De Schepper - Detemmerman, "Once again super season (2005) for success team"

Merelbeke (BE)

De Schepper-De Temmerman have proven on many occasions these past few seasons that their loft is being populated by top pigeons. Their success even goes to the extent that Herman and Marita have developed into one of the very top colonies of the province of East-Flanders … even one of the top lofts in Flanders. For instance, the colony of De Schepper-De Temmerman obtained the following titles:
1st General Provincial Champion KBDB East-Fl 2000
2nd General Provincial Champion KBDB East-Fl 2004

This colony has been one of the main topics during the last few seasons, the following top results appear on its list of achievements: 1st Nat La Souterraine 10.530 p (’96), 2nd Nat. Bourges 10.531 p (’97), 1st Prov and 4th Nat Vichy 2.458 p. (’04), 5th Nat. Brive 7.520 p., 1st Prov & 8th Nat Bourges 13.116 p. (’02), 14th Nat. Cahors 7.340 p. (’04)… etc. In short, one of the actual toppers on a national level! The ‘stunt performance’ in the Montélimar race of 2005 underlined this:
1st + 2nd National Zone A against 13.802 old and National against 10.195 p 8,10 (out of 3 basketed pigeons) and with the 2 first nominated pigeons! But there was much more in 2005… (see separate frame with the results of 2005).
These are all top performances that speak for themselves and they all prove that this loft is accommodating first-class pigeons. If you have such toppers in your loft and if they are in great shape: you cannot but achieve top results. A bit of logic in the sometimes inexplicable ways of pigeon sport.

The ‘road to success
If you pay a visit to the family De Schepper-De Temmerman you will be surprised by the lack of lots of lofts. All the pigeons are accommodated in one loft that has been divided into several compartments and which has a corridor in front of the lofts. They make use of every inch of spare room. The game is also tuned to the number of available places and the room.
As far as racing olds and yearlings is concerned, De Schepper-De Temmerman possess of 28 couples of pigeons who are raced on ‘total widowhood’ meaning that hens as well as cocks go into the basket. They are coupled by the end of November and raise a couple of youngsters. To avoid a second laying, the hen moves to the youngsters loft together with one youngster as soon as it has reached the age of approximately 20 days. The cock raises the other youngster until it is about 25 days old. The racing pigeons don’t have the intention of starting a second nest too soon because they are not lit during the period of winter breeding so this method suits them perfectly. The pigeons are re-coupled around March 15 and are separated when the last hen has laid her second egg. Then, the race on widowhood starts and the hens are accommodated in a separate loft situated beside the loft of the cocks.
The pigeons are trained in 4 stages until Tournai. Then (i.e.: if conditions are normal which means: without bird flu troubles) they race Noyon and Ecouen until middle distance, followed by long middle distance and some pigeons train for long distance races. The pigeons are never put together before they go into the basket so the cocks never see their hen (and vice versa). The cocks get to see their nest dish and are basketed. The hens are next and after they’ve spend some time in the nest dish they are put into the baskets as well. When they return, the pigeons stay together for a longer period of time. This is to make sure that they stay coupled but also to avoid coupling among the hens. All the pigeons leave together as far as middle distance races are concerned. They are raced every 2 weeks with respect to long middle distance.

The feeding schedule looks like this:
* when they return: 1/2 sport + 1/4 super diet + 1/4 maize
* on Sunday and Monday: 2/3 super diet + 1/3 maize
* on Tuesday and Wednesday: sport
* on Thursday (when they are put into the basket) : 10 gr. 2/3 super diet in the morning + 1/3 maize
* around 2:00 or 3:00 PM: idem + seed until they are satisfied
* they can drink until 3 hours before they go into the basket
This is the ‘success method’ with respect to old pigeons. 24 breeding couples and 28 widowers couples breed about 100 youngsters every year. They are darkened from mid March until mid June from 6:30 PM until 8:30 AM. The youngsters always live in the same loft until 2 weeks before Bourges, then, they are raced with ‘open door’. The youngsters are fed as follows: 100% breeding mixture when they are weaned and gradually they switch to 40% breeding with purification mixture and maize as an addition. The purification mixture on the youngsters’ menu is replaced by super diet when they start flying middle distance races. They fly the Noyon, Ecouen and Dourdan races in June. At the end of July, they fly 4 national races with Dourdan or Noyon in between.
As you can tell, it doesn’t have to be complicated to achieve top successes in pigeon sport but one must of course have those ‘good pigeons’ in his/her possession. There certainly is no shortage of such top class pigeons in the colony of De Schepper-De Temmerman. The pigeons mainly descend from Freddy Vandenheede’s perfect ‘world class’ birds. They have been cross-bred successfully with the birds of Willy Vanhoutte, Gaby Vandenabeele etc… This proves once again that ‘class’ and ‘quality’ always produce good results. To illustrate this fact, you will find a list of achievements below of one of the ‘best cocks’ (‘de VECHTER’) and one of the ‘best hens ‘ (super hen ‘MISS RHONE’) of the colony of De Schepper-De Temmerman. These two birds have helped obtaining many titles during the latest seasons.

