Embregts-Theunis (Hoeven, NL) develops a breed that delivers in 100-700km races with descendants of Rocket, De Witbuik, Super Rossi an his Millennium Pair

Peter Theunis is a fancier that is keen to win races; second places mean nothing to him. He was able to surround himself with a pigeon family that knows how to win races, using just a select number of stock breeders.

Peter Theunis worked hard on developing the perfect racing bird

Pigeon racing fanatic

Peter Theunis has silenced the critics with some astounding results. He was particularly successful with the young birds in the national classics and the NPO races. His palmares for 2018 includes three first prizes NPO, and he had some spectacular results with super class bird Olympic Millennium as well. Click here to reread our report about last year's racing season. Today we zoom in on the pigeon breed itself. This pigeon breed has been winning races seemingly with ease, and it is capable of breeding new generations of race winners season after season.

De Rocket

Peter was aware of the fact that Rinus van Gastel, a fellow fancier from Roosendaal (NL), had a super class bird in his team: his NL96-9669302 wins a 1st Reims (1671 p.), a 1st Creil (2017 p.), a 1st Creil (2581 p.), and a 1st Chantilly (2366 p.), and he won the title of best sprint pigeon in the national WHZB competition in 1999. Peter was eager to get his hands on one of Rocket's descendants, and he eventually obtained NL99-1057148. It proved a golden investment. This 99-148, now called Dragon Rocket, is the sire of as many as five teletext prize winners:

3rd  NPO/Nat.  Etampes     11162 p.
5th  NPO/Nat.  Orléans      8072 p.
6th  NPO/Nat.  Montlucon    5084 p.
7th  NPO/Nat.  Etampes     14434 p.
9th  NPO/Nat.  Orléans      4362 p.

The Rocket bloodline has exceptional breeding potential indeed. Peter wins a 1st NPO Gien of 6451 p. (and a 3rd Nat. Sector 1 of 23,171 p.) in 2018 with National Rossie, which is an eight generation descendant of the Rocket bloodline!

Rocketeer, Superior and Bingo

Dragon Rocket was paired to a number of different hens, and together they bred three highly talented breeders that form the backbone of a team of race winners: NL06-0742659 Rocketeer, NL06-1183110 Superior and NL02-0271564 Bingo. They are without doubt the most valued exponents of the Rocket bloodline. We take a look at some of their best descendants.

Fast Rocket

NL14-3422533 Fast Rocket, a grandson of Rocketeer

NL14-3422533 Fast Rocket is a grandson of Rocketeer, and he has some of the typical features of the Rocket bloodline: he is a wonderful blue coloured cock and he looks to be a hard worker. This is Fast Rocktet's palmares:

 2nd  NPO  Morlincourt    20248 p.
11th  NPO  Châteauroux     3760 p.
11th  NPO  Limoges         3390 p.

He is in turn the sire of NL17-3714981 Dragon Girl. This blue coloured hen wins the following prizes:

1st Orléans Rayon 2 Brabant 2000 of 1652 p.
2nd Gouden Crack young birds Brabant 2000 FZN

Big Time Rocket

NL16-3632811 Big Time Rocket, race winner and part of a fourth generation of Rocketeer descendants

Even the fourth generation of Rocketeer descendants had some very promising birds. NL16-3632811 Big Time Rocket came in first in the races from Issoudun and Morlincourt, against 837 and 7043 pigeons respectively. Check the picture for a detailed list of achievements. Big Time Rocket's pedigree features not only Rocketeer but also Bingo, which is a grandson of De Rocket. 

New Goldstar, a granddaughter of Superior, claims a 1st NPO Fontenay

NL15-3530512 New Goldstar, 1st NPO Fontenay sur Eure 7863 p.

To illustrate the breeding potential of NL06-1183110 Superior (a son of Dragon Rocket), we take a closer look at his granddaughter NL15-3530512 New Goldstar. She is another particularly gifted pigeon from the Rocket bloodline, with a first prize NPO to her name. New Goldstar wins a 1st NPO Fontenay sur Eure of 7863 p. In addition, she is a sister of NL14-3422592 Fast Jewel (3rd Morlincourt 20,248 p., 5th Ace Pigeon Brabant 2000, 20th Nat. Ace Pigeon national competition WHZB).

Warior, 2nd National Ace Pigeon young birds 2018, highlights the Bingo bloodline

NL18-5151375 Warior, 2nd National ace pigeon young birds 2018

The third son of Dragon Rocket with a solid reputation as a breeder is NL02-0271564 Bingo. He is the great-grandfather of the aforementioned Big Time Rocket. An the winner of a 2nd National Ace Pigeon title young birds 2018, NL18-5151375 Warior, is related to Bingo as well. Warior was raced by J. & S. Timmermans (Donkerbroek, NL), which are close friends and fellow fanciers from Friesland. Warior won the title of 1st Ace Pigeon in province Friesland '96, with a 7th NPO Morlincourt of 5643 p. as his most notable result.

Witbuik bloodline

Another bloodline with which Peter has had some tremendous results is the line of Witbuik, which he introduced in his loft through Cees Gijzen (St. Willebrord, NL). The first round of descendants of NL97-9769672 De Witbuik had quite a number of excellent racing birds. Witbuik won himself a 1st St. Ghislain of 3076 pigeons, and he is now the sire of Supergirl (2nd Ace Pigeon Brabant 2000) and Le Mans Queen (3rd National Le Mans). His son NL08-1650231 Young Witbuik proved to be an excellent breeder in particular: he is the sire of NL10-1788611 Miss Goldnugget (Young Witbuik x his own daughter). Miss Goldnugget wins a 6th NPO/Nat. Orléans of 8136 pigeons, and she was 5th Ace Pigeon in Brabant 2000. And you've guessed it: she is now the dam of quite a number of talented racing birds:

Valentino    1st St.Quentin Brabant 2000   8116 p.
             7th NPO      Sezanne         12647 p.
Space Girl   3rd NPO      Sezanne         12647 p.
Rossistar    8th NPO/Nat. Châteauroux      5939 p.
Super Rossi  1st Creil R.2 Brabant 2000    7696 p.
             2nd Creil                    26452 p.
             3rd Nijvel                    8115 p.

