Ending auctions: F&J Vandenheede, Ulrich Lemmens, Leo van Rijn, March Auction, National Winners Auction, Best of Croatia and Batenburg - Van de Merwe

On Sunday 15 March, seven auctions will end: F&J Vandenheede, Ulrich Lemmens, Leo van Rijn, March Auction, National Winners Auction, Best of Croatia and Batenburg - Van de Merwe.

Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede (BE): youngsters from best breeders

Incl. 1. X 1. Nat. Acepigeon KBDB, sister 1. Nat. Acepigeon KBDB,…

The Vandenheede family is proud to be regarded as the pigeon loft that dominated our sport for over 50 years. Freddy en Jacques followed in the footsteps of their father René without much trouble, developing into one of the leading names in today’s competition. Some consider them the undisputed number one.

The fanciers from Zingem know that pairing super class pigeon bloodlines is their secret to success. They have an impressive collection of excellent breeders and racers, and that is why a round of young birds of Vandenheede, one of the finest Belgian lofts, will be auctioned exclusively on PIPA.

Ulrich Lemmens (BE)

Youngsters from best breeders

Ulrich Lemmens belongs to a new generation of fanciers in Belgium, and he gained a lot of respect by creating a special breeding team in a short period of time. This pigeon breed has enabled him to gain excellent results.

Stock breeder Gust became a household name thanks to his top quality descendants, which have had another great season at national level, winning most notably the title of 1st National Champion Longer Middle Distance Old Birds KBDB 2014. This was a crowning achievement for Ulrich Lemmens. His recent achievements show once again that the Lemmens breeding loft can be considered one of the best in Belgium. Ulrich will be auctioning a round of top class young birds from his best breeders.

Leo van Rijn (NL): 1. Nat. Ace YB WHZB/TBOTB 2014

1. Nat. Ace YB in auction + other racers + some yb

In Dutch pigeon racing, Leo Van Rijn has been known for his top results for decades. His renowned 'Keizer' became a breeder with a huge impact across the world after having won three races against over 20,000 birds.More recently, it was shown that ‘De Benjamin’ (1st NPO Bourges and 1st Libramont 6,231 p.) easily passes down his super genes to the next generation. Koopman and Vandenabeele aces were introduced to further improve the quality present at the lofts and with these pigeons, excellent results are still achieved. One of these birds is ‘Marja’, 1st National Youngster 2014 which, along with some other aces of the finest Van Rijn gold, will be sold exclusively on PIPA. Top class in many generations.

March Auction

In this March Auction, we offer you pigeons which were auctioned on PIPA in the past auction season but have not been paid for. This is particularly annoying for the seller. On the other hand it allows fanciers to get a second chance of obtaining pigeons they were really fond of. This is basically a varied collection of pigeons.

National Winners Auction

It takes pigeons with exceptional qualities to break away from the main group. They need to have great speed and orientation, and they tend to originate from top quality bloodlines as well. Besides, pigeons that have won national top results are particularly likely to become outstanding breeders.

PIPA contacted a number of national champions and asked them to sell youngsters and brothers and sisters of their national winners. It goes without saying that this is promising to be a very special auction!

Best of Croatia

Some of Croatia's most successful pigeon fanciers have been visiting Belgium and The Netherlands for years, to obtain pigeons from our strongest lofts. These pioneers have developed into Croatia's greatest champions, creating pigeon breeds that can stand comparison with some of the best breeds from the low countries.

A collection of pigeons from the best of Croatia will now be sold in auction on PIPA.

Batenburg - Van de Merwe

Witbuik special

One of the greatest icons in the long distance history is ‘Witbuik’ – the super cock of Bas and Hugo Batenburg. As a merciless flier he won 14th national St. Vincent and the 85th national St. Vincent among other prizes. Furthermore, ‘Witbuik’ appeared to possess more than just mere fantastic breeding genes. This superb pigeon became a father, grandfather and (great) great-grandfather of many national victors. Hugo made it his life’s work to anchor the bloodline of this colossal pigeon by inbreeding his super sons ‘Jonge Witbuik’ and ‘Witbuik 153’ to form a base for a new era of international success. PIPA asked Hugo to select a group of inbreeds to offer for sale exclusively on PIPA; the heritage of a golden breeder.