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Davy Tournelle (Rummen, BE): Allround colony with sensational results on national races

Davy Tournelle from Rummen in Brabant can look back on another fantastic season. With 77 prizes within the National Top 100, excelling with his youngsters, and his successful first long distance races he truly has an ‘Allround colony’.

"I am especially satisfied and proud with the performances of my young birds. They truly did great, which is promising for the future of my colony. They confirm the excellent quality of my pigeons," says Davy, who is not one to stand in the spotlights. The man from Rummen is what he is: a skillful fanciers without drama, who cherishes his best breeders and racers throughout the year like a true champion. At the centre of his stock's foundation are two icons: Torres and Tiësto. 

Young birds

Despite the stellar performances of the yearlings and old birds, we would like to start this article with the results achieved by the young birds. Davy is delighted to look back through the results, with a/o Bourges on 7th August against 19,369 young birds: 7-8-18-28-30-31-32-34-42-45-84-100-105-105-110-121.

Starting with the 7th National Bourges won by BE23-2029147, good for the 1st Provincial against 3,470 pigeons. Furthermore, this young star won 176th National Argenton against 18,837 pigeons. The nest brother of the 23-147 won 10 prizes from 10 races. They are direct sons of Tiësto’s Lady.

"Tiësto’s Lady"

Looking back on Bourges: the 8th National was on account of BE23-2029286 with the fantastic name "Beauty Queen", who also won a/o 303th National Bourges against 20,328 pigeons. This hen is a granddaughter of "Golden Tiësto", direct son of "Tiësto". 

It is noteworthy to mention that this "Beauty Queen" is a full sister of the top hen BE20-2060405 “Golden Queen”, 23rd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Allround 2023, with a/o 2nd Interprov. Melun against 1,545 p. - 3rd Nat. Chateauroux against 4,003 p. - 3rd Interprov. Melun against 2,002 p. - 8th Nat. Souillac against 4,827 p. 

"Golden Queen"

Davy made an overview of the results achieved by his young birds this past season: 


On the national races his stars managed to win 77 prizes within the National Top 100. In an earlier article we called the national races a measure for his success, and this was also the case in 2023. With a/o 2nd Nat. Tulle, 27 x Top 100 National Bourges III and Tulle, phenomenal results on Souillac and incredible performances on Limoges and Aurillac. The results from the yearlings and old birds can be found at the end of this article. 

Time to introduce some of this colony's stars. 

- “Pearl Safira” (BE20-2060488)

Earlier this year Davy told us an incredible statistic about this super hen after her phenomenal 2nd National Tulle against 4,982 p. Davy: "Pearl Safira" was basketed on 16 races this year and never missed prize. She is an exceptional athlete, which previously won a/p 9th Nat. Bourges (33, 615 p.), 9th Nat. Argenton (1,373 p.), 16th Nat. Souillac (4,827 p.), etc. 

“Pearl Safira”

“Beauty Princess” (BE20-2060553)

This 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon and 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Heavy Middle Distance 2021 won a/o 1st Interprov. Lorris 2,478 p. – 2nd Prov. Bourges 2,062 p. – 20th Nat. Bourges 11,952 p.

“Beauty Princess”: granddaughter of “Prince Torres” and “Beauty Tiësto”, son “Tiësto”.

- “Beauty Star” (BE22-2103724)

This blue hen is an absolute star which showed her athleticism on long distance races with a/o 3rd Nat. Souillac 6,085 p. and 21st Nat. Limoges 8,970 p. 

"Beauty Star"

"Beauty Star" is a great granddaughter of “Tiësto’s Fantasy” and a half-sister of "Sanne" (21-026) 9th Nat. Souillac 4,827 p.

- “Little Lady” (BE21-2102025)

Has won many top results including a/o 3rd Nat. Limoges 7,211 p. and 27th Nat. Chateauroux 5,720 p. 

“Little Lady”

“Little Lady” is a granddaughter of “Tevez”, direct son of “Tiësto”. Moreover, she is the nest sister of “Sanne” (21-026), 9th Nat. Souillac 4,827 p.


- “Young Lady” (BE22-2103800)

“Young Lady” became 25th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB LD 2023. We find a/o the following results on her palmares; 3rd Interprov. Nanteuil 1,312 p. – 28th Nat. Soulliac 6,085 p. – 77th Nat. Tulle 7,813 p. – 151st Nat. Limoges 8,970 p.


“Young Lady” is a daughter of “Tiësto’s Lady”.

- “Zubbery” (BE22-2103510)

Won a/o 13th Nat. Chateauroux against 17,081 p. and 40th Nat. Limgoes against 8,970 p. 


“Zubbery” is a great grandchild of “Tiësto” and “Tiësto’s Fantasy”.


Earlier we published an overview of the young bird results. The results achieved by the old birds and yearlings are also highly impressive.