Desutter Linda - The "fairytale season" anno 2008

Linda Desutter from Pittem<br>1st National Champion KBDB middle distance youngsters.<br>
1st Super Cup Short middle distance Both-Flanders youngsters<br>
3 x 1st Ablis - 1 x 1st Blois - 3 x 1st Tours - 1st St Junien - 1st Gueret…<br>
and so much more…

The national title in the middle distance for youngsters was "the" crown on a whole series of excellent seasons in a row for Linda and her husband Rik Capelle. Seasons whereby she managed to race a whole series of champion titles, whereby up until 2008 only two of the much sought after were missing. Firstly a national title and secondly the Super Cup Short Middle Distance der Beide Vlaanders (Both Flanders)….. In 2008…. their dream became reality , because in addition to first prizes, Ace pigeon titles and prominent places in other competitions, Linda and Rik won the two very "desired" titles decisively….. The "fairytale" had occurred….."Now the circle is complete where the champion titles in the middle distance are concerned" Rik told us….. They were also 1st in the championship middle distance youngsters in the "Riddersclub from Belgium", were 2nd champion in de "Vanrobaeys-competition" from the "Duiven-Krant" (pigeon paper), are 3rd champ. in the "Duivenblad-competitie" (pigeon magazine competition), had the 1st Ace pigeon Extreme middle distance in the Long Distance club Beveren-Roeselare, the 1st Ace pigeon middle distance in the "Wittepenne 2000", etc…..

A new start in 1998 !
Rik inherited the pigeon virus, by manner of speaking, from his father, who was at the time a passionate and feared Sprinter.
In 1976 after he married Linda he raced from his current address, but due to lack of time (both working) the pigeon sport was shoved to one side after a few seasons.
After a 12 year interval a new start was made in 1998.
The following year ('99) they had already won 7 x 1st with the youngsters in the Sprint before switching over to the middle distance the following year resulting in very good results at regional level. " At provincial level ( Rik always sets his stakes high !!) we always clocked fifteen to twenty minutes after the big shots so as Gaby Vandenabeele and the feared ex-duo Cools-Blancke" : says Rik. " After that we swore that we couldn´t carry on like this for another two years and that we would simply get rid of all the pigeons. Some people thought we were insane, but they didn´t know that we were investing heavily in top quality and where did we obtain them …. exactly…..yes…..mainly by the 2 aforementioned (say honest) competitors and great champions".

The investments bore fruit !
In the last 6 years : 9 Ace pigeons !!
In 2001 they raced magnificently and Rik & Linda´s wins included the nicest and biggest championship that there was to win, namely the "Interprovincial".
In 2002 and the years following the performances continued to follow a rising line, with a dip in 2007 caused by the bird flu problems and the following organised (calamity races ) from Heidelberg for the West Flemish pigeons whereby the better youngsters of this season were lost or returned home exhausted a few days later.
Meanwhile up until now all the large championships have been won and the name of the loft "Linda Desutter" has become a well-known name in the coast province. "It is then not so surprising that we have bred a handful of crack pigeons in the previous seasons " says Rik….." the class that we bought at the time and…..are still buying….clearly comes to the surface ! ". "For example, over the last six years we have bred no less than 9 Ace pigeons ….and …. despite being offered large sums of money fort hem, we resisted the temptation to sell them. No…..the youngsters…..they all moved to our breeding loft. Grandmaster Sylvère Toye once told me…."Ace pigeons come from Ace pigeons" ……consequently…. we are then very proud of what is in our breeding loft "…says Rik. At the moment there are 21 breeding couples including multiple Ace pigeons and excellent breeding material wherefrom the average age is under the 3 years .

Having to do a lot is a must !!
"The people who still think that successes come out a bottle or out a packet are not only the losers of today, but the but also the numbskulls of tomorrow" : says Rik. "Whoever doesn't get out of bed until 8 o'clock in the summer and then takes his time having breakfast and reads the newspaper before taking care of his pigeons is not doing things right !". At 7h30 all our youngsters are back in the loft after the morning training ….or….have had a training race of roughly 50 kilometres. Success doesn't just happen !
Training itself is not only important, you also have to be able to keep them healthy and…..of course at the same time you have to own the right sort(s)." We see the winning of the National championship as a reward for our commitment and for the honest service that we were able to offer to other fanciers, some of whom we now have a warm band of friendship."

