Eijerkamp & Sky Chen have created the truly exceptional breeding pair ‘Nieuwe Olympiade’ x ‘Chanel No. 5’

Two of our sport’s most iconic pigeon fanciers joined forces in 2014 to form quite an exceptional team. Sky Chen (the owner of ‘Chanel No. 5’) and Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp (the owner of ‘Nieuwe Olympiade’) got in touch as they were both looking for the perfect partner for their respective breeders, and the result is a group of 7 youngsters of exceptional value.

“These are incredible pigeons”, says Evert-Jan Eijerkamp when taking yet another look at the youngsters of Nieuwe Olympiade x Chanel. “I would recognise them any time. They have a very soft plume and a great body but it is their intelligent appearance that really makes them stand out. They look like world class pigeons.” The two breeders shared the same nest box for only a short period of time, in which they bred seven youngsters: two youngsters for Sky Chen, two youngsters for Eijerkamp and two youngsters for Jewels of the Sky, which will be sold exclusively on PIPA (the only two youngsters ever to be auctioned). The seventh youngster was given to Pieter Veenstra, who was closely involved.

Shortly purchasing Chanel No. 5, one of the eye catchers in the sensational Pieter veenstra auction on PIPA in 2012, Sky Chen started looking for iconic European pigeons to pair his breeder with. One of the first pigeons that he came across was Harry, the outstanding cock of Jan Hooymans, with which Chanel No. 5 bred some great quality youngsters. Pieter veenstra’s Jan proved a perfect partner as well. Sky Chen then paid a visit to the loft of Eijerkamp and he was very impressed with their newly purchased Nieuwe Olympiade. It goes without saying that Hans and Evert-Jan quickly agreed with Sky Chen to participate in a joint breeding.

One of the reasons for the fanciers to start working together was the many similarities between Nieuwe Olympiade and Chanel No. 5. They are first of all two exceptionally talented pigeons and possibly some of the best of their generation. We have talked a lot about their achievements but here is another quick overview:

- ‘Nieuwe Olympiade’
      2nd Olympiad Ace Pigeon cat. F Poznan 2011
      1st Quiévrain – 2,460 p.
      2nd Quiévrain – 2,790 p.
      3rd Quiévrain – 2,073 p.
- ‘Chanel No. 5’
      1st Int. Ace Pigeon all round Western European Countries Cup 2010
      1st Isnes - 6,544 p.
      1st Meer – 316 p.
      1st Moeskroen – 126 p.
      4th NPO Signy Signetz – 8,664 p.

The two breeders were prominent names in the total auctions of the world renowned fanciers Leo Heremans and Pieter Veenstra and they both proved an expensive purchase. Sky Chen had to pay no less than 75,000 euro to get his hands on the outstanding full sister of Dolce Vita, possibly the best racing hen ever. Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp purchased the highly renowned Nieuwe Olympiade for 210,000 euro, keeping a valuable pigeon in European hands. 

The bloodlines of this occasional pairing are quite similar as well: both Nieuwe Olympiade and Chanel No. 5 originate from Gerard Koopman’s much praised stock pigeons. The sire of Nieuwe Olympiade is a grandson of Mr. Ermerveen, while Chanel No. 5 is a granddaughter of Mister Surhuizum, an excellent brother of Mr. Ermerveen. Chanel No. 5 is a grandchild of Dirky, a great son of Kleine Dirk; Nieuwe Olympiade was bred from grandson Dream Lady, a top class daughter of that same Kleine Dirk.

The two breeders originate from an excellent pigeon family and they both have an impressive list of achievements. It is no surprise that the two have also bred a long list of great descendants. Nieuwe Olympiade is the grandfather of Blake (winner of a 1st Quievrain 1,881 p., 2nd Quievrain 2,148 p. and a 10th Quievrain 1,914 p.) for Leo Heremans. Eijerkamp won the title of 1st ace pigeon in the region with his grandchild Cherie, which has also just won the title of first ace pigeon 2014 for Great Wall in the renowned Pioneer Club.
Chanel No. 5 was the dam of 188/12 (2nd and 3rd in important races) and Full House (3 top 10 prizes in major races) for Pieter Veenstra, and Sky Chen has won a 57th prize in the 330km Beijing Eierkamp one loft race 2014 with a granddaugther of Chanel No. 5.

Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp are very satisfied with the two promising youngsters of this unique pairing, and Sky Chen told us he was just as happy with the two youngsters that were added to his collection. PIPA is excited to include the only two youngsters ever to be sold in their Jewels of the Sky pigeon auction. The first of the two youngsters will be sold in Jewels 2, while the second one will be offered for sale in a special anniversary edition of Jewels in January, in which only a number of highly exclusive pigeons will be sold. It goes without saying that the youngster of Nieuwe Olympiade x Chanel No.5 is a very exclusive offer!