De Rauw-Sablon collection from Ivan Baetens yields a sloppy 70.000 euro for 12 pigeons! Jewels Of The Sky average just less than 3.000 EURO!

Today the Jewels of the Sky October part 5 up to and including 8 ended, as well as a.o. the Aelbrecht & De Rauw-Sablon collection from Ivan Baetens. Both auctions were an overwhelming success!

The 12 pigeons from Ivan Baetens, consisting of 7 old birds and 5 youngsters, yielded just less than 70.000 EURO. A gigantic result! The most expensive pigeon in this auction was a daughter Bak 17 from Marcel Aelbrecht which will move to the lofts of Marc de Cock for 16.000 EURO. A son of the 'Father 1st Nat. Ace pigeon from Marcel Aelbrecht will go to China for 15.200 EURO. Also a son of the Limoges will go to China via Mr. Lin-Brussel for 11.000 EURO.

Just as successful was the 2nd auction of the Jewels of the Sky 2010-2011, an average of 2.940 EURO/pigeon with 49 pigeons in the auction! Absolute top averages for SG Jung-Jupid 8.420 EURO/pigeon (5 pigeons auctioned), Benny Steveninck 3.415 EURO/pigeon (6 pigeons auctioned), Verreckt-Ariën 3.180 EURO/pigeons (8 pigeons auctioned), Peter van de Merwe 2.550 EURO/pigeon (11 pigeons auctioned) and Jan van de Pasch 2.020 EURO/pigeon (10 pigeons auctioned). Once again, the quality offered in this Jewels of the Sky was clearly appreciated.