Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht (Knesselare, BE) embedded the invaluable Laureaat Barcelona bloodline in his pigeon breed

In 1995 Remi, Andre and Carlo Gyselbrecht won the international first prize in Barcelona with their Laureaat Barcelona, in one of the most beautiful and most demanding Barcelona races ever. Today, over 20 years later, this high quality bloodline continues to play an important role in the international long distance competition.

Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht in front of the breeding loft aviaries

Breeding pigeons is an art

A top class bloodline that dominates the international extreme long distance competition for 20 years is something quite unique. It is fair to say that the bloodline of Laureaat Barcelona has made history. This pigeon and its bloodline have made the Gyselbrecht family world famous, especially thanks to the spectacular results in their own lofts: that of father Remi in Knesselare (with such champions as Laureaat Barcelona, Sampras, Schumacher, etc.) and Dr. Andre in Ruiselede (Turbo, King, etc.).

Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht has played a crucial role in this success story, by providing and by breeding top class pigeons. These pigeons were then raced by his father Remi and his brother Dr. Andre. They knew how to get the most out of this talented lot.  It has been the key to success both in Knesselare and Ruiselede for years.

The Gyselbrecht breeding pigeons have always been kept in the lofts in the Eentveldstraat in Knesselare. Dr. Carlo's breeding strategy was based on the experience of two grandmasters in the long distance: his father Remi Gyselbrecht and his mentor Andre Vanbruane. Dr. Carlo studied the pedigrees of the pigeons that had been obtained from Andre Vanbruane, the Barcelona champion from Lauwe, to get an insight of how Andre had created his heavily inbred pigeon breed, and how he managed to maintain the level of quality in his loft. The late Andre Vanbruane became particularly renowned for his wonderful pigeons: pear shaped, heavy plumage, and long and supple muscles. The same strategies were also used in the Gyselbrecht loft, and it allowed for the development of the invaluable Laureaat Barcelona bloodline, which was at the basis of an impressive list of achievements worldwide between 1995 and 2015.

The amazing Laureaat Barcelona, which this success story is based upon

Fond of Barcelona

The Gyselbrecht family has always been fond of the classic from Barcelona, and they look forward to this race every season, especially since their international first prize with Laureaat Barcelona back in 1995. The pigeon family of Dr. Carlo is mainly founded on the bloodlines of Laureaat Bercelona, whose descendants have proven to be invaluable across many generations, and for more than 20 years. This is no coincidence; it is the result of a high quality breed that combines great breeding value with racing potential. Let's take a look at some of their best international references:
-1st Int. Barcelona 2003 (Fauche Frères: grandfather was bred in Dr. Carlo's loft)
-1st Int. Barcelona 2013 (New Laureaat for Luc Wiels: his dam (see pedigree) was bred in Dr. Carlo's loft)
-2nd Int. Barcelona 2008 (J.P. Van Kerckvoorde: the sire is a grandson of Laureaat Barcelona. The grandmother was bred in Dr. Carlo's loft)
-1st Int. St.Vincent 2014 (Meulemans-Damen: grandfather was bred in the loft of Dr. Carlo Gyselbecht)
-1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2008 (Etienne Meirlaen: the grandmother is a daughter Laureaat Barcelona, bred by Dr. Carlo)
Each of these pigeons originates directly from the invaluable bloodline of Laureaat Barcelona.  

New Laureaat: 1st Intnat. Barcelona 2013 (for Luc Wiels) and now an invaluable stock breeder at the PEC and Batenburg-Van de Merwe

Victories with the top class bloodline of Laureaat Barcelona

Important references both at home and abroad tell us a lot about the qualities of a pigeon breed. We selected some of the most notable references from recent seasons:

- David Demko (USA)

David Demko (USA) won a 14th prize in the scmdpr One Loft Race in South Africa recently, in early February 2016. This pigeon was also 5th Ace Pigeon Overall and 1st Ace Pigeon USA in that same One Loft Race. The dam of this pigeon comes from two direct Gyselbrecht pigeons: Blue Cahors BE01-4361054 (from Cahors x Monica, a daughter of Laureaat Barcelona) x Dochter Turbo BE04-4297659 (from Turbo x Lindsy, another daughter of Laureaat Barcelona).

