Declerck-Blancke (Ruiselede, BE) of the 'BDS Team' excelled in 2011 with 1° and 2° prize Provincial and 1° prize National Zone A from Bourges II (old birds)!

The West Flemish wing of the ‘BDS-team’ can look back on a marvellous racing season in 2011. A year which ended with a bang in the closing national Gueret with double provincial victory in West Flanders!

At the beginning of 2011, the ‘BDS-team’ was held above the baptismal font, as we reported at the time in the corresponding article. The ‘BDS-team’ stands for Piet Blancke, Bart Declerck and Dirk Speybroeck… who joined forces so as to be able to continue under one name. Actually, the first steps were taken in secret in 2006, the year that they started joint breeding. The best racing and breeding hens (mainly the old sort Cools-Blancke) moved to Dirk Speybroeck to be coupled with his best cocks. At the time they worked with 2 breeding lofts, this from Piet Blancke, and from Dirk Speybroeck. The 2010 season was then seen as a trial year for the ‘BDS-team’… they then decided to install a joint breeding loft… the game was then divided as follows… in Tielt, under the name Declerck-Blancke, they only raced with hens (both old and young) in widowhood, whilst the cocks in Vinkt were entered for the races from the lofts Roger & Dirk Speybroeck in widowhood.

The success mill ran at full speed in both lofts. The youngsters were separated per sex when they were weaned… the hens moved to Tielt, the cocks to Vinkt.  The lofts of Declerck-Blancke housed 20 racing hens (old birds + yearlings), a team of 25 young hens were prepared for the 4 national races for youngsters. They were raced in full widowhood, coupled with an old cock!  These hens raced  Piet and Bart in the spotlight from Bourges, with local victory, the closest place of honour provincial (2° prov) and the 9° place national! In the closing Gueret they achieved the following great performances:


Club     209 youngsters: 1-2-6-8-18-25-30-32-35-40… (13/25)

Prov.  2.603 youngsters: 1-2-46-69-163-240… (and 15/25)

Zone A 5.666 youngsters: 9-10-117-161-359…

Nat.  14.362 youngsters: 16-17-193-262-589-917-1141-1303…

With national 8 pigeons per 10 and 14/25

With the 16° and 193° prize national, the 2° and 1° nominated were in the clock. 

Call this performance from Gueret the apotheosis to an extremely successful overture from the BDS team in 2011…in which they managed to rake in a few remarkable victories, call it for our part the “3 national heydays out 2011” for the BDS-team, with:

1° Nat. Zone A Bourges II O.b. ( 3° Nat.) 

1° Prov. Bourges I Yl

1° Prov. Gueret Youngsters ( 16° Nat.)

2° Prov. Bourges I O.b.

2° Prov. Bourges II Yongsters ( 9° Nat. )

2° Prov. Gueret Youngsters ( 17° Nat. )

The two hens which signed for this stunt from Gueret are ‘Azira’ and ‘Ashley’. 

-‘Ashley’ B11-4245610

A real ‘flying machine’, with a.o. the following highlights on her honours list:

Bourges Club   280 p. 3

      Prov   3.338 p. 60

      Nat   31.719 p. 404

La Souterraine 196 p. 7

      Prov   2.248 p. 80

Gueret Club    209 p. 1

      Prov   2.603 p. 1

      Nat   14.362 p. 16

Her lineage looks like this (click here for the complete pedigree)

Father: ‘Blauwe Limoges’ B02-4355870

A real topper in the lofts of Roger & Dirk Speybroeck in Vinkt with a.o.:

  4° Nat Limoges   12.266 p.

  9° Prov Poitiers  1.221 p.

 64° Prov Angoulême 2.589 p.

119° Prov Blois     5.775 p.

192° Prov Tours     5.149 p.

196° Prov Blois     3.052 p. etc.

He descends on father’s side from the ‘Blauwe Desaer 585/00’, a direct A&R.Desaer and a 100% Vandenabeele pigeon from both the ‘Wittenbuik’ as the ‘1° Nat Limoges 87’ (out the ‘Geschelpte Limoges 277/95 x ‘Wittenbuikje 275/95’). Mother is the ‘Bontje Speybroeck 182/04’ which as a youngster won self 7° La Souterraine 192 p., 12° Argenton 302 p. (and comes out the ‘Sproete Crusson 869/96’ x ‘Antoinette 576/00’, a direct Deaer).

Mother: ‘Bourgeske Houfflijn’ B09-4210249

A direct Patrick & Dimitri Houfflijn, which self won 1° Bourges 404 p. as a youngster. She comes out the ‘Son Geronimo 037/08’ (out the powerful racing and breeding cock ‘Geronimo 486/00’ x ‘ Nationaaltje 560/04’, which won 4 national races as a youngster) x ‘Capain 006/08’ (out ‘Son Captain Blue 466/06’ Vandenabeele x ‘Polfllietje 207/01’). 


-‘Azira’ B11-4245750

Gueret Lok   209 d. 2
     Prov  2.603 d. 2
     Nat  14.362 d. 17

She has the following lineage (click here for the complete pedigree)

Father: ‘Oscar’ B02-3185472

Grandson of the ‘Wittenbuik’ Vandenabeele. He is a son of the ‘Golden Wittenbuik 809/98’ (out the ‘Wittenbuik 112/88’ x ‘Kathy 339/93’,a direct daughter of the 1° Nat Ace bird Long Distance KBDB ‘Vital’ by Noël Lippens) x ‘Viviane 467/98’, a Limbourg hen and sister of the 2° Nat Narbonne (out the ‘Slimmen 926/93’ with his 3 x 1° Prov… x ‘Sister Cahors 489/97’, sister 2° Nat Cahors).

Mother: ‘Fabiola’ B08-3035363

Superior racing and breeding hen which won self 5 x within the ‘Top 100’ provincial and further a.o.:

101° Nat Bourges     22.499 p.

165° Nat Chateauroux 17.109 p.

She is a daughter of ‘Den 161/01’ (self 10° Prov Ace bird Middle Distance KBDB by Roger & Dirk Speybroeck) x ‘Eline 334/03’, which won by Cools-Blancke a.o. 1° Nat Argenton Zone A 960 p., 6° Prov Tours 2966 p., 20° Prov Blois 5246 p., 43° Prov Chateauroux 4061 p. (daughter of the classy son ‘Bliksem’ Vandenabeele: the ‘Witneus Bliksem 171/01’ x ‘Fryda 770/99’).

That the apple didn’t fall far from the legendary tree here is directly obvious in both cases! Declerck-Blancke and the ‘BDS team’ can look back on a very successful 2011, crowned with 1 x 1° Zonal victory, 2 x 1° Prov victories and 3 x 2° Prov close place of honour! The trend towards a new series of top performances up to provincial and national level seems to have been set. Will definitely be continued in 2012! 

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