Etienne Meirlaen (Deurle, BE) wins 1st, 1st and 2nd Provincial in one week

The racing season for old pigeons ended with a 1st Prov. Souillac YL, 1st Prov. Narbonne YL and 2nd Prov. Perpignan for Etienne Meirlaen in one week after having already won 1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. St. Vincent. Also the best long distance pigeon over 3 races in Belgium in 2019 resides in the lofts of Etienne in Deurle. A new top season for team Meirlaen!

Team Meirlaen

The season for the old pigeons is over. The final balance can be drawn up, the championships and ace pigeons can be calculated and the fancier can make his final selection. This is also the case at Etienne Meirlaen's house, who can look back on a superior racing season 2019. Another top season with 3x 1st provincial victories (St. Vincent, Narbonne and Souillac), and a 2nd provincial Perpignan. Each time with a place within the "Top-5 National": 2. Nat St.Vincent, 3. Nat Narbonne, 4. Nat Perpignan and 5. Nat Souillac. Not that easy!

The icing on the cake is due to Top pigeon VIPau, which became the best old long distance pigeon of Belgium over 3 international races. Also in the national ace pigeons Long Distance old pigeons KBDB, 3 pigeons of Etienne are ranked in the top-20, on positions 11, 12 and 19. Pigeon VIPau is the second in line as 12th Nat. ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB, a title that is played over 2 races. The honorary list of this pigeon can be found in below:

VIPau BE15-4254695

Best Belgian pigeon Grote Fond – over 3 international flights 2019
12. Nat Ace Pigeon Grote Fond old KBDB 2019
 7. Nat Pau        2.797 p. ’19
63. Nat St.Vincent 2.953 p. ’19
87. Nat St.Vincent 2.758 p. ’18
107 Nat Perpignan  3.966 p. ’18
139 Nat Perpignan  3.915 p. ’19
269 Nat St.Vincent 3.053 p. ’17
337 Nat Narbonne   5.929 p. ’16

Father: Barcelona 472 BE07-4278472

This pigeon has won Barcelona 5 times in a row (period 2009-2013) with 6th Nat. Barcelona 12.170 p. and 16th Nat. Perpignan 6.661 p. He is a son of zware fondcrack and Barcelona specialist "par excellence" Old 7 x Barca’ BE03-6364240. This pigeon won Barcelona 7 times in a row with a.o. 68th Nat. Barcelona 11.612 p. and 84th Nat. Barcelona 12.998 p. (line Laureate Barcelona Gyselbrecht). His mother is Halfsister Luka BE03-4364276 and she originates from the success line from which the 1st Nat. Tarbes-Shackelton, 4th Euregio San Sebastian 1.958 p., 20th Nat. St.Vincent, 30th Nat. Biarritz and 32th Intnat. Soustons were breeded.

Mother: Beauty Queen BE10-5061819

This pigeon became 71th Nat. Barcelona 8.764 p. ’14, 48th Intnat. Marseille ’13, 60th Intnat. Barcelona ’14, 77th Intnat. Perpignan ’12,… She is a daughter of the 10th Nat. Barca BE07-5018366 (7th Nat. St.Vincent 7.356 p. ’08, 10th Nat. Barcelona 13.502 p. ’09) and Yelenka BE08-4358902, halfsister of golden tribal mother Yelena (daughter of de Gouden Vleugel 245/00 x Marathon Lady 386/04).

Click here to see the pedigree of VIPau.

Video starring VIPau: Best old long distance pigeon of Belgium over 3 international flights

Being able to close the racing season in a way like this is a testimony of the great class of the fancier and his pigeon(s). After Etienne had already won 1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. St. Vincent (Click here to read the report again), he added some extras the past few weeks:

Watch the video with the 1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. St. Vincent

1st Provincial and 5th National Souillac

With this national long distance race from Souillac (696 km for the pigeons of Etienne), the majority of the team of yearlings (cocks) got their second long distance test after Limoges. The pigeons could enjoy some wonderful flying weather which is an ideal gauge to start selecting. A double victory was booked with 1-2-4-6-15-18-19… etc of 129 YL. This was translated into provincial and national level in:

Souillac Prov 911 YL: 1-12-21-28-65-80-84-93…
National 4.056 YL: 5-40-61-78-193-235-261-290-331-335-427… (17/39)

The winner is an inbred product from the golden ancestor Yelena, who shows up 3 times in the pedigree.

1. Provincial Souillac BE18-4216007

1. Prov Souillac  911 YL
5. Nat Souillac 4.056 YL

Father: Grandson Monar BE13-4077288

Halfbrother of Provincial Pau: 3th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2017, 10th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KDBDB 2016, winner of 1st Prov. Pau and 1st Prov. St.Vincent… and son of Superbreeder BE11-4312214 (son of Monar himself: 1st Intnat. Narbonne) x golden Yelena BE06-4288297.

Mother: BE13-4077156 Granddaughter Yelena

Daughter of long distance star and superbreeder Montali BE08-4298110: 4th Nat. Montauban 9.091 p. and 12th Nat. Montauban 6.654 p. (son of Father Marseille x golden Yelena) x Vaillant BE09-4103977 (mother 1st Prov. & 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2014).

Click here to see the pedigree of 1st Prov Souillac.