Can you tell us something about your manner of handeling !
Look….before the season there is the compulsory paramyxo-vaccination, the vaccination against diphtheria and in the middle of April an 8-day cure with Parastop(for paratyphoid). Because we prefer to thoroughly test all our youngsters they are raced in semi widowhood. We couple all the young cocks with old hens and vice versa for the young hens. This coupling occurs after 4 sprint races, because then a so-called first selection has already taken place. Young cocks brood for a few days, young hens are only allowed to lay their eggs . Then everything is separated again. The system of semi widowhood is kept to until the last race of the season, just because we hate the natural system towards the end of the season. Nest pigeons train less than those in semi widowhood whereby I sometimes get the impression that they train too much and lose too much energy.

By the homecoming we pay attention to 3 things:
- bringing the sugar level back up
- relieving the liver
- bringing the acidity in the intestines back up to level.

There are enough products available for this purpose. Any cure, for example against tricho occurs during the following days . The periodical cures for the most common diseases occur : after weaning, before the races, after the 2nd sprint race and after the 2nd race further than Paris + depending on how the races have gone and the weather conditions, every 3 or 4 weeks. To be honest…..we have never cured less than during the last season. Our youngsters were in excellent health and returned home like "rockets". Now, the results don't lie ! (see further). That's why I was very afraid to bring down the form by giving them a cure. So they remained "cureless" until the last race from Tours (end of August)…..a race in which I saw that when they came home the well-known "end sprint" was on the decline …..although the result was good, their fighter's mentality seemed to be wobbling. We therefore immediately asked the advice of the veterinary surgeon Piet Blancke, who ascertained a light tricho-infection. The pigeons were treated individually which resulted once again in the 1st prize from Gueret and the final result : 1st -31st -31st -35th - 45th …..against 245p in the Long Distance club. After the season and the eventual selection all the pigeons are from time to time given sulphur or brewer's yeast (Ornehivero) and Sedochol on the grain.

You talk about the good sort! Which basis do you have in your breeding loft at the moment?
"You could say that we have for about 80% the strain of Gaby Vandenabeele, whether obtained directly, via Rik Cools(Ruiselede) , via Dr Norbert Ally (Aarsele) or via Dr Piet Blancke(Ruiselede).
One for one lofts that perform very strongly with the Vandenabeele pigeons. For example, I can show you a couple out the Vandenabeele-collection that have produced various good descendants:
The 05-3176628 is amongst other things for example father of the "Kleinen", of the "Number One-hen" and he comes from Rik Cools.
His father is the "Blauw Wittenbuikske" 277/00 (out the top breeder "Golden Wittenbuik" 809/98 - son of the famous "Wittenbuik" with the stock hen " Françinne" 422/92).
His mother is "'t Schoontje" 261/01 and comes out the "Pol" 296/98 - line Picanol Vandenbeele- with "'t Superke": 049/97 - sister of the famous "Bieke" and line "Wittenbuik and "Françinne" 422/92 .

The 01-3116204 is our "Fietje Blancke", once again Vandenabeele origin via Cools-Blancke.
She won self
1st Clermont 255p , the 5th Blois 339p, the 77th Blois 4032p, the 18th Chartres 461p, the 194th Argenton 2844p, the 71st La Souterraine 2078p and developed in the breeding loft into the stock mother of the loft.

Is amongst other things mother of the " Kleinen" , the "Number One hen", and other top pigeons.
She has as father : "the 108/00", in turn son of the "Pol" 296/98 with the "008": 008/97, a super hen and extra breeding hen out the line of the "Stier" and the "Groten" by Vandenabeele.
Mother of "Fietje Blancke" is the "433/98" and she comes out the "17": 317/90 (son of the "Kleinen "Vandenabeele) with the "306/90", daughter out the "Groten" from Gaby.

