De Vroe-Van Gaver J,T&M (Moortsele, BE) win 1st Nat. Jarnac 4,557 yearlings

Their winning pigeon was also the fastest of a total of 8,436 pigeons. That same pigeon also won a 2nd club, 26th zone and a 118th national from Brive one week earlier. In addition, he is winner of a 1st Zone A from Montélimar. This national winner seems indefagitable, and is a contendor for the title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance yearlings KBDB 2015.

DVV pigeons with Marnik Van Gaver, Johan De Vroe, Tom Van Gaver and Rudy Vandeputte

They had already won four national first prizes in the zone this season (a 1st Nat. Zone A2 Gueret 4,003 old birds, a 1st Nat. Zone A2 Gueret 4,878 yearlings, a 1st Nat. Zone A Montélimar and a 1st Nat. Zone A2 Chateauroux II olds) and the fanciers of DVV pigeons have now added a well deserved national first prize to their palmares as well, in what turned out to be a very solid season. DVV pigeons (De Vroe, Van Gaver, Vandeputte) stands for a trio of fanciers led by Johan De Vroe. Johan’s pigeon loft is home to a racing team of young birds, while his neighbours (Marnik and his son Tom Van Gaver) are focusing on a team of old widowers. The strongest hens are raced in the loft of Rudy Vandeputte in Lemberge, about two kilometres away. Each of the three fanciers is focused on his favourite discipline, which seems to be the key to success.

National first prize against 4,557 yearlings from Jarnac

It is no secret that the race from Jarnac was anything but a fluent race, which was disturbed by heavy storms in the first 100 to 150km after the release. You know it has been a difficult race when the earliest arrivals come from the longer distances, and when the lofts with the shortest distances have not been able to clock a pigeon yet. Only two pigeons were able to achieve a velocity of 1200 m/min: a pigeon of Marc Verschelde, winner of a national first prize old birds, and a pigeon of De Vroe-Van Gaver J-T-M. These two pigeons both had a 10 minute lead over the second national bird in their respective categories. Tom and Marnik clocked their national winner at 17:16’53”, completing 649.923km with an average speed of 1210.55 m/min. He was the fastest of a total of 8,436 competing pigeons.

The fanciers from Moortsele had to wait long for their second of 28 basketed pigeons as well. He eventually arrived back home 39 minutes after the national winner, at 5:55pm, winning a 2nd prize in the club and a 16th national. They also clocked their 3rd, 4th and 5th yearling in the club; they arrived home 1h17min, 1h18min and 1h21min after their national winner. In the meantime their first old bird (3rd in the club) landed at 6:22pm, followed by their second old bird at 6:42pm (4th in the club). This shows that the race from Jarnac was quite a difficult one, but the conditions did not prevent the fanciers of De Vroe-Van Gaver from achieving a great overall result: 

Jarnac club   90 yearlings: 1-2-3-4-5-13-16-18-25-28-29 (11/18)
       Prov  802 yearlings: 1-3-16-22-23… (top 25, and at least an 11/18)
       Nat 4,557 yearlings: 1-13…

Jarnac club 99 olds:   3-4-9-17-20-25-27-28 (8/10)

The first and fifth prize in the yearlings’ race was won by their first and second nominated, while their first and second nominated old birds finished in 3rd and 9th place respectively. They also won a first prize and a great overall result from Bourges earlier that day:

Bourges 143 yearlings:  1-8-14-19-22-24-45 (7/8)
Bourges 175 yearlings:  1-4-6-9-10-11-14-15-16-17-18… (29/80)
Bourges  86 olds:       3-14-21-24-27-28-29 (7/8)

The first prize in the old birds’ race was won by their partner Rudi Vandeputte, who added another win to the palmares of this combination.

André beats them all

The national winner is called André and he is one of a kind. He was basketed as 2nd nominated, after having won a 1st nat. Zone Montélimar. He also finished in second place in the club from Brive one week earlier.

