Discover the auction of Kurt and Raf Platteeuw on Sunday evening 13th December

One of the most appealing pigeon sales in this auction season runs from 14 to 27 December. After many successful racing seasons Kurt and Raf Platteeuw will be selling their old and one year old racing birds. Discover their entire collection on Sunday evening 13th December, right after the last auction has closed.

About 275 Platteeuw pigeons will be published online on Sunday evening. This is one day prior to the actual start of the auction, so that fancier can take the time to browse this impressive list of championship and ace pigeon titles at national and provincial level. Remember to visit the PIPA website on Sunday evening, after the last auction has closed, to find out which invaluable pigeons Kurt and Raf will be selling. You might already find a few undiscovered talents, which will be up for bidding from Monday 14th December at 5pm.