And several of her grandchildren have claimed first prizes NPO and top prizes in national competitions as well; one of them is Amazing Nugget.

Amazing Nugget

NL15-3530525 Amazing Nugget, a fifth generation descendant of Witbuik, becomes 3rd Ace Pigeon WHZB

Another example of a top class bird that keeps the Witbuik bloodline alive is NL15-3530525 Amazing Nugget. She is a granddaughter of Miss Goldnugget, making her a fifth generation descendant. She comes from a combination of Witbuik (Miss Goldnugget) and the Rocket bloodline (Rocketeer). Amazing Nugget became 3rd Ace Pigeon in the national WHZB competition. Check her picture of a full list of achievements. Meanwhile, Amazing Nugget developed into a successful breeder as well. She is the dam of Blue King, winner of a 3rd NPO Orléans of 7383 p.

Super Rossi - a phenomenon in the racing and breeding loft

NL11-3024491 Super Rossi, winner of 10 first prizes and a magnificent breeder

And here we have Super Rossi, a son of Miss Goldnugget. With the introduction of BE08-6050144 Young Rossi (from Nieuwe Rossi x Een Oogje), Peter invested in a son of one of Leo Heremans's most renowned breeding pairs. This promising breeding cock was then paired to Miss Goldnugget, the inbred hen that comes from the Witbuik bloodlines, as discussed earlier. This combination was a major success; they bred the following youngsters:

Rossi Star       5th Ace Pigeon Brabant 2000
                12th NPO/Nat. Châteauroux        5939 p.
Valentino        1st Brabant 2000 St.Quentin     8116 p.
                 7th NPO Sezanne                12647 p.

And of course:

Super Rossi

1st Creil R.2 Brabant 2000    7696 p.
2nd Creil                    26452 p.
3rd Nijvel R.2 Brabant 2000   9507 p.
3rd St. Quentin               8115 p.
3rd Peronne                   5316 p.
4th Peronne                  19915 p.
6th Pithiviers                4147 p.

This is quite an impressive palmares of course, although his achievements in the breeding loft were even more impressive. The direct youngsters of NL11-3024491 Super Rossi have made quite an impact in the pigeon family of Peter Theunis. You might remember our previous report, which was mainly about his daughter Super Daisy and his grandson National Rossie; they were in the spotlight after winning a first prize NPO from Argenton and Gien respectively. And let's not forget the other race winning youngsters and grandchildren: Superstar (1st Asse-Zellik 1560 p. and 1st Quiévrain 1692 p.) and Silverstar (1st Fontenay 1426 p.). We take a look at some of Super Rossi's strongest direct descendants:

Super Boy, 1st NPO Morlincourt

NL15-3530503 Super Boy, the fastest in Brabant 2000 Morlincourt of 17334 p.

Golden Ace, twice winner in Quiévrain

NL17-3715065 Golden Ace, winner of two first prizes from Quiévrain

NL17-3715065 Golden Ace lived up to the expectations, claiming two victories in Rayon 2 De Blauwe Doffer van Brabant 2000:

1st Quiévrain 5263 p. (as a young bird)
1st Quiévrain 6509 p. (as a yearling)

Athena’s Rossi, 1st Ace Pigeon Province Brabant 2000

Super Rossi has bred a successful racing bird at national level as well: NL17-3715027 Athena’s Rossi. This racing hen was 5th national ace pigeon, which also resulted in a first ace pigeon title in Brabant 2000.

The Millennium pair

And let's not forget Peter's new breeding pair, which he refers to as his Millennium Pair. The one year old hen NL17-3714984 Olympic Millennium, with which Peter won an Olympiad nomination, marks the start of a successful new period for Peter. Among the most successful youngsters of breeding pair BE14-6074354 Mister Millennium x NL15-3535059 Millennium are of course Olympic Millennium, as well as Rockets winner (6th ace pigeon Brabant 2000) and NPO winner Avatar.

BE14-6074354 Mister Millennium, a cock bred by the Millennium Pair

BE14-6074354 Mister Millennium is the male bird in this Millennium Pair. He originates from Frans Maris (Itegem, BE), as a son of his BE12-6024544 Maxi. Maxi claimed a 1st National Argenton of 3660 pigeons.

NL15-3535059 Millennium, the hen of the Millennium Pair

The hen in this Millennium Pair is NL15-3535059 Millennium. She is a daughter of NL15-3535059 Millennium, which is perhaps the best son of Rocketeer. And that brings us back to where it all started: the Rocket bloodline.

Avatar, 1st NPO Quiévrain 13331 p.

NL17-1371054 Avatar, 1e NPO Quiévrain 13331 d.

Racing bird NL17-1371054 Avatar claimed victory in the NPO race from Quiévrain (13,331 p.), which shows that Olympic Millennium was not a lucky shot for this breeding pair. This Pair still has plenty of years in them, given the age of both breeders.


I asked Peter if the Rocket bloodline is still prevalent, so many generations down the line. This is what he said: "I look at it like a cup of coffee. You can add sugar and cream if you like but it will still be a cup of coffee." And the achievements of his latest generation of racing birds prove his point, with Olympic Millennium demonstrating the potential of this breed in Poznan.