Carlo 2: winner of 3rd Nat. Cahors S2 for Batenburg-Van de Merwe (see pedigree)

- Batenburg-Van de Merwe (Klaaswaal, NL)
They had a fantastic team of yearlings in 2015, including a few top class pigeons that came straight from Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht's breeding lofts. They were really successful with the bloodline of Vale Maximus (from Gyselbrecht-Leliaert) paired to a daughter of Schumacher x Delphine, winning a 3rd National and a 10th National. These prizes were won by Carlo and Carlo2.

Carlo: winner of a 10th National and 25th Intnat. Narbonne for Batenburg-Van de Merwe (see pedigree)
He is the prototype of a top class Gyselbrecht pigeon: he won this prize after 15 hours of racing (covering 962km)

- Eugene & Steve Van Overstraeten (Overijse, BE)
Their racing bird BE10-1519732 proved a magnificent Barcelona pigeon; he is winner of:

2nd   National Ace Pigeon Barcelona over 3 seasons 
3rd   International Ace Pigeon Barcelona over 3 seasons
281st Nat. Barcelona 10,542 p. 2013
172nd Nat. Barcelona  8,764 p. 2014
35th  Nat. Barcelona  7,791 p. 2015

The sire of this crack comes directly from Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht; he is a grandson of Delphine, which is a daughter of Turbo. Delphine (see pedigree) was in invaluable breeding hen, and can be found in the pedigree of numerous marathon pigeons. Many of her direct youngsters are still part of the current team of breeders of Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht.

- Leliaert Frederik (Aardenburg, NL)
He relied on the bloodlines of Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht when he made a fresh start in The Netherlands in 2014. He did a few joint breedings with Maximus, and one of the pigeons that came from this combination managed to become best yearling in The Netherlands in the ZLU races of the extreme long distance already in 2015:

Armando 14-4216190 

Best yearling in The Netherlands in 2015 over 3 national races extreme long distance!
1st Ace Pigeon International Races 2015 in Long Distance Club 2015 in Fondclub Terneuzen
77th  Nat. Narbonne       5,338 p.
129th Intnat. Narbonne    8,447 p.
316th Nat St.Vincent      3,714 p.
859th Intnat. St.Vincent 10,737 p.
376th Nat. Agen-Bordeaux  5,055 p.

- Dr. Andre and Peter Gyselbrecht (Ruiselede, BE)
The Laureaat Barcelona bloodline continues to bring great results in the extreme long distance racing lofts of Dr. Andre and his son Peter as well. This was demonstrated by super class hen Lucia, which excelled in the high temperatures of the 2015 race from Barcelona:

Lucia BE13-3077124

17th Nat. Barcelona     7,791 p. in 2015 (1st club 169 p.)
57th Intnat. Barcelona 19,089 p.
23rd Intnat. Barcelona  5,244 hens

Lucia is a granddaughter of Nadal (winner of a 9th Intnat. Perpignan 17,624 p.), which is in turn a grandson of Laureaat Barcelona (1st Intnat. Barcelona 1995), Nest Sister Sampras (Sampras won a 2nd Nat. Barcelona 13,966 p. in ’99) and Barcelona Florizoone (1st Nat. Barcelona 13,966 p. in ’99). This is no coincidence!

- Christiaens-De Smedt, Roosdaal
This is a highly successful extreme long distance breed, which is heavily based on the invaluable Vanbruane bloodlines (partly through the Gyselbrecht breed). This combination finished in 2nd place in the PIPA ranking for best pigeon in Pau over 2 seasons. The sire of this Pau champion, which is also the sire of a 7th Nat. St. Vincent, is a grandson of Laureaat Barcelona.

