Dr. Norbert Ally (Aarsele, BE) once again ‘superior’ in 2011

A year after achieving the title of ‘General Champion of Belgium KBDB’ in 2010, Dr. Norbert Ally and son Stefan have simply continued in the same momentum… supported in this by an excellent team of yearlings in 2011, possibly the best team of young talent ever!

Everyone has experienced the syndrome of the ‘day after’ at sometime in their life… the moth-eaten feeling after a memorable day. It is a syndrome which is perfectly applicable to other situations, even in sport. Think of a frequent example from football … where teams, after a thunderous midweek performance at European level against a European club topper, lose terribly the following week to a much less team from their own league. It happens more often than they would like. When one has accomplished or achieved the highest possible, it is often difficult to equal this again shortly afterwards… let alone better it.

The colony of Norbert Ally from the West-Flemish village Aarsele also had such a challenge at the start of 2011. In 2010 Norbert and son Stefan won almost everything there was to win, with the absolute highlight being of course… winning the title of ‘General Champion of Belgium KBDB’, and the 1st -2nd -4th National Souillac! Doing better than this… is almost impossible! In addition, these Souillac toppers moved to another place, just like a success team in other sports, the ‘top talents’ are plucked out or transferred at the end of the season! The following season it is then a question of building a new team… and with this try to equal or even improve on the performances of the previous year. No easy feat!

Luckily in the pigeon sport the ‘trainers’ remain in charge, and in the case of Norbert and Stefan Ally the aforementioned title and successes from 2010 didn’t only give them an enormous ‘boost’… they could also fish is an enormous pond of upcoming ‘youthful’ talent, which in 2011 defended their title of ‘General National Champion’ with swagger! The new ‘talents’ ensured continuity in the performances, with the highlight being the winning of the 1° provincial and 2° National Libourne, and the 1° provincial Blois by both the  old birds and the yearlings (23 July ’11)! Which in 2011 brought the stand at the moment to 3 x 1° provincial victory… with another 2 weeks of racing to go!

Norbert and Stefan had then the enormous advantage in 2011 to possess possibly the best team of yearlings ever… the gaps in the racing team at the end of 2010 were not only filled in straight away, but also offer enormous perspectives for the future! In a previous report on PIPA you could read about the exploits of the ‘Libourne’ (2° Nat Libourne 8.269 p., 94° Nat Narbonne 7.027 p., and 325° Nat Chateauroux 25.263 p.)… but there is so much more. Let’s take a look at a few of the other toppers from the team of yearlings which ensured fireworks in 2011: 


-‘Lucas’ B10-3075506

14/5 Ablis       Reg    209 p. 13

04/6 Chateauroux Nat 25.263 p. 141

18/6 La Chatre   Zone 7.487 p. 1486

02/7 Argenton    Nat 19.782 p. 15     (reg. 1° from 685 p.)

16/7 Limoges     Nat 14.679 p. 182

31/7 Poitiers    Prov   602 p.  

Possibly the best yearling from 2011! Not surprising with the following lineage:  (click here for the complete pedigree):

Father: ‘Schumi’ B04-3006131

Self crowned as 1° Prov Ace pigeon Extreme Middle Distance & Long Distance KBDB West-Fl in 2005, and an inbred product to the success lines N & F.Norman x G.Vandenabeele… out ‘Ullrich’ x ‘Blesse’ (daughter of stock couple 1 N.Ally) 


Mother: ‘Bolleke’ B05-3083812

Super breeding hen and mother of the 1° prize Provincial winners ‘Tours Vooruit( (1° Prov Tours) and ‘Guldensporen winner’ (1° Prov Blois)… and self daughter of the ‘Bordeaux 512/02’ (grandson ‘Bliksem’ Vandenabeele) x ‘Lena 719/03’ (half-sister 1° Nat Souillac 2010… out ‘Ronaldo’ x ‘Daughter Zorro’ Norman). 


-‘Schonen 532’ B10-3075532

16/4 Clermont           212 p. 13

23/4 Clermont           301 p. 19

14/5 Ablis              303 p. 16

21/5 Orleans            663 p. 25

04/6 Chateauroux Nat 25.263 p. 271 (Prov 64° from 4.072 p.)

02/7 Argenton    Nat 19.782 p. 58  (Prov 9° from 3.125 p.)

16/7 Limoges     Nat 14.679 p. 487 

See here his lineage (clci here for the pedigree)

Father: ‘Schonen 915’ B05-3084915

Extra racer coming out top breeder ‘Super Bliksem’ (father of the   7° Nat Bordeaux and the 1° Argenton zone A, and son‘Bliksem’ Gaby  Vandenabeele) x ‘Hosta’ (direct Vermeulen-Dujardin via H. Hoste). Three brothers of ‘Schonen 915’ also performed well in the widowers loft.  


Mother: ‘Zwart Daxje’B05-3084904

Daughter of the ‘Dax’ (10° Nat. Dax ’03, a real all-rounder with also tops in extreme middle distance) x ‘Zwartje Turbo’ (daughter Turbo Vandenabeele).  


-‘Novak’ B10-3075625

04/6 Chateauroux Nat 25.263 p. 221 (reg 15° from 618 p.)

18/6 La Chatre   Zone 7.487 p. 123 (reg 4° from 598 p.)

