Erik Denys (Beveren-Leie, BE) wins first national Souillac yearlings with his Dietje

Dietje won the first national from Souillac in the yearling’s category this season and it was his fourth consecutive top prize in a national. This national success is obviously not his first remarkable achievement.

Erik and his national winner

Beveren-Leie is a town in the vicinity of the Leie River and is located in between the cities of Kortrijk and Waregem. The pigeon Dietje arrived at the loft in the Nijverheidsstraat after a long and hard race of 679.387km, in high temperatures and with a headwind. Dietje had an average speed of 1075.26 m/min and he turned out to be the fastest of 3,640 basketed yearlings at national level. “I noticed he had been training very well lately. My widowers are trained together with a loft of young birds on widowhood and Dietje showed a lot of enthusiasm”, Erik explains.

The champion from Beveren-Leie has been a long distance fancier for about thirty years and this first prize is without doubt a crowning achievement. He inherited his passion from his father André Denys from Ruddervoorde, a successful sprint and shorter middle distance player. Erik was in a partnership with his brother Frans for a while but since the passing of their father, Frans has been racing in Ruddervoorde under the name of Wed. A. Denys. When Erik moved to Beveren-Leie in 1989 he also started racing under his own name, aiming to be successful in the long distance. Over the years he has won quite a few titles and prizes in this discipline, with, for instance, a fifth national prize from Agen against 8,293 birds recently, a 49th nat. from Brive against 11,130 birds in 2012 and a 10th international from Marseille against 20,786 pigeons from Marseille in 2003. He did great in a number of one loft races as well, including China, Hungary, South Africa etc.

The lofts of Erik

We took a brief look at the pedigree of Dietje (BE12-3043289) and we saw that this cock had won a 31st prize from Tours against 212 pigeons in his year of birth. He was paired for winter breeding in 2013 just like his loft mates and he had some eggs from the breeding pigeons in his nest. This means he raised a couple of young birds. He was paired again at the end of March and he had to brood for a few days, before being placed on widowhood. He was prepared for this season with a flight from Arras, 2 x Clermont and Fontenay, after which he was basketed for the national races. These were his results in the first national races this season:

The first national flight from Châteauroux:

Long dist club 158th /   509 p.
Provincial     746th /  3,469 p.
National      4313th / 19,691 p.

The next race was from Guéret:

Long dist club  20th /   427 p.
Provincial      50th /  2,201 p.
National      1978th / 15,007 p.

Next up was the from La Souterraine:

Long dist club  36th /   335 p.
Provincial      99th /  1598 p.
National       262nd / 11236 p.

And last weekend we had Souillac:

Long Dist club   1st /  125 p.
Provincial       1st /  905 p.
National         1st / 3,640 p.

His nestbrother 12-3043269 won a second against 93 pigeons from Agen in the long distance club, as well as a 2nd provincial against 923 pigeons and a 5th national against 8,293 pigeons.

The sire is Diederik (BE07-3023941; obtained from D. & E. Tybergijn from Bavikhove) and he was bred from the 06-3185561 (winner of 2nd Blois 232 p, 6th Argenton 603 p, etc.) paired to the 04-3231411 (an original Jozef Planckaert from Harelbeke). The dam is the As-Turbo-Duivin (BE06-3060172; an original Noël Lippens from Aarsele) and she is in turn a daughter of As-Turbo (BE01-3235148; winner of a 9th nat. Perpignan 6489 p, 47th internat. Dax 17,526 p. and 97th nat. Limoges) paired to Frisby (BE01-3236194), a granddaughter of Vital x a daughter of Figo 050/96 (for instance 3rd Ace Pigeon KBDB 2000).

Erik’s pigeons are on a diet of light meals (Platteeuw mixture of the Beyers company) but they switch to a different mixture on the last three days (Sport Beyers & Energy). When the pigeons start to lose their appetite Erik adds some sweet seeds and Patagoon (a grit mixture) to their diet. When the pigeons arrive home they are given a portion of Sport mixture and some electrolytes are added to their drinking bowl.

This was our report about the natoinal wniner from Souillac in the yearlings’ category. Pigeon racing is nothing more than a hobby to Erik but it is a magnificent achievement nonetheless. This is something to be proud of. He does not mind rain or wind and he always baskets his pigeons in the same club (De Arend in Rekkem), simply because he has a lot of friends there.

Erik, we would like to congratulate you on this magnificent victory. We assume many fanciers from the club in Rekkem will be happy about your win as well. Well done Erik!