Ending auctions: Lubomir Kubacek, P. & D. Houfflijn, Jos Goessen, Anthony Maes, Dimitri Deneys, Hugo Casaert, Jo Bauters, Team BDS, Arie Dijkstra,Great Wall, Rutz & Sons, David Caruana en Batenburg-vd Merwe

On Sunday 26th of November 13 auctions will end. First auction ends at 11:00 CET !
Lubomir Kubacek (CZ)
Top class racing birds and youngsters of his best breeders
The number one champion in the Czech Republic is Lubomir Kubacek, who won the title of 1st National General Champion just last year, after winning a 1st and 2nd Oostende and a 1st Prov. Wertheim. He added a 1st Nat. Krajkova against 20,179 pigeons to his palmares in 2017 with racing cock Bingo, which comes from the lines of Koopman's Kleine Dirk x Jules Lens. His stock pair Koler x Sudorka is particularly valuable, and so is his collection of Gaston Van De Wouwer bloodlines. We are now selling a group of super class pigeons in auction.


P. & D. Houfflijn (BE)
Racing birds and youngsters of his best breeders
The Houfflijn pigeons have been getting great results season after season. The team has been able to win many top prizes even at national level, with a small number of pigeons in the basket. The Houfflijn pigeons are natural born winners, who never fail to deliver even at the highest level. It is testament to their strength and their level of quality. Their stock breeder Oude Willequet has been at the basis of a collection of super class pigeons, to which youngsters of Gaby Vandenabeele's national winners Blauwe Fideel, Ronker and his ace pigeon Turbo were added in the mid-'90s. This proved a solid foundation that continues to deliver champions even today.
Jos Goessen (NL)
Youngsters of his best breeders + a few racing birds
Jos Goessen has always been fond of the super class pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele, particularly thanks to the excellent results that he got with them. The 2015 season was a memorable season and a major career highlight, having won two victories NPO in a short period of time. His winning pigeons Sagan (1st NPO Bourges 2015, as well as 2nd NPO Lorris and 2nd NPO Pithiviers) and Froome (1st NPO Montluçon) come from a talented new breeding pair, which consists of Den Argenton (3x top 10 NPO) x Bettini Lady (a direct Vandenabeele). Meanwhile, the achievements of Jos's very own racing birds are even more remarkable: they have been winning top prizes on a weekly basis, including most notably a 1st NPO Pithiviers GJ De Hoogh Brabant 2000 and a 1st NPO Melun John van Heel in Province 4, won by a grandchild of Argenton. The winner of a 4th prize in the 2017 Belgian Master comes from a son of Sagan, the 3rd Ace Pigeon in the Great Derby Algarve comes from Rudy Elody, and the winner of a 3rd prize in the final of the Golden Race Algarve is a grandchild of Jos's now famous King Kong. A select group of youngsters of these renowned bloodlines will now be sold in auction. This is a top quality breed founded in Limburg.


Anthony Maes (BE)
Some racing birds + youngsters of his best breeders
The Belgian superstar Antony Maes made himself heard again in 2017 with no less than four provincial first prizes. This came after an equally successful 2016 season, in which he won a 1st National Argenton. Anthony bred a group of youngsters from his best racing and breeding birds specially for PIPA. This is one of Belgium's most renowned pigeon families.


