team as the reason for payment). 


Europa Master Pigeons Team wishes you good luck!