Davy Tournelle (Rummen, BE): 1st & 2nd Nat. Tulle yearlings

Team Tournelle
A few weeks after winning the national race from Argenton, Davy Tournelle was victorious again in Tulle, claiming gold and silver in Tulle with the yearlings.

Most pigeon fanciers are already familiar with this collection of top quality birds based in Rummen. They demonstrated their potential again in 2020 with several national top 100 placings and most importantly a 1st National in Argenton and a 2nd National Gueret. And they added two more top results to their palmares last weekend, winning a 1st and 2nd National Tulle, combined with a fantastic overall result: they had no less than 20 (!) pigeons in the national top 100 (olds + yearlings).

Tulle 2020

Yearlings: 1-2-10-18-19-21-68-77-78-84-89-etc. Old birds: 3-5-16-18-31-37-41-77-79- etc.

"My pigeons compete in all national races, and their partners stay at home every time", Davy explains. "We only kept them at home in the weekend of Chateauroux; my father released them for a 120km training flight instead. I always pair one cock to two hens, and when they arrive home from a race they only get to see their male partner in the hallway. When the race is over, the racing cock gets to spend an hour with the first hen, followed by another hour with the second hen. It keeps them both motivated for the next race."

"I purchased the race winner in Tulle from Ludo Dompas, while the second place winner comes from our own breed; this bird is of course closely related to our Tiësto. This race has been a great ending to our 2020 season!"

Masserati, 1st national Tulle 2020
Tiësto's Star, 2nd national Tulle 2020

If you can get your pigeons to rush home like Davy does, you can expect to win several championship titles as well. Davy has added three more ace pigeon titles to his palmares, and Tiësto Lady (3rd National Ace Pigeon 2020) and Tiësto's Hero (13th National Ace Pigeon 2020) happen to be a full brother and sister. Besides, Tiësto's Lady is Belgium's best pigeon across 3 races (PIPA ranking best old bird 3 prizes), with Golden Mix (a 9th National Ace Pigeon 2020) being the best across 6 races. (PIPA ranking best old bird 6 prizes)

Video 1st Nat. Tulle Yearlings