One of the descendants out both top breeders is then the "Kleinen" 06-3187603 with amongst other things, the following on his honours list:
1st Ablis 286p 30the Blois 551p
2nd Nantes Long Distance club 141p and 2nd interprov 1843p 1st Poitiers 142p Long Distance club and 6th interprovincial 1361p etc ...
This Vandenabeele-origin was further supplemented with a few choice buys from Sylvère Toye , and a cock from Etienne Meirlaen (descendants have ensured extremely good results), a cock from Godfried Vanderstichele out his formidable "Lupo-sort" and a beautiful breeding cock from Rik Dekeyser , plus a hen from Pierre Vercaemst and then our own "Kanibaal sort".

(The "Kannibaal" 3047058/02 was amongst other things 3rd Ace pigeon Middle Distance Both-Flanders and won 1st Blois 505p, the 2nd Blois 1057p, the 1st Tours 267p, the 1st Tours 323p, the 26th Tours 2509p,etc….and developed into an excellent breeder)."
"I am actually very proud of our breeding loft, that is my field" says Rik.
"Linda keeps herself busy with the young cocks. In the breeding loft most of the pigeons are given 1, sometimes 2, years to show what they are capable of as a breeder. They have to come up to my expectations - and they are very high - if they don't then they are got rid of straight away. I have no time or energy to spend on the so-called pseudo-champions. Patience is probably a virtue but not in my breeding loft. There is no place for sentiment here, this is always at the expense of efficiency and that is exactly what we must remember".

Some figures from 2008 !
09/06 Arras 480p: 4-8-17-22-23-25-26-27-28-29-30… 15/06 Clermont 325p: 1-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-22…
22/06 Clermont 322p: 3-4-5-7-8-10-17-21-23-24…… 28/06 Ablis 152p : 1-3-4-7-15-17…….
05/07 Ablis 419p : 1-7-10-11-14-15-16-19-20-22-23…..
05/07 Blois 258p : 1-8-12-15…..
12/07 Ablis 237p : 1-3-7-9-…..
12/07 Blois 549p : 2-3-12-24-28-38-39…..
19/07 Blois Bev 626p : 4-10-16-37-51….
19/7 Blois Aartr 499p : 3-4-7-30……
19/07 Ablis 179p : 2-4-8-11-17….
02/08 Ablis 144p : 2-4-7…
02/08 Tours 532p : 2-7-10-11-25-36…..
09/08 Tours 268p : 1-19-22-26…..
09/08 Tours 317p : 7-9-14……
16/08 Tours 298p : 4-6-7-11…..
16/08 St Junien 137p : 1-26….
23/08 Ablis 186p: 1-12….
23/08 Tours 200p: 1-9…
23/08 Tours 266p: 1-13-15-18-23-30-33…..
08/09 Gueret 245p : 1-31-31-35-45…..

Have you now achieved everything you can in the Middle Distance?
"We are thinking about changing over to the Long Distance within a few seasons….we have already made a few purchases for this purpose. Including from Etienne Meirlaen, from Sylvère Toye, from Martin Mitchell, etc……. We have to dare to face up to reality and that the future is based more and more on the Long Distance….That's one of the reasons why we are going to concentrate more on this discipline, another is that we are really "fed up" with nearly every weekend - with the west to south-westerly wind - having to fight against the eastside in the provincial races…..
One thing I know for sure : if the wind comes out the west then I am convinced that our pigeons have to fight like lions to classify at the top of the (inter)provincial races. It is obvious that the Long Distance pigeons that have been bought are capable of good things.
After being inbred with the Vandenabeele strain, we can clearly see from the performances of the descendants over the last two seasons hat they are capable of with top prizes from, amongst other things Poitiers, Nantes (roughly 600 km), St Junien and Gueret. The test was very successful because they began twice with the 1st prize from Poitiers and 2 x with the 1st prize from Nantes, plus 1st prizes from St Junien, Gueret, La Souterraine .We are on the right track, although we realise that we still have a long way to go. Trying them in the national races will now be our way of obtaining a solid basis for starting with the old pigeons……Then hopefully we will have more free time….. Our early retirement is approaching … So !! " That's our story about Rik Capelle and Linda Desutter from the rural and quiet Pittem which lies roughly between Tielt and Roeselare in the coast province ….
Happily married since 1976 and always together with "their" pigeons…….
Our warmest congratulations !