02/7 Argenton    Nat 19.782 p. 1334

16/7 Limoges     Nat 14.679 p. 1199

31/7 Poitiers    Prov   602 p. 68 

His pedigree (click here for the complete pedigree):

Father: ‘Federer’ B04-3005674

Top racer out super breeding couple ‘Andre’ x ‘Steffie’. This couple also produced the toppers ‘Rafaël’ and ‘Boris’ (unfortunately lost)  and various fine racing and breeding hens.

 ‘Boris’ is grandfather 1° Nat. Chateauroux II ‘10 o.b. by Sierens-Vandenbroucke and grandfather of 5° Nat. Limoges yl ’11 by Andre Vaernewijck. A brother ‘Steffie’ is by Debaere-Opsomer (Avelgem) father of the: 

-8° Nat. Limoges 19.373 o.b. ’11
-2°, 47° and 68°  prov. Souillac 1.138 o.b. ’11

Another brother ‘Steffie’ is father of the 1° Prov. Bourges I yl by   Declerck-Blancke

Mother: ‘Lena’ B03-3050719

A half-sister 1° Nat Souillac 2010… out ‘Ronaldo’ x ‘Daughter Zorro’ Norman (see ‘Lucas’)


All ‘class pigeons’ descending from ‘class pigeons’! How could it be otherwise? The colony of veterinary Dr. Norbert Ally is after all based on the very best with the following blood lines: G. Vandenabeele (for almost 70 %) -  Norman N&F  (15%) –  Robert. Willequet  – Roland Dewaele, and further pigeons directly from E. Vermandere – Vandamme-Boddaert - N. Lippens – J. Muylle – Vancauwenberghe-Ally - A. Beulque – Vermeulen-Dujardin – G. Picue… in other words the ‘fine bloom’ from the West-Flemish pigeon sport! It is this rich basis which year in year out is responsible for the magnificent range of top performances… resulting in prominent titles! For 2011 the necessary points were also achieved for the ‘General Championship KBDB’, with not as strong a percentage as in 2010 when they were crowned as NR. 1 of our country… although they hope to sharpen the current coefficient (about 56%) over the next few weeks in the remaining nationals from La Souterraine and Gueret with the youngsters.

The ‘West-Flemish and interprovincial’ have just announced the first champions, and we find Norbert Ally in the following positions:

1° Champion Long Distance O.b. with 1° + 2° nominated (paying championship in all the long distance races with the 1° + 2° nominated)

2ndChampion long distance yearlings (in all the extreme middle distance and long distance races with the 1° + 2° +3° nominated yearling)

2° Champion long distance o.b. (in all the long distance and extreme long distance races with the 1° + 2° nominated)

In addition, the Norbert Ally colony is also top candidate for the title of  ‘General Champion’, although at the time this article was written there were still 3 races to go!

These are figures and forecasts which not only demonstrate the high performance level of the Ally-pigeons, but also the enormous performance capability and breeding worth of this West-Flemish top colony! Who are there year after year… and this at the highest level, at the top of the results and championships… it is only reserved for real ‘toppers’, and the loft of Dr. Norbert and son Stefan Ally from Aarsele is underlined in this! 


Best performances o.b. 2011

23/04 Clermont (191km) – 1.217 pigeons (reg.)

1, 24, 29, 48, 63, 101, 119,… (15/20)

21/05 Chateauroux (482 km) – 823 pigeons (reg.)

2, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13, 16, 19, 20, 24, 29, 30, 41, 67,… (21/24)

28/05 Poitiers (539km) – 2.696 pigeons (prov.)

22, 51, 55,… (7/7)

25/06 Limoges (595km) – 1.559 pigeons (prov.)

15, 41, 74, 109, 124,… (12/15)

09/07 Brive (665km)– 10.089 pigeons (nat.)

15, 192,… (9/12)

14/07 Souillac (693km)– 1.138 pigeons (prov.)

15, 18,… (6/12)


Best performances yearlings 2011

30/04 Clermont (191km)– 207 pigeons (reg.)

1, 2, 8, 16, 19,… (12/25)

14/05 Ablis (296km)– 303 pigeons (reg.)

1, 3, 5, 10, 12, 13, 16, 21, 22, 23, 26, 28,… (20/25)

04/06 Chateauroux (482km) – 25.263 pigeons (nat.)

114, 141, 221, 271, 325, 585, 636,… (16/25)

18/06 La Chatre (504km)– 2.815p (prov.)

7, 65, 139,… (6/10)

25/06 Tours (447km)– 4.503p (prov.)

26, 150, 194, 230, 281,... (14/17)

26/06 Libourne (722km)– 8269p (nat.)

2, 156, 411,… (5/9)

02/07 Argenton (509km)– 19.782p (nat.)

15, 58, 867, 904, 1080, 1334, 1416, 1517, 1700,… (12/25)

16/07 Limoges (595km)– 14.679p (nat.)

182, 282,, 291, 487, 500, 942, 1199,… (15/21)

23/07 Blois (409km)– 716p (prov.)

1, 8, 14, 21, 29, 30, 58,…(9/16)

30/07 Narbonne (873km)– 1.139p (prov.)

30 (also raced 2°nat. Libourne) and  1/2.