Eijerkamp pigeons worldwide inimitable in 2010

Filled with great pride … that is Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp over the enormous impact that the blood horses from their breeding loft have on the global pigeon sport.

After almost sixty years of this marvellous hobby at the highest level, Eijerkamp knows better than anybody what winning is … National victories, Ace pigeons or representations in the international Olympiad … yet it is not his own success that makes ‘Patras familias’ Hans Eijerkamp most happy. “In all the corners of the world where we or our co-workers come, we are accosted by pigeon fanciers who now belong to National top through the input of our pigeons. Taking the pigeon sport to the next level; that was an important starting point many years ago … and now in 2010 it can be considered a very successful mission !!”

Because what Eijerkamp descendants brought about in 2010, can be labelled as phenomenal … no less than twenty (20!) National or International victories were achieved with (descendants of) Eijerkamp pigeons. An unprecedented number, even by Eijerkamp standards!
The facts prove this
1st Nat. Rosscarbery 5,054 p.  Wayne Doonan (Down, Northern Ireland)
1st NPO Morlincourt 3.138 p. W. van Dijk (Oldeberkoop)
1st Nat. Blois 33.709 p. Dennis Veugelers (Nieuwstadt)
1st European championship Youth  Rick Wuestenenk (Vorden)
1st Nat. Barcelona 12.670 p. Bart Verdeyen (Steenokkerzeel - B)
1st Nat. Bordeaux 1.040 p. Theo Holierhoek (De Lier)
1st Nat. Cahors 4.887 p..  A. Ubeda (Nijmegen)
1st Nat Caversham 2.243 p. Steve and Paul Kulpa, (Berkshire – UK)
1st Nat. Bordeaux 6.154 p. B v.d. Peppel (Wormer)
1st Nat. Perigueux 3.421 p. Cees de Boer (Stavoren)
1st Nat. St. Malo Sct. E 1.053 p. Mark Gilbert (Winkfield - UK)
1st NPO Chateaudun 6.705 p. Gebr. Niks and Sons (Westerhaar)
1st NPO Bourges 5.582 p. Albert Meulenbeek (Didam)
1st NPO Salbris 6.500 p. Henry Diks (’t Goy)
1st NPO Rekkem 19.409 p. Frans Zwols (Gramsbergen)
1st NPO Chateaudun 4.837 p. Leen Spaans (Scheveningen)
1st NPO Tours 6.565 p. Jan & Joke Kaman (Wormerveer)
1st Prov. Strombeek 33.224 p. Rick Wuestenenk (Vorden)
1st Internat. Cordoba Derby  J. Valderama Hernandez  (Jerez de la Frontera)
1st Internat. Luzense Derby 680 p. Armando & Marco Alho   (Albergaria– P)

Two pigeons from this impressive list have already returned to the Greenfield Stud. ‘Black Cahors’, winner of the 1. Nat. Cahors sector III against 4.884 pigeons, returned to his birth place. He was obtained by Albert Ubeda as a ‘furniture pigeon’ out the best Eijerkamp-Muller lines in crossing with that of the stock cock ‘Black Giant’. It was the third 1. prize for the ‘Black Cahors’ in the overnight long distance. A youngster was exchanged with Bart Verdeyen, the winner 1. Nat. Barcelona Belgium against 12.657 pigeons in 2010 with his ‘Black Shadow’… ‘Black Shadow’ comes out ‘Grandson Daxter’ (top racer Eijerkamp), also blood lines of the famous ‘Black Giant’. A youngster out this ‘Black Shadow’ moved to Brummen – a talent out ‘Black Cahors’ is to try his breeding luck in Steenokkerzeel .


Olympiad 2010 – an emphatic Eijerkamp touch 
For the first time in a long time, no pigeon from the Eijerkamp racing loft managed to qualify for the Olympiad, in Poznan. “Result of us specialising in the NPO races,” knows general manager Henk Jurriëns. “In which they only have to peak a couple of times a year. Yet I don’t think the Eijerkamp calibre in the Olympiad has not often been as high as this year.” Branco Gorupec will represent his country, Croatia with no less than 4 pigeons in the Olympiad. In category A (sprint) is that ‘Lucky 13’, 100% Eijerkamp-Janssen, bred out a grandson of ‘Flits’ (Olympiad Utrecht 1995) x ‘Sister Bartoli’ (Olympiad Blackpool 1999) … mother is line ‘Rocky’ and ‘Goldrush. In category G (yearlings) ‘Angelina’ will go to Poland; she was 1. Nat. Ace pigeon yearlings sprint 2010 and comes out the lines ‘Chicago’ (Van Loon), ‘James Bond’ (Eijerkamp-Janssen) and ‘Olympiade’ (Heremans-Ceusters). Finally the sisters ‘Blue Sensation’ (1. Nat. Ace pigeon overnight 2009) and ‘Olympic Blue’ ( 2. Nat. Ace pigeon long distance 2010), who will represent their country in category C (long distance). They both come out a Janssen x Van Loon cock (‘James Bond’ and ‘Famous 05’ line) crossed with a granddaughter of ‘Romario’, Eijerkamps Olympiad pigeon from Grand Canaries 1993 .

