Ending auctions: Maurice Hasendockx, Crehan & O’Conner and Derek Rooney

Three auctions will end on Sunday 2 September, starting at 12:00: Maurice Hasendockx, Crehan & O’Conner and Derek Rooney.

Maurice Hasendonckx (BE)
Maurice Hasendonckx (BE): All pigeons minus young from 2018

Very special is the auction of all old pigeons from Maurice Hasendonckx, many years exemplary in speed and great middle distance races at the Union Antwerpen. Maurice garnered a great reputation as a supplier of super pigeons to Leo Heremans! Legends like Superkweker Spinneke, European ace pigeon and top breeder Den Euro, super star Natalia: They descend for 50% from known Hasendonckx bloodlines from Kleine Blauwe and Goede Jaarling! Other greats from the pigeon sport followed in Leo Hereman’s footsteps and they too got an enormous boost through Hasendonckx pigeons.

Due to health problems Maurice now finds himself wanting to do the racing and breeding at a slower pace. With an aching heart he has decided to sell ALL of his old pigeons and only keep a few young pigeons born in 2018.

Crehan & O’Conner (UK)
Crehan & O' Conner (UK)Youngsters from Jan Hooymans' best breeders related to John Crehan’s best flyers

John Crehan and Jan Hooymans share an inexhaustible passion to excel. This shared drive has led John to acquire for many years now pigeons from the sublime Harry dynasty and bring them to England to test them in the races and achieve magnificent results. In this world class auction PIPA is offering 10 direct Hooymans pigeons from the very best from the miracle loft of Jan Hooymans. None of the birds in auction were raced.

Derek Rooney (UK)
Collectors Items

The well-known English pigeon fancier Derek Rooney possesses a unique collection of pigeons from worldwide top pigeons. PIPA approached him to sell some of these in the Collectors Items and make top quality abundant in the auction. In this auction are 10 very exclusive pigeons.