‘MISS RHONE’ 4146420-03
25/04/04 Pont Mer. 462p 47th
25/04/04 Pont Mer. 258p 29th
1/05/04 Dourdan Mer. 619p 58th
1/05/04 Dourdan Mer. 353p 33rd
22/05/04 Dourdan Mer. 515p 54th
22/05/04 Dourdan Mer. 328p 54th
29/5/04 Bourges U.L.N. 75p 21st
29/5/04 Bourges Prov. 4547p 751st
12/06/04 Tours U.W. 281p 67th
12/06/04 Tours Prov 878p 161st
12/06/04 Tours U.W. 165p 31st
12/06/04 Tours Prov. 499p 91st
03/07/04 Argenton U.W. 290p 30th
03/07/04 Argenton Prov. 860p 41st
03/07/04 Argenton U.W. 206p 22nd
03/07/04 Argenton Prov. 543p 30th
31/07/04 Bourges ULN 108 34th
29/08/04 La Souterr. U.L. 52p 3rd
29/08/04 La Souterr. U.L. 326p 5th
11/09/04 Vichy Nat. A 422p 79th
21/05/05 Chateauroux U.W. 326p 76th
21/05/05 Chateauroux Prov. 870p 152nd
28/05/05 Bourges ULN 79p 1st
28/05/05 Bourges U.L. 266p 11th
28/05/05 Bourges Prov. 4798p 110th
28/05/05 Bourges Nat. A 6831p 45th
11/06/05 Montelimar Prov. 1027p 3rd
11/06/05 Montelimar Nat. A 1380p 2nd
11/06/05 Montelimar Nat. 10195p 10th
02/07/05 Orange Nat. A 984p 10th
02/07/05 Orange Nat. 6751p 24th

‘DE VECHTER’ 4146515-03

25/04/04 Pont Mer. 462p 7th
25/04/04 Pont Mer. 258p 5th
15/05/04 Dourdan Mer. 737p 2nd
15/05/04 Dourdan Mer. 424p 53rd
22/05/04 Dourdan Mer. 328p 53rd
29/5/04 Bourges U.L.N. 75p 1st
29/5/04 Bourges U.L. 364p 3rd
29/5/04 Bourges Prov. 4547p 10th
05/06/04 Chateauroux U.W. 490p 94th
05/06/04 Chateauroux U.W. 270p 37th
05/06/04 Chateauroux Prov. 1347p 193rd
05/06/04 Chateauroux Prov. 665p 37th
19/06/04 Chateauroux U.L.N. 81p 1st
19/06/04 Chateauroux U.L. 466p 60th
19/06/04 Chateauroux Prov. 3162p 315th
19/06/04 Chateauroux U.L.N. 269p 6th
19/06/04 Chateauroux U.L. 744p 64th
19/06/04 Chateauroux Prov. 5319p 354th
03/07/04 Argenton U.L.N. 223p 1st
03/07/04 Argenton U.L.N. 47p 1st
03/07/04 Argenton U.L. 710p 4th
03/07/04 Argenton U.L. 334p 3rd
03/07/04 Argenton Prov. 5130p 23rd
03/07/04 Argenton Prov. 2245p 19th
31/07/04 Bourges ULN 108p 16th
31/07/04 Bourges U.L. 279p 47th
31/07/04 Bourges Prov. 2306p 276th
08/05/05 Ecouen Mer. 339p 62nd
15/05/05 Ecouen Mer. 178p 14th
21/05/05 Dourdan Mer. 502p 133rd
28/05/05 Bourges ULN 79p 2nd
28/05/05 Bourges U.L. 266p 13th
28/05/05 Bourges Prov. 4798p 124th
28/05/05 Bourges Nat. A 6831p 52nd

It’s crystal clear that we have paid a visit to one of the top colonies of Flanders. And we’ll undoubtably have to deal with them again in the upcoming season of 2006. They made a strong start in the very first races of this year’s season and obtained a 1st + 2nd prize against 333 old pigeons and also a 1st + 2nd prize against 188 yearlings in Bouillon. They put the proverbial cat among the pigeons right away…which is a proof that this colony will be a tough competitor. And besides, who would have thought differently? They deserve it.

