Ending auctions: Carlo Gyselbrecht, Premier Stud & Alain Delhove

On Sunday 17 September three auctions will end: Carlo Gyselbrecht, Premier Stud and Alain Delhove.

Delhove Alain (BE)

Auction of his best pigeons (racers+breeders)

A passion for the marathon competition, nothing has ever seemed too much for Alain Delhove when it comes to purchasing new birds to strengthen his loft. He started out with pigeons of the Dutch champion Cor de Heijde, which has been one of the main branches in his loft.
His success with the De Heijde pigeons materialized in 2008 when he won a 1st National St. Vincent against 8,383 yearlings.

He then started his quest for the best pigeons on the market, visiting several big names and buying direct descendants of their best pigeons: a son of Zidane of Devos (which is now the current stock breeder of the loft), the creme de la creme of Hebberecht, and more recently two daughters of New Laureaat of Batenburg-Van de Merwe, youngsters of the best pigeons of Joost De Smeyter-Restiaen (Cas, Laval,...) and Jelle Jellema (Orion,...).

Carlo Gyselbrecht (BE)

Youngsters of best breeders

Carlo Gyselbrecht is a fancier with an international reputation. Gyselbrecht's Laureaat Barcelona, winner of a 1st International Barcelona in 1995, proved a particularly gifted pigeon in the international competition. Carlo has preserved the invaluable bloodlines of this champion meticulously over the years. In this auction we have a group of youngsters from nothing but the best breeders of team Carlo Gyselbrecht


Premier Stud/Derek Nicholls (UK)

Total Auction

Pigeon fancier Derek Nichols has been leading one of Premier Stud's most valuable breeding lofts since last year. Derek Nichols is a renowned fancier with a proven record, providing numerous other English lofts with his excellent pigeons. In this fantastic auction he will be selling a collection of world class racing birds, including several first prize winners, as well as the top class breeders that bred these champions. They originate from the best of Geerinckx, Van De Wouwer, Hardy Kruger, and Heremans. This is an auction of exceptional quality!