David Vermassen (Gavere, BE) wins La Souterraine II in the zone both with the young birds and the old birds

David had a marvellous 2013 season winning a title of General Champion of Belgium, and his impressive team continued to excel in 2014, showcasing their qualities and David’s successful approach with a double zonal victory from La Souterraine II.

David Vermassen achieved a brilliant result from La Souterraine II on 30 August, taking two first prizes in the old and young birds’ race in the zone. It reminds us of the feat of Andre Roodhooft, who achieved the same result at national level.

General Champion KBDB 2013 - hard to match

Expectations were high this season, and previous seasons have shown that breaking records can be quite difficult. 2013 had been an impressive season already, with a national victory form Brive and the title of General Champion KBDB. This is a title only the most versatile pigeon lofts can win. You have to excel both in the sprint, the middle distance and the long distance competition, and you need a solid approach in terms of caretaking. More importantly, you have to focus on a versatile team capable of performing well throughout the season. 

David, his mother Nadine and her partner Denis have showed to be a well coordinated team that is capable of achieving great results thanks to a careful planning and caretaking. A top quality pigeon breed is something you can rely on for years, and the same goes for an experienced fancier. This was illustrated with a very successful 2014 season.

David, Nadine and Denis are proud of their double win in the zone

All the signs were there

The pigeon’s behaviour seemed to indicate that they were in top form. The old hens could easily fly for an hour and come home playing around at the loft. David knew a top result was coming soon. The young birds showed similar behaviour, playing around and enjoying their training flights. The young birds put in a great performance in the provincial flight from Villemandeur on 16 August, winning a 1-3-5-7-8-10-14-16-17-50-... at provincial level. Impressive.

The crowning victory followed on 30 August in the race from La Souterraine. The southerly wind put the fanciers from East and West Flanders at a disadvantage at national level, but he blue white Sproetje (BE14-4039101) still managed to win a first prize against 4,610 young birds in Zone A2.

This hen had already won a few prizes earlier on:

4th      Pont-St.-Maxence   531 p.
206th    Pont-St.-Maxence   675 p.
103rd    Tours              593 p.
1st      La Souterraine   4,610 p. (zone)

The sire of this hen is a direct brother of Black Hawk, winner of a 1st national Brive in 2013. The dam is a daughter of Marcus (a pigeon of Marc Helleputte and the sire of top hen Amber and many other prize winners), which was paired to a pigeon from Etienne Heyerick (in a joint breeding with Eddy De Smet from Gavere). Click here for the pedigree of this hen.

Black Hawk, 1e nationaal Brive 2013 jaarse

The old birds’ race saw the Blauwe Souterraine (BE13-4060163) take the win against 354 pigeons in the zone. This hen has won quite a few prizes already:

33rd     Angerville     441 p.
195th    Orléans        5975 p.
1003rd   Gueret         11894 p. (national)
6th      Fontenay       265 p.
26th     Vierzon        333 p.
11th     Fontenay       206 p.
8th      Fontenay       149 p.
17th     Bourges        153 p.
1st      La Souterraine  355 p. (zone) 

She has excellent origins as well: she is the daughter of stock breeder Marcus (see earlier) paired to Solange, the dam of top class racer Amber (winner of a 1st Vierzon, 1st Prov. Bourges, 3rd Nat. Guéret, 8th prov. Blois) and other prize winners. You can find the pedigree of Blauwe Souterraine here.

This is the overall result in the race from La Souterraine II:

Zone BA2      355 old birds        1,20,27,35,56 (5/11)
Zone BA2      4,610 young birds    1,3,29,71,94,206,... (12/24)

Celebrating your victory, a great moment for any fancier

An assured future with Thibaut

However, their achievements in pigeon racing are of secondary importance now, because Wendy and David’s son Thibaut was born on 11 August. He is a wonderful baby with a voice much louder than the pigeons in the loft. We assume that the family will now focus their attention on Thibaut. Perhaps he might take over the loft one day?