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Demaret-Marichal (Herquegies, BE): outstanding on the international races in 2020!

The combination Demaret-Marichal is one of the lofts that has not gone under the radar in 2020. This new association proved to the world that it would become a household name from the marathon races in the future.

Sometimes, you live a season where everything goes smooth in the perfect conditions without even knowing why. The pigeons reach their form peak right from the beginning and this form doesn't leave your loft until the end of the season. Your pigeons are in such a condition that nothing can happen to them. That's exactly what happened this year in Herquegies for the brand new Demaret-Marichal combination (Grégory Demaret & Thierry Marichal). The two partners are extremely satisfied on their first racing season together and we must admit that they are right:

18/07 Pau (866 km) national - 2.919 p.:
74-145-389-408-... (7/24)
24/07 Agen (775 km) national - 5.140 olds:
64-76-213-349-375-... (9/18)
81th & 109th international 15.271 olds
24/07 Agen (775 km) national - 5.955 yls:
11-380-390-531-542-... (9/19)
14th international 14.799 yls
9th international 5.388 hens
31/07 Barcelone (1060 km) national - 6.178 p.:
5-.. (2/3)
19th international 12.315 p.
31/07 St-Vincent (859 km) national - 3.038 p.:
27-44-197-... (8/11)
96th international 6.066 p.
01/08 Souillac (657 km) national - 7.514 p.:
151-262-275-285-385-507-571-664-665-747-... (19/38)
08/08 Perpignan (821 km) national - 2.643 p.:
63-355-638-... (3/11)

Before the last race from the international calendar was held (Narbonne), their entire season was already a huge success and it went beyond their expectations. But the two friends didn't expect what was going to happen during the last weekend of the competition...


The race of Narbonne has never been an easy task for our pigeons and the 2020 edition was no exception. It is always a race full of expectations for a lot of marathon fanciers because it gives them the opportunity to test their yearlings for the first time on a long distance race. Of course, this was also scheduled in the agenda of the two friends and the result was quite astonishing:

Narbonne national – 4.120 yls : 2-19-32-58-222-283-321-376-386- … (19/41)
Narbonne national – 4.454 olds : 6-47-48-58-314-347-414- … (11/14)
Narbonne international – 8.492 yls : 4-35-101-243- … (19/41)
Narbonne international – 12.848 olds : 8-77-79-98- … (11/12)
Narbonne international – 6.837 hens : 5-35- …

The Narbonne race was definitely the cherry on the cake of a wonderful season.. It shows the enormous potential and the great class housed on the lofts of this super combination. Let's now meet the biggest star of the team!

- 'The Boss' (BE17-1010556)

- 'Nirvana' (BE17-1010658)

- 'Matteo' (BE16-1072511)

- 'Chucky 666' (BE19-1111666)

What's next ?

Despite a massive interest for their pigeons, Grégory & Thierry decided not to sell any of their main pigeons so that they keep all their weapons for the future. The whole strategy they stick to is well known: breed a lot, race a lot, select a lot. Don't think that they reached this level in a single day. It took a lot of sacrifices in time and energy. Now, they are truly at the top of their game and they don't just want to sit there. They are actually planning to make of 2021 another successful season. Our congratulations!