Desbuquois, " 'Roger' wins 7th national ace pigeon 2005 and is crowning glory of many successful years of his owners!!! "

Magnificent and deserved winner Barcelona national 2006

Michel and Didier had great confidence in their pigeons when they were basketing them last Sunday; as a result of serious training etc, the birds showed all the signs of excellent shape.
Due to the aftermath of the bird flue, preparation went not as it should have: the races prior to Barcelona were: 3 x Quiévran, Arlon, Dourdan and Chateauroux (which was raced 3 weeks before the pigeons were basketed for Barcelona). Feed as well as motivation is very important to Michel and Didier. The hens were showed to the cocks before they left for Chateauroux (locked up in their box during approximately 1 hour) and on the day of basketing for Barcelona, all the yearlings that were staying in the same lofts were moved. The hens were allowed in the loft at 10:00 AM and all the boxes of the yearlings that had been moved, were opened. Michel and Didier amply provided the loft with straw and the Barcelona racers could do as they pleased for 8 hours. Many of them had a nice nest dish …… when they were basketed, they really looked superb ……
As far as training is concerned: during the days before they go into the basket, they train 1 to 1.5 hours twice a day. They are back 10 to 15 minutes after release and upon their return, they fly around for a good hour and play.
Their famous Roger 2010062/03 excelled last year as a 146th national Barcelona (12.998 pigeons) and 65th national Perpignan (7.611 pigeons) and became 7th national Ace Pigeon KBDB in extreme long distance racing. He did not let his bosses down with 1.97% and he won 1st national Barcelona (11.895 pigeons) with flying colours. Considering the rich past of the Desbuquois colony, this is a historical performance and a real dream come true. It certainly was a dream of their late father Fernand. Didier and Michel will undoubtedly dedicate this victory to their beloved father, considering their strong ties.

After Chateauroux they received a light mixture during 2 weeks. This feed was given to them in such a way that everything was gone after about 15 minutes.
Then, the pigeons had 1/2 sport mixture and 1/2 super diet on the menu. Finally, they switched to sport (4/5) and rich feed (1/4) + quite some maize during the last 6 days. They always feed the pigeons in a common feed bowl on the floor.
Important principle is that they always have to eat well!!!!! So: plenty of food but everything has to go…….