De Schepper-De Temmerman - Merelbeke (BE) Winners 1° Prov Argenton East-Fl. against 5.705 youngsters!

Herman and Marita, the husband-wife duo, racing under the name De Schepper-De Temmerman, managed to get themselves in the picture again last weekend in the national Argenton for youngsters.

After the tremendous performance from Bourges with the local victory, the expectations were high, because the condition of the racing team was obviously good… and with the weather forecast, the pigeons from Argenton had to show their ‘colour’! And how… in addition to a double stroke with 1° + 2° prize at local level… the provincial victory was also achieved. Something that every sport fanatic dreams about… although it is only for a chosen few! A ‘new’ provincial victory that looks good on their visiting card, certainly with such good racing weather… and is the umpteenth top performance in a long row that they have achieved there in Merelbeke. Just to give you a picture…
At the home of De Schepper-De Temmerman they make maximum use of the space available. When the old lofts literally went up in flames in 1998, whereby a few breeding pigeons were rescued from the flames… a new loft accommodation had to be built, which at the moment offers room for 24 breeding couples, 28 widowers and their hens (who are raced in total widowhood) and 100 youngsters. When you stand in front of the lofts you would never believe that so many pigeons could be housed there… but the lofts are 3 meters deep, with a corridor in front of the lofts, so that all the available space can be optimally used!
The very old basis of the colony was formed with pigeons from the late Rene Vandenheede from Zingem, later supplemented with pigeons from son Freddy Vandenheede. Later the top class from Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem, and Willy Vanhoutte from Wevelgem came to strengthen the ranks. These largely form the basis of the current loft… where a few reinforcements have been introduced over the last few years. With these pigeons, Herman & Marita soon shot to the ‘top’ of the middle distance and ‘extreme middle distance happenings’ in the Flemish country, which resulted in the following spectacular top performances:

1° General Provincial Champion KBDB East-Fl 2000
2° General Provincial Champion KBDB East-Fl 2004
1° Nat La Souterraine 10.530 young ‘96
2° Nat Bourges 10.531 old birds ‘97
1° + 2° Nat Montélimar Zone A 1.382 old birds (8° + 10° Nat 10.195 p.)
3° Nat La Souterraine 15.406 young ‘05
3° Nat Gueret 1.430 YL ‘01
4° Nat Vichy 2.458 old birds ’04… etc

A selection from a long series of superb results and prominent titles that the De Schepper-De Temmerman colony have achieved over the last few years. Last weekend this list was once again blown out of proportion with the achievement of the 1° prize Provincial Argenton against 6.136 youngsters, whereby they will lay claim to a 6° place nationally. An Argenton raced in hard, but pure racing weather with speeds of 1100 metres… it couldn’t be nicer or fairer! The winning pigeon, ‘Albatros’ (ring 09-4034678) comes out a new crossing of the ‘Robbe’ NL07-4034678, full brother of the 1° Nat Orleans NPO 5.706 p. by Henri Van Doorn & Chris Den Dungen (NL) (with a lot of 1° prize racers worked into the pedigree, bred out the lines of the ‘Klak’ x ‘Tournier’) x de ‘Wondere’ 04-4277734, a super racing hen which won 24 prizes per 10 within 3 years (bred from a cock originating from a crossing Mariën-Royberghs x De Rauw-Sablon, called ‘Poetin’ 495/03 x ‘Linde 770/02’ who in turn won 80° Nat Argenton 17.010 p, 226° Nat La Souterraine 13.708 p.). The apple didn’t fall far from the tree here… a new crossing that obviously ‘takes’!
A provincial victory that certainly didn’t just fall out of the sky, that was proved by the performances of the team of youngsters at the Wielewaalstraat, who week after week came stronger and stronger out of the corner. The result of a good plan, which includes trying to get the pigeons to their ‘top’ at the time that the ‘national races’ for youngsters start, say the national Bourges at the end of July… to then give ‘their all’ for 6 weeks until the national Gueret at the beginning of September. Here we give you a preview of the results of the team of youngsters up until now:

08/8 Argenton   170 young: 1-2-5-6-14-22-27-34-36-37-44 (11/18)
    Prov    5.705 young. 1… etc.
    Nat    23.904 young: 6…
08/8 Angerville  636 young: 4-5-6-18-19-20-24-37-38-53-54-58-76-80-88……(30/54)
01/8 Angerville  1.047 young: 24-31-32-41-42-45-46-57-68-71-72-74-75-89-100…(39/74)
25/7 Ecouen     925 young: 4-6-8-11-24-29-39-40-42-43-45-46-47-48-49-73-84….(33/60)
25/7 Bourges   172 young: 1-3-8-9-11-14-17-21-23-46-51 (11/19)
18/7 Angerville  953 young: 3-7-11-16-33-49-56-66-68-72-73-87……(23/72)
11/7 Angerville  1.041 young: 1-5-12-19-23-47-51-57-63-72-79-85-89…..(29/71)

The youngsters are clearly in the ‘rhythm’, which gives hope for the coming races, with some nice classics from La Souterraine and Gueret on the horizon! It wouldn’t surprise us if the De Schepper-De Temmerman team also achieve one or other gloss performance in these remaining national races. From Bourges and Argenton they have already earned their victory flowers in the club, and also provincial victory from Argenton… God knows what the coming weeks will bring??? Herman & Marita, congratulations on this magnificent victory!