2nd Ace Pigeon Pau BE11-2006416

 2nd Best pigeon in Pau 2014-2015 PIPA Ranking
 9th Nat Pau  1,910 p. in 2014
27th Nat Pau  1,980 p. in 2015

-Nathan BE10-4258537

Nathan was bred in Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht's lofts in Knesselare but he was raced in the lofts of Degrave-Gyselbrecht in Wemmel. His dam, Nathan Laureaat hen BE08-4270165, is in fact an inbred hen to Laureaat Barcelona: she is a double grandchild of the international Barcelona winner, bred from a pairing of half brother x half sister  (or son x daughter Laureaat Barcelona). Hie sire Maurisco Laureaat comes from a grandson of Laureaat Barcelona as well, and he is a son of a 1st International Perpignan 17,643 p. (Robol) and a half brother of a 2nd International Barcelona 23,708 p. ’08 (Van Kerckvoorde). He has quite an impressive pedigree indeed. This is Nathan's palmares:

Barcelona   Nat.  10,542 p. 11
          I.Nat.  25,294 p. 16
Perpignan   Prov.    451 p. 28
            Nat.   5,613 p. 337
          I.Nat.  15,106 p. 676

Click here for the pedigree of Nathan

These are all excellent references with international appeal.

The key to success: crossing and inbreeding

Dr Carlo's home loft in Knesselare has not been competing in any races anymore since 2014 - their professional lives did no longer allow it. They did keep their breeding loft, which they continued to expand every season. Their descendants were only put to the test in a number of side lofts, and with great success. Some of the results that we mentioned earlier on speak for themselves. He will also work more closely together with his brother Dr. Andre and his son Peter, through joint breedings and based on the old succes formula: a breeding loft in Knesselare, a racing loft in Ruiselede.

Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht is still taking great care of his Laureaat Barcelona bloodlines, which we can fully understand. The pigeon breed is based around Laureaat Barcelona, which was then strengthened with descendants of Turbo (including super class breeder Delphine, a daughter of Turbo), Schumacher and King.

Some new (outside) bloodlines have been introduced in this breed on a regular basis as well, which is crucial if you want to maintain the level of quality in your collection. He has always been looking for current champions, exceptional cracks in the extreme long distance that could be introduced in his own loft. For instance, he obtained pigeons of Anton & Lucie Vanderwegen, including super class hen Bijou. Her name can be found in the pedigrees of New Laureaat, Nathan and Schumacher.

Other recent investments include modern day racing bird "Ad" of Ad Pegels, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU 2015 who finished in the top 10% in all eight ZLU races he competed in. Carlo also obtained Asduif of Hok Malfait in Jabbeke, a fairly young champion in the extreme long distance.

-Monseré BE13-3158706

3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2015
3rd Best Belgian Old Birds in all international races - 3 prizes (PIPA ranking)

He won these prizes when he was only 18 months old, born in August 2013. He is a 100% Carteus pigeon (via Ludo De Roeck) from his father's side; his dam is a crossing of Etienne Devos x Dochter Bettini Malfait (Bettini won a 1st Nat. Dax and a 13th Nat. Perpignan). Click here for his pedigree.

-Crack Ad NL10-1646352

1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance ZLU 2015

This pigeon competed in 8 ZLU races and he finished in the top 10% every time, including four national top 40 prizes. This is quite a talented racing bird.
Crack Ad's pedigree can be found here

Another breeding strategy is to turn back to the old basis of this pigeon family, the Vanbruane pigeons. These pigeons are particularly useful to add stamina to the existing Laureaat Barcelona bloodline. Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht knew where to find these old Vanbruane pigeons: in the loft of his good friend Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene, who has been really successful in recent seasons. Patrick relies on the pigeons of his grandfather Andre, who keeps his breed as pure as possible. Direct descendants of his current super class breeder Gouden Vleugel (sire of Gouden 33, Gouden 53 and Gouden 56) provide the current generation of prize winners. Dr. Carlo knew what he had to do: he strengthened his breed with youngsters of this invaluable stock breeder, along with youngsters of a son and daughter of Iniesta and a sister of Asduif 2015.

Never ending story

Dr. Carlo paired his existing breed to new super class pigeons and ace pigeons, and these new combinations were than paired again with his own top class breeders. This excellent breeding strategy comes from his grandmaster Andre Vanbruane, and the same strategy was adopted for his own Laureaat Barcelona bloodline, which managed to develop into a world class breed, both in terms of breeding value and racing potential across many disciplines, including Barcelona. This breed has been invaluable for the past 20 years, and we do not expect this to change in the near future.

Meulemans-Damen won a 1st Internat St-Vincent 11,388 p. in 2014 with a velocity of 1147.93 m/min
This top class pigeon did 974km on the day of release, after a trip of 14 hours and 9 minutes.

His grandfather was bred in the lofts of Dr. Carlo Gyselbecht