Descendants of Lucas (Norbert Ally) are on a roll

Lucas BE10-3075506 has been a key breeder in his team, as well as in many other lofts. The most prestigious pigeon race in China, the Pioneer Club Bejing, saw a grandchild of Lucas claim the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Pioneer Club 2017. This is quite a reference!

Norbert Ally, together with his son stefan, showing their many awards

We went back in time, just to conclude that there is a lot of truth to the "champions breed champions" theory: Lucas BE10-3075506 was himself a great racing bird in the widower loft of Norbert Ally in 2011 and 2012. He was basketed for 11 longer middle distance and long distance races (440km-700km), and he won 11 prizes, or a 100% prize percentage! He did particularly well in the following nine races:

  2nd Nat. Souillac (697km)     7,760 p. (0.03%)
 15th Nat. Argenton (509km)    19,782 p. (0.08%)
 30th Nat.Z.Montluçon (520km)   6,081 p. (0.49%)
 58th Nat. Chateauroux (482km) 16,479 p. (0.35%)
141st Nat. Chateauroux (482km) 25,263 p. (0.56%)
182nd Nat. Limoges (595km)     14,686 p. (1.24%)
227th Nat. Bourges (440km)     20,589 p. (1.10%)
 20th Prov. Tours (447km)       1,052 p. (1.90%)
 28th Prov. Poitiers (545km)      602 p. (4.65%)

It is fair to say this pigeon is a genuine top class bird. Lucas's pedigree reveals that he comes from the old Ally breed, which was founded on pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele and Norman. Click here for the pedigree of Lucas.

Sire: Schumi, BE04-3006131, he was 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB West Flanders in 2005, and he comes straight from the old Ally breed, being a youngster and grandson of the best breeding and racing birds of Team Ally from the 1990s. He is also related to the lines of Bliksem and Kleinen of Gaby Vandenabeele.
Dam: Bolleke, BE05-3083812, she is the dam of Lucas, and of two provincial first prize winners. Bolleke is a daughter of Lena, and she comes from a grandson of Bliksem of Vandenabeele paired to a granddaughter of top breeder Zorro of Norman. In addition, she is also related to the line of Kleinen of Gaby Vandenabeele.

Lucas bloodlines lead to current top results

Norbert has an eye for talent, and he quickly saw the enormous breeding potential of Lena, a daughter of perhaps the most valued breeding pair of the Ally pigeon breed: Ronaldo x daughter Zorro Norman. Lena is not only the grandmother of Lucas, she is also the grandmother of Gouda, another great breeding hen. It made Norbert come up with a brilliant pairing in his loft: he paired Schumi, the sire of Lucas, to Gouda. It was an instant success; we now take a look at some of the most talented descendants of this new top pair Schumi x Gouda:

Schumi Junior (BE13-3126131), the sire of:

  • New Schumi BE15-3126131:
      2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2015
     28th Nat. Issoudun      11,984 p.
     38th Nat. Argenton I    18,363 p.
     65th Nat.Z. Bourges     11,401 p.
    102nd Nat. Argenton      11,223 p.
    113th Nat. Limoges        6,946 p.
    218th Nat. La Souterraine 9,760 p.
  • Gueretje BE14-3119232:
     22nd Nat. Gueret        16,619 p.
     She is the dam of:
        Charlene BE15-3142169:
        Co-winner: 2nd Nat. Champion KBDB young birds 2015
         3rd Prov. Tours      3,478 p.
        77th Prov. Pontoise  18,184 p.
  • New Schuma BE15-3126130:
     4th Prov. Fontenay       2,832 p.
     She is the dam of:
        Neymar Junior, BE17-3011652:
         3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance KBDB
         4th Prov. Tours      6,741 p.
         5th Prov. Tours      1,483 p.
        15th Prov. Blois      2,380 p.
        27th Prov. Orléans    3,398 p.
        34th Prov. Pontoise  18,184 p.

  • BE17-3011583:
     1st Prov. Clermont      10,250 p.

Red Nestpender 430 (BE12-3078430), the sire of:

  • Wittekop BE14-3119967:
      3rd Prov. Chateaudun    4,869 p.
     12th Prov. Tours         2,122 p.
     57th Nat. La Souterraine 6,205 p.
  • BE15-3126136:
      68th Nat. Jarnac        5,134 p.
      82nd Prov. Tours        2,770 p.
     129th Prov. Tours        6,083 p.
     140th Nat. Tulle         7,447 p.
     178th Nat. Tulle         7,322 p.
  • Wittekopje BE16-3073419:
     1st Clermont               245 p.
     Co-winner 2nd Nat. Champion KBDB Allround 2016

Blue Nestpender 431 (BE12-3078431), the sire of:

  • BE15-3126138:
      37th Nat. Brive         5,929 p.
      69th Nat. Chateauroux  29,591 p.
     152nd Nat. Tulle         7,447 p.
     182nd Nat. Libourne      3,927 p.
     192nd Nat.Z. Limoges     3,392 p.
  • BE17-3011644:
     1st  Prov. Tours         3,478 p.

Top class racing bird and national winner Neymar is related to Lucas as well: they are both great-grandchildren of Super Bliksem BE01-3031277, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele from Bliksem x Julia. The number of successful Neymar descendants continues to grow, here we have some of his best youngsters:

  • Neymar Junior, BE17-3011652:
         3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance KBDB 2017
         4th Prov. Tours      6,741 p.
         5th Prov. Tours      1,483 p.
        15th Prov. Blois      2,380 p.
        27th Prov. Orléans    3,398 p.
        34th Prov. Pontoise  18,184 p.
  • BE16-3131562:
         2nd Clermont           251 p.
        44th Nat. Jarnac      5,117 p.
        26th Prov. Chateaudun   940 p.
  • BE16-3131539:
        57th Nat. Limoges    10,554 p.
  • BE16-3073450:
        142nd Nat. Limoges   10,554 p.

1st Ace Pigeon Pioneer Club Beijing 2017

Lucas has been a prize winning bloodline outside of the Ally loft as well. In late 2012 Norbert decided to sell his entire old birds' collection on PIPA, including Lucas. A fancier from China was able to get his hands on Lucas, and he is now taking full advantage of this bloodline. Lucas is currently one of the leading names in the breeding loft of Mr. Chen Shiyi, and it was in fact a grandson of Lucas that won the title of 1st Ace Pigeon in the Pioneer Club in Beijing China, being the best pigeon across 4 races over 450-550km of 9,000 birds. Meanwhile this ace pigeon got transferred to the breeding lofts of Mr. Xing of Kaier Group.

The auction

The Norbert Ally auction starts on 26th of March on PIPA, and it will be entirely centered around this Lucas bloodline. Included in this auction are a brother of Lucas (a great racing bird) and two sisters of New Schumi, two youngsters of New Schumi, 2 brothers/sisters of Neymar Junior, etc.