Embregts-Theunis (Hoeven, NL) claims victory in Montlucon and has a great start with the young birds

Peter Theunis
Peter Theunis had a strong start to the young birds' season last weekend, and his old birds did great in Monluçon as well.

The season is well under way

The 2020 season had a particularly difficult start but the pigeon racing competition is now well under way, with fanciers enjoying the action in the different disciplines. And the pigeons of Peter Theunis will not feel bored any time soon: they are taking part in all sprint, middle distance and one day long distance competitions, and he is basking a group of yearlings for a few ZLU races for the first time as well. Peter is used to having a strong early season, and 2020 is no exception: he already claimed a 5th and 6th in the first middle distance race from Pontoise, making him one of the strong finishers in Brabant 2000 of almost 20,000 pigeons. 

The NPO race from Montluçon took place last weekend, as well as the season opener for the young birds from Bierges. And the team was successful in both of these races. On top of that, the first references of 2020 have already started to come in as well. It goes to show that the modern-day Embregts-Theunis bird does have some peculiar qualities.


Dragon Girl wins in Montlucon

NL17-3714981 Dragon Girl, 1st Montlucon Rayon 2 Brabant 2000

The race from Montluçon took off on Saturday, and Peter had basketed 20 racing birds, 15 of which claimed a top result in Rayon 2 of Brabant 2000. They performed as follows in Rayon 2 of 1606 pigeons:


The winning bird (9th NPO Brabant 2000) was NL17-3714981 Dragon Girl; this is her fourth victory so far. Peter would refer to Dragon Girl as a very appealing bird. She has a somewhat elongated and well rounded shape. One of her sons, which is also part of the racing team, has three victories to his name. Let's take a look at Dragon Girl's four first places:

  • 1st Pointoise of 2253 pigeons (5th Brabant 2000 of 19730 pigeons)
  • 1st Orléans of 1651 pigeons
  • 1st Montlucon of 1606 pigeons (9th NPO of 5056 pigeons)
  • 1st La Souterraine of 1380 pigeons (4th NPO of 4055 pigeons)
  • 2nd Gouden Crack Long Distance Club South Holland

Fast Rocket x Dragon Star

Dragon Girl is an exponent of top pair NL14-3422533 Fast Rocket x NL15-3530499 Dragon Star, two pigeons with a magnificent palmares. Fast Rocket won for instance a 2nd Morlincourt of more than 20,000 pigeons, an 11th NPO Chateauroux of 3760 pigeons and an 11th NPO Limoges of 3390 pigeons. Dragon Star won for instance a 9th NPO Chateauroux.

NL14-3422533 Fast Rocket, the sire of Dragon Girl

An impressive start to the young birds' season

In 2020 Peter put a lot of effort into getting his young birds ready for the 2020 season. He took them away for a number of training flights from late May/early June, and he opted to release his young birds one by one from the very start. This was quite a demanding task but Peter spares no effort when he puts his mind to something. This is how Peter wants his young birds to build some stamina, which should serve them well later on. Peter will have to wait until the end of the season to see if his efforts have been worthwhile. However, if the early season can serve as an indication, his new approach appears to have been a major step forward. Last weekend, Peter's young birds started their season in Bierges in Belgium. The young birds arrived home almost one after another in their loft in Hoeven. Peter had basketed 140 pigeons, and 103 of them had made it back home within 18 minutes. And the overall results against 4375 pigeons in Rayon 2 were equally impressive:


The first pigeon to arrive home, and the fastest of 701 pigeons in CC Westhoek '70, is NL20-2002159 Millennium Boy. This young cock is a grandchild of the Millennium pair, of which four youngsters finished in the top ten. The second pigeon was NL20-2002156 Rossie. This promising cock is a son of NL17-3715057 Lichte SuperRossi, a cock from their highly successful racing team from 2017.

NL17-3715057 Lichte SuperRossi, 8th national ace pigeon allround, sire of a 3rd Bierges 4,375 p.

References that speak for themselves

Many renowned fanciers have come to appreciate the many qualities of the Embregts-Theunis birds. Peter receives references from other fanciers that have excelled with his pigeons on a regular basis. And it appears that 2020 has been a particularly successful season for his breed in other pigeon lofts; let's have a look:

  • Peter Admiraal wins a 1st Niergnies of 19677 pigeons (Brabant 2000) with a grandchild of Wariors Boy
  • J & S Timmermans wins a 1st Deurne of 8405 pigeons (Friesland '96)
  • Corné van Rijen wins a 1st Melun of 14431 pigeons (Brabant 2000) with a youngster of Imperial Rocket
  • Tj. & J. Elzinga win a 2nd Sittard of 20003 pigeons (Friesland '96)
  • René Roks wins a 4th Peronne of 20275 pigeons (Brabant 2000) with a grandchild of Super Rossi
  • Colijn & Fox win a 9th Sermaises of 7198 pigeons (Brabant 2000) with a grandson of Mister Gold

And the latest reference comes from fellow fancier Snellen; she wins a 2nd NPO Montluçon of 4063 pigeons (East Brabant). This pigeon was bred by Gert-Jan Timmermans. She obtained the dam of this talented racing bird in a PIPA auction.

NL16-3632857 Imperial Rocket, sire of a 1st Melun 14431 pigeons for Corné van Rijen

A top quality breed never fails to deliver

A top quality breed, a demanding coach and a clever system with no room to wiggle. This is how Peter Theunis takes on his opponents. And he can be confident about the level of quality of his pigeon breed, judging from the many references that he receives. The rest is up to him. Peter's ZLU pigeons are now on their way to Agen, and we are interested to see if his pigeons can shine in this competition as well.