Dynamic Lofts (Melbourne, AU) introduces Western pigeons to Australia

Last year PIPA was visited by Adrian John, a young Australian pigeon fancier who is the mind behind Dynamic Lofts Australia. Here's a short introduction to the history and goal behind Dynamic Lofts Australia.

Adrian John posing in front of the Dynamic Lofts

Practically from birth Adrian has been surrounded by pigeons, starting as a hobby between his father and his two brothers. He saw the work and effort that was involved in having pigeons to get the results he wanted and could not resist the urge to have his own pigeon loft. The loft was to be filled with the very best pigeons one could find. Evidently, Adrian’s dreams led him to Europe where he met some of the best Belgian and Dutch pigeon fanciers around whom he had heard of since his childhood. Through his visits to Europe Adrian began to understand how truly advanced pigeon racing in this part of the world had become.

European pigeons

Thanks to PIPA’s online auctions Adrian was able to purchase some of the birds he had always wanted for his Dynamic Lofts from fanciers such as Gaby Vandenabeele, Sebastien Casaert, Hans Eijerkamp, Luc Houben, Gerard Koopman, Pieter Veenstra, Leo Heremans and others. These fanciers all use a very strict selection method when it comes to breeding the finest quality of pigeons. Add to that PIPA’s own quality control and you are sure to find only the best of the best breeding and racing pigeons in PIPA’s online auctions. Dynamic Lofts became the proud owner to some of those pigeons Adrian had dreamt about since he was only a child.


Just as Adrian was introduced to some of the finest pigeons in the world Dynamic Loft’s goal is now to bring the European racing pigeon to more fanciers in Australia and help them up their game in the local competition. In Adrian’s own words: “We believe that we can achieve this with the support of the entire pigeon fraternity within Australia. Dynamic lofts Australia is all about the pigeon fraternity. We want the very best for all fliers in order to make the sport strive and grow. We are willing to support any federation or club in order to see the sport stay strong and grow."

Dynamic Lofts breeding pigeons

Check Point

Dynamic Lofts Australia was very fortunate to purchase this spectacular hen from Sebastien and Hugo Casaert. Check Point is the mother to “Saphira”:

1st Noyon 2013 586p.
1st Orleans 2012 290p.
2nd Inter Provincial La Souterraine 2013 2,595p.
16th National 11,236p.

This hen was paired to Nikolaas, Sebastien Casaert’s number one cock recently sold for 242,000 euro online on PIPA. Nikolaas is responsible for Casaert’s 1st National Ace Bird Longer Middle Distance Old Birds KBDB in 2013. 

Check Point has already made her mark in the breeding lofts producing outstanding young birds.  In Check Point’s pedigree, which you can find in the photo gallery below, you will see the very best of Sebastien Casaert and Erik Limbourg coming together to produce magnificent pigeons.

Unique and rare collection of Leo Heremans


Gerard is a magnificent specimen, without a doubt a world-class pigeon, bred by the same mother as Ermerveen’s Hope. In the past 10 years Ermerveen’s Hope would have to be one of the very best breeders for Gerard Koopman. Judy the mother of Gerard is a full sister to Kleine Dirk one of Koopman’s very best foundation cocks. Gerard is already breeding outstanding quality stock birds that will potentially enhance the entire pigeon community in Australia. Check out Gerard's pedigree in the photo gallery as well.

Dynamic Lofts will guarantee all those interested with the highest quality of pigeons believing that the Australian pigeon society deserves the very best quality. Adrian wants his lofts to serve as a satellite for the Western pigeon sport to service Australian fanciers who are looking to improve their current bloodlines. Therefore Dynamic Lofts is a one off and very unique type of loft in Australia. To find out more about Dynamic Lofts, take a look at Adrian's website by clicking here.