Ending auction: Shaun McDonough

On Sunday 9th of February, these auction will end: Shaun McDonough (UK).

Shaun McDonough (UK)
Total auction

Shaun McDonough is without doubt one of the best fanciers in the UK. He is racing in one of the strongest regions in England, home to around 150 fanciers within a 10km radius. Shaun developed a fantastic pigeon family around the old Vanwildemeersch bloodlines of his father, combined with pigeons of Marcelis and Huybrechts, among others. And the icing on the cake was the introduction of a group of Dirk Van Den Bulck pigeons, obtained through fellow fancier Mick Collins. These bloodlines, crossbred with his own pigeons, enabled Shaun to become one of the big names in his club, at provincial as well as national level. That is why Shaun is often referred to as the uncrowned king of pigeon racing in Great Britain, and with good reason.