Meet the provincial winner of Souillac

The other pigeons that classified themselves within the "Top-100 National" at Souillac were:

-BE18-4216081: 12th Prov. and 40th Nat. Souillac (pedigree)
-BE18-4216096: 61th Nat. Souillac, brother 1st Prov. & 3rd Nat. Narbonne (pedigree)
-BE18-4216115: 78th Nat. Souillac, from Superbreeder so halfbrother of Provincial Pau (pedigree)

2 x 1st local old pigeons and YL, 1st Provincial and 3rd National Narbonne YL

The international flight from Narbonne was destined for the team that finished the international flight from Agen earlier this year. A big job for the team of hens that consisted of 8 old hens that scored 8 out of 8 at Agen and a team of yearling hens that were also ready for their 2nd test on the long distance. This edition of Agen became really heavy because of the heat and that's why Etienne was very curious about which pigeon recuperated the best and which hens were the best to finish Narbonne with success as well after 3 extra nights in the baskets and 4 tropical days. On local level, both the old birds and the yearlings (1-2-4-6-7-8-10-11-12…) won the 1st prize. The results on provincial and national level can be read below:

Narbonne Prov. 814 YL: 1-11-26-96-100-110-116-124-129-159-164 (23)
National 3.580 YL: 3-40-85-341-345-393-416-433-456-578-587-883 (12/23)
Narbonne Nat. 3.873 old:  33-474-570-836-873 (5/8)

The yearling hen that brought the provincial victory to Deurle originates from a breeding couple with a future. During the same weekend, her brother also won 61th. Nat. Souillac. Again some Yelena blood in the veins of these top pigeons.

1st Prov. Narbonne BE18-4216097

1st Prov. Narbonne  814 YL 
3rd Nat. Narbonne 3.580 YL
Sister of 61th Nat. Souillac 4.056 YL

Father: Son Olympiad 197 BE12-4278197

Son 1st. Olympiad Continental Cup Marathon 2011 Budapest: Super National Marseille BE05-4344721: 47th Nat. Tarbes 4.576 p., 71th Nat. Agen 4.818 p., 82th Nat. Orange 4.587 p… (from supercrack Marseille 720/01, 3 x 1st Club Marseille) x golden Yelena BE06-4288297, the golden tribal mother from Etienne Meirlaen.

Mother: Feno 058 BE16-4237058

Daughter of Grandson Kleine Fenomeen BE13-4140264 (Kleine Fenomeen has won a.o. 36th Nat. Limoges 10.448 p., 60th Nat. Cahors 8.651 p., 79th Nat. Limoges 19.373 p., 91th Nat. Bourges 16.771p.…) x Geschelpt Bont BE13-4077069, bred together with Etienne Meirlaen and The Brothers Desbuquois (Son Monar 320/12 x Dochter Bolleken Watten 363/10)

Click here to see the pedigree of 1. Prov Narbonne

The other hens that are ranked in the national "Top-100 Narbonne" are:

-BE17-4214143: 33th Nat. Narbonne ’19, 47th. Nat. Agen YL ’18, 172th Nat. Narbonne YL ’18… (pedigree)
-BE18-4216157: 40th Nat. Narbonne YL (pedigree)
-BE18-4216188: 85th Nat. Narbonne YL (pedigree)

2nd Provincial and 4th National Perpignan

It is sometimes claimed that the last mile is the heaviest. Perpignan is a classic race, although it is certainly not the easiest flight to end the international flight season with. It is a race on which the pigeons from Meirlaen are often highly regarded and on which National titles, National ace pigeons and Olympic pigeons were won. Because both St. Vincent and Barcelona are not the easiest flights, Etienne decided to go to Perpignan with a small(er) team of pigeons and to save some talented 2 year olds (including the 2nd Nat. St. Vincent) for 2020. About 5 top pigeons that proved themselves and 2 pigeons who got their final shot to do so were basketed. It became a new success. Only John Debaene, clubmate and international winner, could keep the Meirlaen pigeons from a new triumph. The pigeons won an honorable 2nd place and national they finished on place 4.

Prov. 811 old pigeons: 2-12-20-45 (4/7)
Nat. 3.915 old pigeons: 4-28-50-139 (4/7)

The pigeons that classified themselves at Perpignan are:

-BE17-4214287: son 1st Nat. Pau ‘Marco’ and grandson Marseille. Has won 4th Nat. Perpignan, after he already won 75th Nat. Pau 2.797 p. earlier this year. In this way, he classifies himself as 19th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2019. Click here to see his pedigree

-BE14-4261155: super hen that classifies herself as 11th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2019. On her honorary list 28th Nat. Perpignan 3.915 p. ’19, 43th Nat. Pau 2.797 p. ’19, 52th Intnat. Perpignan 12.349 p. ’18, 56th Nat. Narbonne 3.366 p. ’18, 107th Nat. Pau 4.620 p. ’17, 133th Nat. Narbonne 4.799 p. ’16… Click here to see her pedigree

-BE16-4237355: 50th Nat. Perpignan 3.915 p. ’19… This superlady was in 2016 already the best as a yearling with 2nd Best YL of Belgium Long Distance and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2016 (after her loft mate). Click here to see her pedigree

Video with BE17-4214287, 2nd Prov. and 4th Nat. Perpignan

The absolute top at the long distance

The fact that Etienne Meirlaen belongs to the absolute top on both national and international levels is once again confirmed. If you, as a fancier, succeed in breeding a series of new national top pigeons, then you are on the top of your game. A new chapter called "2019" has been added to the succes story of Etienne Meirlaen. From now on, he will be working on the next part with an appointment somewhere in the middle of June 2020.