Ending auctions: F&J Vandenheede, Big Andy, Jean-Louis Fauche, Lubomir Kubacek, José Ledesma & Mark Kitchenbrand, Delrue-Vanbruaene and Derby Arona

Seven auctions will end on Sunday 21 May: F&J Vandenheede, Big Andy, Jean-Louis Fauche, Lubomir Kubacek, José Ledesma & Mark Kitchenbrand, Delrue-Vanbruaene and Derby Arona.

F&J Vandenheede (BE)

De Rauw-Sablon/Limoges Collection

The two brothers Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede are among the most iconic pigeons fanciers in Belgium. In fact, many of their opponents would be genuinely surprised if this team did not win a whole lot of victories and national ace pigeon titles every season, which is something that only happens to our sport's great. Their almost unbeatable pigeon breed is heavily based on the iconic Limoges of De Rauw-Sablon. Limoges was an exceptional racing bird and his descendants have had quite an impact on the international competition as well, not in the least thanks to the many top results of the Vandenheede brothers and their invaluable Limoges bloodline. In this super class auction we have some top class pigeons related to Limoges, bred from some of his best youngsters and from some successful descendants. This is a unique opportunity for anyone who fancies a talented bird!

Big Andy (USA)

Some breeders + YB of best breeders

For pigeon fancier Andry Larentzakis pigeon racing is "a way of life". He is fond of super class pigeons from the best bloodlines on the market. He obtained quite a number of talented pigeons himself, but he also provided several North American fanciers with pigeons from some of the best European lofts. Andy has gathered quite a collection of top class breeders, many of which are used for joint breeding with fanciers from The Netherlands and Belgium. Andy is now selling a few of his breeders and some youngsters from his best pairings on PIPA.

Jean-Louis Fauche (BE)

1st national Narbonne & family

The Fauche loft is in the spotlight once again this season, having won a 1st national Narbonne against 4,113 old birds (4th international 10,836 pigeons). It’s already the fourth national victory won by this loft after the 1st national & 1st international Pau from 7,760 pigeons in ’93, the 1st national & 1st international Bordeaux from 4,373 pigeons in ’93 and, last but not least, the 1st national & 1st international Barcelona from 20,204 pigeons in ’03 ! The national victory from Narbonne has been won by a full brother of ‘Champion Fauche’, 2nd National Ace Pigeon Extrem Long Distance KBDB ’12. They are both members of the stock bloodline formed by the descendants of the famous ‘Laureaat Barcelona’ of the Gyselbrecht family, a line that continues to produce national & international winners since it came into existence 20 years ago!Jean-Louis Fauche chose to auction his national winner on PIPA, along with several pigeons bred from the same bloodline. An auction that should not be missed, exclusively on PIPA !

Lubomir Kubacek (CZ)

Gaston Van de Wouwer Collection

Lubomir Kubacek is arguably the most successful pigeon fancier in the Czech Republic, having won several Olympiad Pigeons, as well as winning a 1st and 2nd National Oostende. Lubomir has an invaluable Gaston van de Wouwer breeder in his collection, which is obviously closely related to Kaasboer. On PIPA's request Lubomir will be selling this top class breeder, along with some of his talented youngsters.

José Ledesma & Mark Kitchenbrand (ESP)

Kitchenbrand Collection

Never before had PIPA come up with such a unique collection of One Loft Race champions as in the old breeders' auction of Mark Kitchenbrand in late 2015. The one bloodline that was omnipresent in this auction was the Birdy dynasty, arguably the best Million Dollar pigeon that ever existed. And fanciers were equally drawn to such renowned names as Victor, Konstantin, Cut The Cuteness, Dressage Diva, JD Action, Good Aim, and others. Jose Ledesma, organiser of the spectacular Derby Arona, managed to obtain youngsters from each of these Million Dollar champions, and he is now selling youngsters from his invaluable Kitchenbrand collection in a wonderful auction!

Derby Arona

Winners and ace pigeons

The Derby Arona in Tenerife quickly gained a reputation as the toughest one day loft race worldwide. This race is only suited for pigeons with a lot of endurance, and pigeons with a top class pedigree. In this auction we have the best pigeons from the final and the best ace pigeons. Most of these birds come from renowned fanciers and are related to unique bloodlines. This is a golden opportunity to obtain something very special!

Delrue-Vanbruaene (BE)

Youngsters of their best breeders

The Vanbruaene bloodline is widely regarded as the cornerstone of the Belgian extreme long distance. The phenomenon André Vanbruane created a pigeon family that achieved some incredible results, and that still counts as one of the strongest breeds worldwide. The old bloodlines of Barcelona II and Geschelpte Stier provide the basis for many years of supremacy in the extreme long distance. All the pigeons in this auction are closely related to these invaluable old bloodlines!