Davy Tournelle (BE, Rummen): a strong start to the 2021 season

Team Tournelle
In just a few days the European Football Championships kicks off. Similar to the game of football, in pigeon sport a strong start goes a long way. Davy Tournelle has managed just that this season, and is off to an incredible start.

During the season's preparation the Tournelles already announced they were on the right track. Provincially they took two 2nd places.  From Salbris with BE20-2060468 and on the race from Vierzon it was BE19-2037212, who had already shown to be a steady racer with 246th nat. Gueret, 344th nat. Chateauroux, 348th nat. Argenton and 650th nat. Issoudun.

Pedrigree 2nd prov. Salbris

Pedrigree 2nd prov. Vierzon

Expectations were high for Bourges, the first national race on the calendar. Team Tournelle entered 48 old birds and 97 yearlings. "I thought the pigeons were well prepared for the race", Davy said, "but I can't deny that I expected more". Sometimes pigeon sport is inexplicable! However there was no reason to panic, because on the national race from Chateauroux the Tournelle-pigeons showed that Bourges was simply 'a hit and miss'. White Fantasy (BE20-2060574) powered home and took the zonal win against 5,583 pigeons, which was good for a 9th national Chateauroux against 22,196 pigeons. It was no suprise to find superbreeder Tiësto back in this pigeon's pedigree. 

Besides their first pigeon, Team Tournelle managed to clock 3 pigeons in the national top-100. The second pigeon (BE20-2060553) returned home at 14:22:57 (36th national Chateauroux) and is a crossing between 'Son Prince Torres' x kleindochter Tiesto, Beauty Torres, Blue Lagoon and Acy, four absolute top pigeons from the lofts Tournelle and Geerinckx. Number 3 back on the loft was BE20-2060637, resulting in a 58th nationaal Chateauroux. A pigeon that has already proven to possess excellent racing qualities with a 85th nat. zone Bourges against 3251 pigeons and 372th nat. Argenton against 23280 pigeons. Both 20-637 and BE20-2060945, who placed 77th national Chateauroux, are descendants from the Tiësto-line. His father is a son to Arrow x Jewl Torres and on mother's side you can find a full sister to 2nd and 8th nationaal Argenton (Veulemans-Perilleux) in this pigeon's pedigree.  

"It is always a pleasure to achieve good results", Davy says, "However I can enjoy other fanciers performing well with pigeons from our bloodlines just as much, like the national winner from Bourges raced by Guido Vervaeke".

Pedigree 1st national Bourges yearlings