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Dirk Deroose (Kruisem, BE) can rely on a unique team of breeders

The Deroose colony perfectly exemplifies quality over quantity. Dirk has raised the bar so high that only the best of the best is eligible for a place on the breeding lofts.

Past season, Dirk Deroose became 1st Provincial Extreme Long Distance Champion KBDB East Flanders 2023. In the competition around the tough Rhône Valley races he ranked 12th National Champion. Besides several top result on the International classics, the quality found on the breeding lofts in Kruisem is equally impressive. Despite being a hardworking businessman, Dirk is often looking for the best there is to find in pigeon sport. 

The extreme long distance phenomenon moved to Kruisem 

The purchase of Golden Ghost (BE14-3006213) from Delrue-Vanbruane turned out to be a golden move. In 2019, this crack won the title of 2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Extreme Long Distance thanks to top results from Agen and St. Vincent. Besides this title, his whole results list is sensational. During his racing career, this crack was called 'Klein Donker' and marked as the best extreme long distance pigeon ever. He won five (!) National Top 50 results on extreme long distance races and would later be renamed Golden Ghost! 

10th National Agen 3,938 p. in 2019
15th National St.-Vincent 2,949 p. in 2019
23rd National Agen 11,826 p. in 2016
48th National St.-Vincent 3,053 p. in 2017
49th National Perpignan 3,966 p. in 2018

On the breeding lofts, this Golden Ghost proved to be an exceptional breeder. The latest evidence of his breeding talent was a son Golden Ghost who won 5th International Agen against 6,679 pigeons past season. This New Golden Ghost is a look-alike of his famous father...

New Golden Ghost : 5th International Agen 2023

National winners and KBDB Ace Pigeons

Thanks to the quality that resides on his breeding lofts, Dirk has achieved several beautiful national victories and titles at the KBDB Championships. The transfer of the following national winners and ace pigeons to the breeding lofts was also a careful consideration. These cracks lifted the quality even further and now ensure racing talent in future generations. 

Marcel (BE15-4073372) : 1st National Chateauroux and Ferry Porche (BE19-4057741) : 1° National Souillac have since then - together with several of their offspring - managed to pass on their exceptional genes to the next generations. Of course, super pigeon Zoom (BE16-4153057) : 2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance also plays his part. When these stars are granted a place on the breeding lofts by Dirk, the chance is high they will be successful. In the meantime, their descendants show that the faith Dirk put in these top pigeons was completely justified. 

The lofts of Dirk Deroose where many exceptional cracks are housed

Besides the above mentioned stock pigeons, Lady New Freddy (BE13-4039095) must also be introduced in this context. She herself won the 1st Zonal Bourges but immediately showed her exceptional class as a breeder as mother of Zoom and thus grandmother of a series of top pigeons. Lady New Freddy has clearly put her mark on the Deroose colony. 

Besides moving his own proven cracks to the breeding lofts, there is also a fantastic cooperation with the PEC (PIPA Elite Center). Years ago, the ambitious Deroose decided to obtain some unique breeding material from the PEC. Another move made by Dirk, driven by his winner's mentality, which turned out to be the right one. The combination of his own winners with the best bloodlines from the PEC have ensured the exceptional quality currently found on the breeding lofts in Kruisem. The achievements of the past years show that the strategy of master breeder Deroose is spot on: quality above everything!