Dimitri Deneys (BE)
1st Nat. Argenton & other super class racing birds
His national first prize from Argenton 2017 really put the promising young fancier Dimitri Deneys on the map, after having already won numerous other top prizes. It was his talented hen Maria that claimed a national first prize for the first time in Dimitri's career, which includes several other top 10 prizes, including a 58th Nat. Chateauroux. Dimitri will be selling this special racing hen on PIPA, along with a select group of proven racing birds!
Hugo Casaert (BE)
1st St. Vincent winner ‘Hugo’ and youngsters of his best extreme long distance breeders
The youngest member in this family of world famous pigeon fanciers is Hugo Casaert, son of Sebastièn (Casaert-Sénéchal). This young fancier became fond of the extreme long distance, and so he surrounded himself with a collection of breeders from the best Belgian and Dutch bloodlines, his eyes set on the long distance classics. Hugo will be selling none other than his 1st Int. St. Vincent in a special PIPA auction, along with a group of youngsters from his most renowned breeders. These pigeons come from one of the leading extreme long distance lofts!
Jo Bauters (BE)
Youngsters of his best breeders
One of the most iconic young birds in Belgium currently resides in the loft of Jo Bauters from Gavere. Racing bird BE16-4076089 managed to win no less than three top 10 prizes in the zone, making him 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance young birds KBDB 2016, as well as best Belgian young bird in the national races with 4 prizes (PIPA rankings 2016). This is another major result for Jo Bauters, whose palmares already included a 1st Nat. Poitiers 2014 and several provincial first prizes. We are now selling a brother, and some sisters and youngsters of this 1st National Ace Pigeon of 2016.
The Jo Bauters pigeon family had an excellent 2017 season as well, with a 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon, a 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon, and a 15th and 16th Allround KBDB with two yearlings. Jo won several championship prizes at club level as well: he won a 1st Long Distance Yearlings and a 1st Longer Middle Distance YBs in his club Union & Liberté in Ghent.
Team BDS (BE)
Select group of middle distance racing birds plus some youngsters
Combining a demanding job with a successful career in pigeon racing? The fanciers of Team BDS show that it can be done. Together they have managed to achieve great results season after season, and that includes victories and ace pigeon titles at provincial, zonal and national level. Their pigeons have been able to deliver not just in their own loft; many other fanciers that obtained pigeons from Team BDS have been really successful as well.


Arie Dijkstra (NL)
Youngsters of his best breeders
Arie Dijkstra has had a spectacular rise to the top in the past decade, quickly gaining an international reputation. He achieved great results across every discipline, and the Dijkstra racing bird proved highly successful across the globe. Fanciers were particularly successful with this pigeon breed in international One Loft Races. Arie is now selling a group of exclusive pigeons in a special auction, originating from the highly successful Leonardo x Tinkebel breeding pair, and to Big Boom and Okidoki. In this unique auction we bring you one of the leading pigeon families in The Netherlands.

Great Wall (CN)
Youngsters from breeders that live in Europe
Great Wall has an international reputation as an investor in world class pigeons. He obtained for instance Jonge Supercrack, the invaluable pigeon of Ludo Claessen. In his wake numerous other renowned pigeons were transferred to the much-praised breeding lofts of Dr. Guo Weicheng. The current star in his collection is Nikolaas, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon for Casaert-Sénéchal. Descendants from this pigeon and from many other iconic birds will now be sold in a special PIPA auction.
Rutz & Sons (DE)
Youngsters of their best breeders
The German combination of Rutz & Sons has gained an international reputation over the years. The Rutz racing bird has shown to have great potential in the most demanding international competitions. This team is one of the best long distance lofts in Western Europe, having won two international first prizes and numerous national victories. A telling result came in the 2017 race from Barcelona, probably the hardest race ever, where team Rutz had ten pigeons in the national top 50! The Rutz combination is now selling a round of youngsters from their very best breeding and racing birds specially for PIPA - this is a top class auction!

Batenburg-vd Merwe (NL)
Jongen uit beste kwekers

Hugo Batenburg maakte zijn status als West-Europese marathon superster waar in een fantastisch seizoen. De 1e en 5e Nationaal Agen jaarlingen was het absolute hoogtepunt, maar ook huzarenstukjes op o.a. Narbonne, Marseille en Perpignan. Nieuw op het hok kwamen o.a. de 1e en 5e Int. Barcelona 2017 winnaars en alleszeggend de referenties van Mark Gilbert (1e Nat. Perpignan), Jelle Jellema (2e Int. Perpignan) en Etienne Meirlaen (1e Nat. asduif grote fond KBDB). Uit alle beste kwekers, zoals 1e Int. Barcelona winnaars New Laureaat en Special One, nu jonge duiven te koop op PIPA.

David Caruana (MT)
Dirk van den Bulck Collection- Part 1

The invaluable Dirk Van Den Bulck bloodlines have started to define the international pigeon racing competition in no time. Numerous fanciers who obtained pigeons of Dirk Van Den Bulck noticed a considerable performance increase. And the Van Den Bulck sprint pigeons proved to combine really well with other bloodlines as well. David Caruana from Malta is particularly fond of the Van Den Bulck breed, which explains the large number of breeders from Grobbendonk in his collection. Some exclusive birds will now be sold in auction, and these originate from such renowned pigeons as Kittel, Goede Rode, Broer Goede Rode, Olympic Rosita, and other iconic pigeons with a great career in pigeon racing. His 'Bulcky' will be sold in part 2 of this auction series.

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