Do the Barcelona quiz and win a grandchild of New Laureaat!

The classic from Barcelona is coming up next weekend. It is promising to be a demanding event.

Meanwhile our annual PIPA quiz is growing to become a classic as well! As in previous years you can try and win a grandchild of New Laureaat, winner of a 1st International Barcelona 2013 and inbred to Laureaat Barcelona, 1st International Barcelona back in 1995.

New Laureaat claimed a 1st International Barcelona for Luc Wiels in 2013, and he is a great-grandchild of another famous Barcelona bird: Laureaat Barcelona, 1st International Barcelona 1995 for the Gyselbrecht family. New Laureaat, as well as the grandchild that you can win, comes from a highly successful pigeon family indeed.

Join using our webform

In order to get a chance at winning the main prize, you have to guess the average speed of the international winner of Barcelona 2020. 

Be aware: you have to submit your bet before Friday 31th of July 2020 (05:00 CEST!), using our online form only! Bets sent in on Friday 31th of July or sent in trough e-mail will not be deemed valid.

Read the rules of our contest here:

  • The person to guess the average speed of the international winner in the international results of Barcelona 2020 or the one with the closest guess (metres per minute) wins the prize. In case of a draw the person to submit his or her guess first will be the winner.
  • Each fancier is allowed to submit one bet only. Bets submitted by family members or other acquaintances that do not have their own KBDB membership number will be deemed invalid. If you do submit more than one guess, only your first bet will be used. 
  • You can only join the contest using the online form, and by filing out your address, your contact details and the speed in metres per minute (three digits after the decimal point, eg 1042.324).

Good luck!