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Demaret-Marichal (Herquegies, BE) confirm their status as top fanciers on extreme long distance races

In 2022, Gregory Demaret & Thierry Marichal showed why they are amongst the best international extreme long distance fanciers.

An overview of impressive results from 2022 on (extreme) long distance races:

Prov: 1-2-3-6-9-11-13-17-18-21 against 252 p. (18/31)
Nat: 40-53-71-83-108-133 153-179-181-226-293 against 2,899 p.

Prov: 1-4-21 against 256 p. (6/12)
Nat: 4-66 against 3,766 p. (6/12)

Prov: 2-9-15-24 against 254 p. (7/10)
Nat: 49-91-120-185 against 3,018 p. (7/10)

Nat: 81-91 against 6,657 p. 15/23)

Nat: 112-157 against 2,326 p. (2/4)

Argenton Old birds
Prov: 10-18-62-65-91-92-93-106-110 121 against 1,214 p. (17/27)

Prov: 3-5-22 against 358 p. (7/15)

Strict but fair 

Gregory Demaret & Thierry Marichal decided to join forces several years ago. Due to a lack of time, both fanciers could use some help with their pigeons and they found each other. It would turn out to be a golden combination, which allowed both fanciers to continue practicing their hobby at the highest level. They have high standards for their pigeons, Gregory is very strict in judging and selection. Once they are raced above 600km, prizes are a must. As yearlings they are given one extra chance, a special exception to the rule. They are given a second chance, the last one they will get. As yearlings they get this chance on Narbonne, if they need it. 

Despite their focus on extreme long distance, the youngsters are tested in their birth year. After they are darkened, the young cocks race Bourges and the hens race the complete national program. This means there isn't a large team of yearlings on the lofts. This system also allows to judge breeding pairs quicker. 

With the start of the combination, the pigeons from both lofts were crossed. The pigeons of Gregory were paired to those of Thierry, who had invested heavily in pigeons of De Smeyter-Restiaen. With this foundation they were not only successful last season (see the overview above), but also in previous years there were many phenomenal achievements. We would like to introduce several of this combination's cracks.

Le Boss

In 2020, Demaret-Marichal won the title 3rd European Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance. This top result was achieved by Le Boss, BE17-1010556. A super racer which also became 5th National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2020 that same season. 

Le Boss was bred from Zizou and Golden Mama. Zizou is a cross between De Smeyter-Restiaen x Patrick Vandeputte. Zizou is a brother of Cas from De Smeyter (1st Int. Pau) and La Belle Zidane, daughter of Zidane from Etienne Devos (1st Int. Carcasonne).

Golden Mama is a daughter of l'Inter (33rd Nat. Pau) and Belle, a sister of New Perpignan (1st Int. Perpignan) from E. Vanaker via Carlier-Petit.


Chucky 666

In 2020, Gregoty and Thierry were very close to the national victory on Narbonne. Chucky 666 showed her class with the 2nd National against 4,108 p. This performance by the hen Chucky 666 was also good for the 4th International Narbonne against 8,432 p. 

Chucky 666 is a granddaughter of the famous Couple d'Or of Demaret-Marichal. This golden pair is made up from Le Rouge x La Bleue Didi, and has brought forth several top extreme long distance pigeons. The father of Chucky 666 is a son from this amazing pair. 

Mother is Daughter 036, a hen bred from Le 036 of Michel Dhalluin.


On Barcelona in 2020, this combination achieved a fantastic result. Matteo, won 5th National Barcelona against 6,178 p., good for the 19th International against 12,315 p. 

Matteo is another diamond which could lift the loft to a higher level. It is no coincidence that Matteo is a half-brother of Le Boss. 

Father of Matteo is Le Christian, of Christian Demaret, a Van der Wegen x Theelen pigeon. Mother is Golden Mama, mother of Le Boss which we mentioned before. 


The past two seasons (2021 & 2022) beautiful results were achieved on other lofts as well, with descendants from pigeons of the combination Demaret-Marichal. 

For instance, the colony Vanrokeghem-Marichal (Saint-Sauveur) exclusively races pigeons from Demaret-Marichal. 

Vanrokeghem-Marichal became 1st National Champion Old birds Rhônevallei KBDB 2022. This championship is held across 3 races in the Rhône valley (Valence, Montélimar & Marseille) with the first two nominated pigeons.

Moreover, there were several noteworthy results achieved by Cédric Rosiaux (FR) with the stock of Demaret-Marichal. In 2021, he won 1st St.Junien against 5,910 p. with a granddaughter of the golden pair (Couple d'Or). 

Rosiaux also won 2nd Nat. Tarbes hens with a daughter of nest sister Nirvana, and is thereby a half-sister of the winner of 4th Nat. Perpignan 2022 at Demaret-Marichal.


Another impressive reference is the 1st Argenton NPDC against 7,234 pigeons by A. Rollet. 

Lastly, the reference of Youri Deblanc who took a provincial victory on Agen with a half-brother of Le Boss; 1st Provincial Agen against 1,799 pigeons. 

Several fantastic references which underline the class and breeding potential of the Demaret-Marichal colony. 


The future is golden for Gregory and Thierry. Quality is clearly present on the lofts, something which even other fanciers have confirmed with numerous references. With quality like this, it is only a matter of time before another top result is achieved, in Herquegies or elsewhere...