As a young bird he won a prize in four national young birds’ races. He started the 2015 season with a number of training flights in the sprint, followed by six weeks of middle distance racing from Souppes, Vierzon, Issoudun, Bourges, Chateauroux, and Gueret. After a week’s rest he was basketed for Montélimar, followed by Brive and Jarnac in two consecutive weeks. Some might wonder how much is too much for a racing bird. We take a look at some of André's best results:

-André BE14-4102124

Contender for 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance yearlings KBDB 2015
18/7 Jarnac    Nat  4.557 p. 1 (fastest of 8,436 p.)
11/7 Brive     Club   202 p. 2
               Zone 3,405 p. 26
               Nat  9,049 p. 118
27/6 Montélimar Zone  164 p. 1
               Nat  1,512 p. 12

Click here for his full palmares

Sire: De Valence BE12-4253572
Winner of a 1st club and a 9th prov. Valence 658 p., a 97th Nat. St. Vincent 3,037 p. He is a son of Baluw BE10-4218862 (bred from a son of stock pair Schonen x Schichtige paired to Limbourg hen 941/06) x Blauwwitpen BE08-4002546.

Dam: Geschelpt De Coene BE11-4143356
A direct André De Coene from Zoon Jumbo BE09-4029332 x Souterraine BE10-4112826 (53rd La Souterraine 700 p.).
Click here for the full pedigree of andré

Working hard

The racing birds of DVV pigeons have to work very hard, and the fanciers are not afraid to find the limit of what is feasible. In fact, the widower cocks have competed in nearly all national races of the longer middle distance in previous seasons, and they try to adopt the same approach in the long distance, by having their pigeons complete two consecutive long distance races. In other words, most of the pigeons basketed for Jarnac had already raced in Brive as well. Some fanciers will probably be surprised by this approach but more and more fanciers are racing their pigeons that way. Erik Limbourg and Pascal Ariën have started this trend, and an increasing number of fanciers have adopted this approach, including fanciers that focus on the (national) ace pigeon championships.

Most of the pigeons basketed for Jarnac were also raced from Brive one week earlier. We take a look at the results:

Brive club 327 olds:      7-9-18-76-84 (5/9)
Brive club 202 yearlings: 1-2-4-8-15-16-27-30-31-36-39 (11/20)

These are the best results at club level:

-214/14: 1st Nat Jarnac, 2nd Brive 202 p., 1st Nat Zone Montélimar
-095/14: 1st Brive 202 p. and 4th Jarnac 90 p.
-107/14: 3rd Jarnac 90 p. and 27th Brive 202 p.
-301/14: 8th Brive 202 p. and 5th Jarnac 90 p.
-106/14: 4th Brive 202 p. and 28th Jarnac 90 p.
-031/14: 16th Brive 202 p. and 25th Jarnac 90 p.
-684/13: 3rd Jarnac 99 p. and 9th Brive 327 p.
-430/12: 7th Brive 327 p. and 9th Jarnac 99 p.
-822/13: 18th Brive 327 p. and 17th Jarnac 99 p.
-311/14: 2nd Jarnac 90 p. and 3rd Montauban 95 p.

Sold long distance racing birds!

Keep in mind that DVV pigeons are currently holding a first place in the ranking for best pigeon in the first seven national races of the season, both in the yearlings’ and the old birds’ category. This means that the DVV combination has the current best yearling and old bird of Belgium in their collection, which shows the value of their breeding and racing pigeons.

-Nicky BE13-4142652

Best old bird in the Belgian national races – 7 prizes (PIPA ranking)

Raced from the lofts of Rudi Vandeputte.  Click here for the pedigree

-Asduif BE14-4102259

1st Ace Pigeon Belgian Long Distance Trophy young birds 2014
Best yearling in the Belgian national races – 7 prizes (PIPA ranking)

Click here for his full pedigree

A national victory from Jarnac, 4 first prizes in the zone, the best old bird and the best yearling of Belgium over 7 national races of the longer middle distance 2015, and a contender for the title of 1st national Ace Pigeon long distance yearlings KBDB. Friends and foes will have to admit that DVV pigeons are having an impressive season, and that they are currently one of the leading pigeon lofts in Belgium, especially in races of 500 to 750km. 

They celebrated their zonal first prizes with a few bottles of cava but they switched to Champagne after their national victory. Their results have been truly outstanding, many congratulations Johan, Marnik, Tom and Rudy!