Ending auctions: Geert Munnik, Sol Nascente, Davy Tournelle, Flanders Collection & Paulo Campos, René van de Weyer, Jos Thoné and Lücking Loft

On Sunday 8 October seven auctions will end: Geert Munnik, Sol Nascente, Davy Tournelle, Flanders Collection & Paulo Campos, René van de Weyer, Jos Thoné and Lücking Loft.

Geert Munnik (NL)

Total sale of all old birds including some specially bred youngsters of 2017

The palmares of Geert Munnik in the past ten years is nothing short of impressive. His pigeon breed gained an international reputation, and his racing birds Johnny Boy, Franske, De Sprinter, Amico, Golden Girl, Power Girl, and Wonder Lady have become household names.

Sol Nascente (PT)

Super flyers and breeders

Sol Nascente made a name for himself as one of the best fanciers in Portuguese pigeon racing thanks to numerous national and provincial wins and ace birds. His racing team has been topping the prize lists for many years now. A few top breeders and racers are put up for auction of this South European family of champion birds.


Davy Tournelle (BE)

Youngsters of his best breeders

Torres, Tevez, Tiesto’s Fantasy. Those are not the names of some famous Spanish toreadors, and they are not the hit singles of a world renowned DJ either. And yet they have one thing in common: Tïesto. The undisputed number one stock sire of the Tournelle pigeon family has had a profound impact on this breed.This team has added several top prizes to their palmares in 2017, including a 1st Interprovincial Limoges. In this interesting PIPA auction we sell descendants of Tiësto, which belong to one of Belgium's very best families.

Flanders Collection & Paulo Campos

Performance Pigeons

Two renowned teams in the international pigeon racing scene have joined hands for this magnificent auction. The Belgian star team of Flanders Collection and Portuguese champion Paulo Campos are the owners of some rare pigeons which originate from some of the very best pigeons.
By bringing together their best birds we end up with pigeons of exceptional value! Paulo Campos is selling some unique racing birds.

René van de Weyer (BE)

Best breeding birds
René Van De Weyer is a household name in pigeon racing and a competitive player even at national level. His palmares includes Olympiad Pigeons and national ace pigeons, and his success story is based on some high value bloodlines and a top class breeding loft. His best breeders will now be sold on PIPA. Given his age (84) and unstable health, it is with a heavy heart that René sells his 17 aces with proven breeding and racing record on PIPA.

Jos Thoné (BE)

Youngsters of his best breeders

Jos Thoné has never ceased to achieve great successes in pigeon racing.
Despite auctioning several of his greatest birds over the years Jos has always been able to get back to full strength and to get great results in no time. A group of direct youngsters of his best breeding and racing birds will now be sold in auction.


Lücking Loft (DE)

Olympiad Collection

The German partnership Birgit and Gerhard Lücking offer some German aces in a fabulous auction. The absolute highlight is the Olympiad bird and 5th National hen Olympic Rose, a hen with the wondrous genes of Olympiade 003 Heremans and Der 36 Günter Prange. That ace hen is offered along with some of her children and one brother and sister. Included in the auction as well are a half-brother and sister of 272 Roeper and 147 De Beer, Olympiad birds of Dirk De Beer from the bloodlines of Olympiade Heremans.