De Meulemeester Gaby and son, "A visit to the 1st General KBDB Champion of Belgium (2004)"

Also the owner of the Diddle” 4127302/02 :
3rd ace pigeon KBDB extreme long distance (2004)


The little town of Zulte is situated between Waregem en Deinze. The friendly Georges Peirs is not only the mayor if this town but also a very good pigeon racer.

The title of the 1st General champion of Belgium 2004 has been awarded to a very outgoing and joyful fancier. A fancier, that has already collected many titles during his spectacular career. At first in middle distance, later on also in long distance and afterwards in the extreme long distance. Without too much publicity, Gaby De Meulemeester, was able to work his way to the top in every category. In fact, he is not the only famous champion in Groot-Zulte. We can find her a number of names familiar in the pigeon sport. First we have to mention E. Denys ( the baton in Zulte is now carried on by his daughter Rebecca), further on there is Marc Verschelde, the tandem Lefebre-Dhaenens, , and many many more. In the neighbouring Olsene we can find Johan Tant, the team Bouckaert-Deneir, Philippe Dobbelaere, the tandem Baudoncq-Van Praet, etc… these are just several to mention. We could look further in the nearby Machelen were there are also as many  excellent fancier to find. In a nutshell…in this region along the banks of Leie live many good pigeons. That is for sure! 

A portret of the general champion
Gaby worked his whole life as a farmer. When he retired, he bought a big nice house in '98 not far from a busy road to Waregem. The pigeons stayed in his old home, where now his son  Johanand his young family live.  The large house on the splendid farm was torn down and now there stands a beautiful new house. Around the house there is a stretch of stables and small buildings, all kept in a very good shape. The “farm style” is nowhere to be seen. Gaby has to drive only about one kilometer every day to take care of his pigeons. It is a duty that he still does with so much love and affection. His son Johan, a real computer freak, helps with the care and is also in charge of the administration.

The lofts
The loft are not luxurious, but there is everything a good loft needs. The widowers are divided over 4 lofts, that we can find above a barn. Not much has changed since the time that Gaby lived there.  The lofts are kept dry thanks to coverage with wooden roof tiles. The wind can easily blow through. “It is quite annoying when it is snowing”: says Gaby, “because the wind will blow also the snow through, but nothing can measure up to the air circulation that you can find under the wooden roofing”. “Maybe it is something connected with the countryside architecture, but I have always loved nature and that is why I have also kept my pigeons close to the nature. Look …….a pigeon is a bird and a bird in the nature can make it without medication, enclosed sleeping place, heating, etc… that is why I do it that way….”.
The young pigeons, widows and breeders are kept in one large loft, that was earlier used to keep chickens. This large loft is divided into more compartments, some of  them have an entry to a spatious voliere. In rain or shine, the hens are the whole day outside and in the evening they come back inside. This way they will not couple with each other. The young pigeons ( about 70 every year) are placed by round in a special compartment. The dryness, light and air are there also a noticable advantage. In fact, Gaby does not concentrate on racing the youngsters. The youngsters fly for example
Chartres or Tours ( up to 400 km) and then they aren't raced anymore. The hens are raced in region light long distance and national flights. The half widowhood is applied.

The race !
Every year the season is started with 16 old widowers and 20 yearlings. In the last season, the focus was set mainly on extreme long distance and to accomplish that several new breeds were mixed in… for example from Emiel Denys – Marc Verschelde and André Vaernewyck. The results of crossing own old strain with the new blood are very satisfying (read further to find out more). Racing up to Paris (under 200 km) is almost completely given up. Afterwards they are separated until December. For St. Nicolaus Day they get their hen back as a present and in winter breeding every couple brings up one more youngster. From April 1st is gets serious, the widowers are brought together again and sit on eggs for about 5 days and then they go on widowhood. If there's good weather, the widowers fly out also in the winter, they get tot chance to take a bath and then they go back in, so there is no time for them to be sitting on the roof.

The  “General Champion Team 2004”

The title of the National Champion was won by the De Meulemeesters with following results:

Brive (655) km nat:
Cahors (725 km) nat :
Bordeaux (738 km) nat:
Dax (830km) nat :
Perpignan( 914 km) nat:
Limoges yearlings nat:
Argenton youngsters zone:
La Souterraine youngsters zone:

349th against 19477 p with the 4161223/00
48th against 7340 p with the 4127302/02
226th against 7519 p with the 4161223/00
15th against 6138 p with the 4127302/02
43rd against 6489 p with the 4127302/02
1008th against 21929 p with the 4042345/03
179th against 8031 p with the 4240107/04
214th against 5663 p with the 4240107/04