Representing the Netherlands, Gert-Jan Beute holds the honour of the Eijerkamp lofts high. His grandiose hen ‘Missouri’s Girl’ is probably the winner, by making an enormous impression over the last few years with :
European Cup winner 1-day long distance  2009

 1. prov. Ace pigeon Friesland 2010
    3. NPO Offenburg against 9.371 p.
    8. NPO Pithiviers against 8.510 p.
11. Nat. yearling Best of the Best 2007
    9 pure 1. prizes 

This classy hen comes directly from Greenfield Stud, and was obtained via the purchase of furniture, and was bred out ‘Missouri’ (out ‘Atilla’) x daughter ‘Don Leo’ (with ‘Miss Antonia’) … Van Loon x Janssen again then. In category H (old birds) she is the best pigeon of the Netherlands by far; another Beute pigeon will go to Poland as number 3 in this category. That is ‘Breanna’, descendant of an inbreeding ‘Famous 05’ hen via Eijerkamp, which was stock pigeon in  Wilhelminaoord.

In own loft 
And in their own racing lofts? There 2010 was – quite obviously – once again of a breathtakingly high level. With, in the National top 10 numerous top positions :

 3. NPO NPO Orleans (556 Km) 6.626 pigeons
4. NPO Peronne (335 km) 5.401 pigeons
4. Nat. NPO Chateaudun  (565 km) 9.160 pigeons
5. Nat. NPO Chateaudun  (565 km) 9.160 pigeons
6. NPO Peronne    (335 km) 5.401 pigeons
6. NU Blois (611 km) 4.109 pigeons
8. Nat. NPO Chateaudun  (565 km) 9.160 pigeons
8. NU Blois    (611 km) 4.109 pigeons
The list of 1. prizes in big races in this season is once again very impressive:
1. Meer (120 km) 7.001 pigeons
1. Strombeek (184 km) 6.727 pigeons
1. Orleans (556 km) 2.582 pigeons
1. Chateaudun (565 km) 1.970 pigeons
1. Boxtel (82 km) 1.962 pigeons
1. Peronne (335 km) 1.961 pigeons
1. Pommerouel (251 km) 908 pigeons
1. Breuil le Vert (403 km) 875 pigeons
1. Peronne (335 km) 564 pigeons 


In addition Team Eijerkamp are heading for the ‘grand final’ of the Sun City Million Dollar Race 2011 … “We still have a few contenders in the race, who have their noses pressed to the window,” says Henk Jurriëns. In the last Hot Spot race the representatives ‘Rihanna’ and ‘Anuska’ won respectively 4. and 13 … two pigeons in one head group of 13 with very tough weather (headwind and 30 degrees). ‘Rihanna’ comes out ‘Salinero’, the wondrous Wijnands cock with 1. Nat. Bergerac 18.681 p. (1. Internat. 8.401 p.) and 2. NPO Perigueux 3.940 p. (6. Internat. 7.436 p.). At the time he was paired with ‘Sacha’, daughter of ‘Tips’ x ‘Kate’ (half-sister ‘Kleine Dirk’), so 100% Koopman. ‘Anuska’ is a grandchild of ‘Ché’ x ‘Tara’, but also once again of the line ‘Salinero’, now crossed with ‘Black Giant’ blood lines .

Eijerkamp Pigeon Quality Criteria
The secret behind such an enormous breeding success? According to Evert-Jan Eijerkamp it is the enormously stringent selecting at Greenfield Stud – led for years by Evert-Jan self and since recently included in the quality label Eijerkamp Pigeon Quality Criteria. “Because good pigeons are not only bred out toppers, but quite often out of pigeons which haven’s achieved anything … yet over the years we have learnt that breeding such a topper is not just a question of luck – also if the parents didn’t even race, nevertheless they met a number of standards. And the standards we apply to the formation of our breeding lofts.”

The Eijerkamp Pigeon Quality Criteria can be described in seven attributes, which together create the total concept ‘top pigeon’ and are applied in the selection at Greenfield Stud :

1) Genetic power, in other words the pedigree of the pigeon, in which Eijerkamp prefers to see top pigeons coming back in several generations. Pigeons, which can win – or ‘pointers’ (according to  Piet de Weerd) and which return on mother and father’s side in three, or preferably four, generations; not in one loft, but in several lofts. A good loft of pigeons also makes others champion.
2) Effluence;
How does the pigeon present itself? If you take hold of the pigeon: is it vibrant, does it want to escape? Does it look round? Does it look intelligent? Very important according to the Eijerkamps.
3) Balance;
good pigeons always lie in balance – you get hold of them and they lie good in the hand and the back doesn’t go to the left or the right. They can be weaker backs, but it is always in proportion. Good pigeons feel perfect when you hold them.
4) Wing,
very important in order to perform well. Look at the forewing and then at the rear wing, which has a small bone on the side … only one finger should fit between (otherwise the rear wing is too big). Lift the rear wing; the plumage has to be thick; not ‘newspaper’, because then it won’t have any power. The last four pens also have to have a swallow-like shape. There has to be enough ventilation between the pens.
5) Muscles.
Pigeons with long muscles are more suitable for the extreme long distance or the overnight long distance. Put three fingers next to the breastbone of the pigeon and when they pigeon has settled, the muscles should vibrate.
6) Organs.
People who think they can’t feel muscles, will do well to look into the throat of a healthy pigeon, after they have held it for a few minutes. The gullet shouldn’t really be visible –the gullet must lie very deep. A pigeon with good muscles and a good throat is almost always a fantastic pigeon.
7) Plumage.
When you take hold of a pigeon the plumage should be super oily. If they have an oily plumage, they are almost always good pigeons .


The Eijerkamps have more than proved that using the Eijerkamp Pigeon Quality Criteria has elevated breeding to a real art … an art which will do them well in the future. The first youngsters in the Greenfield Stud have already been ringed and are ready to prove that the Eijerkamp-strategy works, both in own lofts as by fanciers all over the world … every year a challenge; and every year a successful mission !”