Ending auctions: Harry Van Andel, Ali Obaed, J&J Engels, Klemens Iking, Bert Vanden Berghe en Alfons Klaas

On Sunday 26 June six auctions will end. Next weekend, the last auction of this auction season will end.

Harry van Andel (NL)

Collection of breeders

In a top class auction Harry Van Andel is selling twenty internationally renowned pigeons, including several collector's items. Among them are youngsters of De Jan (Heremans), Rudy (Vandenabeele), Olympic Survivor (Verkerk) and Verkerk stars Beyoncee, Houdini, Bvlgari, Sita and Kate.

Ali Obaed (IQ)

Some unique young birds

The Iraqi fancier Ali Obaed gathered an impressive pigeon collection by obtaining a number of top class racing birds from The Netherlands and Belgium.

Klemens Iking (DE)

1st Nat. Barcelona 2015 + youngsters of 1st National Barcelona

Klemens Iking was on top of the world after his national victory from Barcelona in July 2015. The extremely hot 2015 edition of the classic was a walk in the park for Berni, a great racing cock from a talented pigeon breed. This breed enabled the German long distance fancier to win many great results.

Bert Vanden Berghe (BE)

Youngsters of best breeders and racers + some breeders

Bert Vanden Berghe followed in the footsteps of his mentor Gaby Vandenabeele, leaving a lasting impression in pigeon racing in Belgium over the course of the past ten years. He sold his team of champions in January 2014, in a highly successful auction. He did not need much time to get back on his feet after his sale: he quickly started to achieve impressive results again.

Engels J&J (BE)

Brothers/sisters and youngsters of 1st National Limoges

Jos and Jules Engels added another highlight to their already impressive palmares in 2015, winning a 1st National Limoges against 15,013 old birds. Their blue coloured prize winner, which is now called De Limoges, had already won a 19th Nat. Zone Poitiers 2,708 p. 2014, a 9th Prov. Limoges 634 p. 2014 and a 52nd Nat. Tulle 5,731 p. 2014.

Alfons Klaas (DE)

Youngsters of his best breeders

Alfons Klaas has shown some impressive form both in the German races and in the international competition. His world class pigeon breed has excelled in the most prestigious One Loft Races, with the help of such world renowned racing birds as Konstantin, Victor, Alfonso Jr., Maxi, Konsi and Purdey.