You cannot help but notice that it is the same pigeon that has brought the great results in the young pigeons category with two wonderful class rings. This pigeon 4240107/04 “Zus Golden Boy” won on July 10 from Blois prov. the 1238th place against 7485 p. , and further on on July 31 from Bourges the 11th local place against 589 p, on August 14 from Argenton the 8th against 307 p. local and on August 29 from La Souterraine local the 7th against 207 pigeons ( for the zonal results of the both last mentioned flights see above).
A yearling– the “Bleu Angel” – 4042345/03 has won the 22nd place from
Chateauroux and the 275th prov. against 5991 pigeons three weeks before the national flight from Limoges. This little champion has shown his abilities already as a young pigeon and came as 24th provincial from Nantes against 2120 pigeons.
Further on we have the older team members. Two of the most beautiful  and very good pigeons, if you ask me!
Let's start with the “Diddle” 4127302/02. She has brought in three excellent performances, as you can read above. Let me add some more of her results from the year 2002: 16th prov
Blois against 5775 pigeons, 298th Tours against 2509pd., from the year 2003 we bring to your attention for example the 37th Tours against 1098p, 65th national Limoges against 21409 pigeons. A superb pigeon!
That was proved in the 2004 season, besides the above mentioned classifications he also became the 108th from
Tours against 5149 p. But the real highlight was probably the 48th national from Cahors, his 15th national from Dax ( 24th internat against 17526 p) , his 43rd national from Perpignan ( 96th internat against 17570 p). This has guaranteed “Diddle” the 3rd National KBDB Ace Pigeon in Extreme Long Distance…. 
This pigeon has won no less than 3 national top prizes. Let me ask you, were there any other pigeons in 2004 that have done better than classifying three times in the top rankings of national races? Let us introduce you the parents of this superstar.

The father  is the 3154171/00 “Klaar Geschelpt Vaernewijck” (comes from A. Vaernewijck from Waregem) who originates from the brother of the 1st KBDB Ace Pigeon Long Distance '95. Mother of the “Diddle” is the “Geschelpt Bont” 4240904/95 ( from a direct  cock from Luc Van Den Broecke – Olsene x hen fromLefebre-Dhaenens – Zulte).

A full brother of “Diddle”- 4127398/02 has won besides other prizes as a yearling the 172nd place international Perpignan against 4534 p and in 2004 he won 669th place prov Tours against 5149 p and from Angoulème he came 247th against 2589 pigeons.  
Another pigeon champions who helped Gaby to achieve this title is the “Golden Boy” 4161223/00, again an exceptional pigeon.
Besides the two above mentioned performances from Brive en
Bordeaux , he won this season also the 271st nat from Brive on July 24. On top of that… this “Golden Boy” has not missed once so far during his 5 years long career. We cannot begin to name all his accomplishments, let's just mention the most important ones.
As a young pigeon he flew for example: Chartres 97th against 1274 p,  433rd prov against 2334 p., as a yearling we saw him become 8th Tours against 2009 p, 3rd Tours against 2097p, 319th nat Limoges against 23661 p.
As a two-year old he went on to get the 320th place from Chateauroux against 4498p , 88th from Ruffec against 1572p and the 20th from Perigueux against 1053 pigeons.
He draw all the attention to himself as a four-year old when he arrived as 121st from Tours against 2424 p. , 163rd  from Poitiers against 1429p and 129th from Perigueux against 1091 pigeons. Take a look at who his parents were!
Father is the  “Gouden kweker” ( Theo Beulque”-pigeon) 3187216/96, the mother is the  4156711/97 (comes from Noël Claeys from Landegem); they both form an exceptionally good breeding couple and their off-springs do brilliantly on distances between 700 and 800 km. To prove this we give you the results of a full brother of the “Golden Boy”, it is a pigeon number 4335319/01 who won besides many other prizes also 2nd from Dourdan against 960 p, 309th prov Orléans against 7233 p, 30th prov Perigueux against 1091 p, 274th Bordeaux against 7519 pigeons, etc… another brother is the 4127310/02 with on his record list 88th prov 5775 p, 252nd prov Tours against 2960 p, 63rd prov Tours against 1098p, 316th nat Limoges against 21409 pigeons.

Extreme long distance remains the focus!

The strains – that were brought in for the extreme long distance – promise the best for the future. The 4042313/03 – a hen- won for example as a young pigeon four times national, her sister the  4240108/04 won this year national three times. They come from the “Geschelpten Verschelde” (M. Verschelde) 3278641/00 (he is a son of the famous “Adonis Barcelona”: 6th nat Barça 14037 p) with the “Zwarte Denysduivin” 3285987/99 (direct E. Denys).
Another promising champion for the Extreme long distance is without a doubt the “4127323/02, he ranked n 2004 besides others in
Chartres – Tours – Poitiers – Angoulème – Barcelona and Perpignan. It is a tough guy, if you ask me! This champ originates from the “Zwarten Denys” 3108657/99 ( from “Smaragd” 4465400/89 x “Dochter Kleine Tee” 3308598/97) with the “Zwarte Kweekduivin” 4020026/96.

This was our introduction to the team of Gaby & Johan De Meulemeester from the East-Flemish Zulte. There is a standing ovation awaiting them on the National Days in Oostend. They will go down in history of  our national pigeon sport with the title if the 1st KBDB General Champion and the 3rd KBDB Ace Pigeon in Extreme Long Distance in 2004.
Our dear friends, our congratulations!