RESULTS of Merelbeke’s CRACK in 2005
15/5 Toury 635 o.: 1-11-43-44-48-76-78-83-90-93-115-122-133-135-172-186……(33)
21/5 Dourdan 315 yl.: 8-9-12-13-18-19-20-21-29-48-49-64-69-80-94-95-100-105-106 (32)
28/5 Bourges 79 o.: 1-2-14-15-27 (9)
Bourges 82 yl.: 2-3-4-7-8-9-14-15-16-18-20-25-27 (20)
Bourges nat. A 6831 o.: 45-52-382-444-1210 (9)
Bourges nat. A 6507 yl.: 18-20-174-214-221-356-732-755-758-795-898….(20)
11/6 Tours 409 o.: 1-10-13-225-32-37-39-49-71-76-85-92…..(27)
Tours 272 yl.: 1-7-10-23-27-29-36-50-53-60-65-78..(26)
Tours Prov. 1372 o.: 6-18-21-47-62-69-74-93-167-179-210-233…(27)
Tours Prov. 883 yl.: 2-10-13-40-44-47-60-104-111-135-152..(26)
Montelimar 56 o.: 1-2 (3)
Montelimar Prov. 1027 o.: 2-3 (3)
Montelimar Nat.A 1380 o.: 1-2 (3)
Montelimar Nat. 10.195 o.: 8-10 (3)
Montelimar Nat. 781 hens: 1-2 (3)
18/6 Chateauroux 388 o.: 4-6-8-20-36-37-67-68-86-88-91-103-109..(27)
Chateauroux 247 yl.: 4-6-7-12-18-19-37-38-47-48-56-59-72-81..(26)
Chateauroux Prov. 1387 o.: 4-6-8-32-69-70-143-144-185-187-206-247…(27)
Chateauroux Prov. 784 yl.: 4-6-7-21-38-39-75-76-99-105-125…(26)
2/7 Argenton 470 o.: 4-7-12-15-18-19-21-24-30-32-35-37-39-43-56-77-94…(32)
Argenton 363 yl.: 2-4-7-8-10-11-13-16-21-22-24-25-27-30-51…(29)
Argenton Prov. 1595 o.: 5-11-22-34-38-40-43-51-62-67-78-91-93-105-139…(32)
Argenton Prov. 1057 yl.: 3-7-14-18-21-22-25-31-38-39-46-54-56-64….(29)
Barcelona 181 : 6-20-32 (4)
Barcelona Prov. 2315 : 105-213-365 (4)
Barcelona Prov. 482 hens: 22-41-70 (4)
Barcelona Intern. 7.023 hens: 513-893-1439 (4)
Orange 59 : 3-18 (2)
Orange Prov. 784 : 6 (2)
Orange Nat. 7.600 : 24 (2)
Argenton 189 o.: 1-3-5-6-7 (9)
16/7 Dourdan 806 yo.: 1-9-10-11-13-14-16-28-29-40-49-58-60-61-86-98-99-105-121-122-123-124-135-137-145..(66)
Blois 360 yl.: 3-5-10-46-49-64-75-78…(18)
30/7 Bourges 162 yl.: 3-7-112-20-26-28-42-43-44….(18)
Bourges 115 yo.: 1-4-5-9-11-19-21-34-39….(16)
Bourges nat. A 2.316 yl.: 18-29-53-91-147-166-283-286-288….(19)
Bourges nat. A 9.042 yo.: 12-83-84-176-292-810-841…..(16)
13/8 Dourdan 334 yo.: 6-7-8-11-12-14-30-36-50-51-64…(43)
Argenton 86 yo.: 3-7-8-9-10-16-17-23-27-28…(24)
Argenton Nat. A 6.570 yo.: 30-76-119-134-153-290-315-787…(24)
20/8 Dourdan 282 yo.: 5-6-11-18-19-20-33-38-41-45-48-49-52-59-60-70…(34)
27/8 Dourdan 192 yo.: 2-3-5-6-8-15-21-21-22-26-34-36-37-40-50-51-60-62-64….(30)
La Souterraine 112 yo.: 1-2-3-6-7-9-10-16-19-20-21-25…(38)
La Souterraine 88 o.: 4-5-6-7-10-13-14…(18)
La Souterraine Prov. 3400 yo.: 3-16-32-71-181-255-258-482-652-749….(38)
La Souterraine Prov. 330 o.: 10-11-12-13-16-21-22-35….(18)
La Souterraine Nat. 15.406 yo.: 3-26-66-154-494-739-753-1566…(38)
La Souterraine Nat. 3.444 o.: 56-61-69-86-111-127-130-221-378-446-472…(18)
10/9 Vichy 299 yo.: 23-31-32-39-43-50-51…(39)
Vichy 274 o.: 4-20-27-28-31-38…..(19)
Vichy Nat. 11.022 yo.: 86-337-613-632-819-839-1165…(39)
Vichy Nat. 2.461 o.: 29-144-186-200-204-293…(19)