Daniël & Andy Vandewalle from Koolskamp win interprovincial Blois youngsters Inter-West Flemish club with their “’t Provinciaalke” on the 16th of July

Daniël & Andy acquired fame in 2009 by winning 1st international from Narbonne against 14457 pigeons! It is exactly this “Narbonne” which played a role by the pigeon which has now won interprovincial Blois .

The I.W.V. basketted 2881 youngsters for the race which was raced in high speed , “’t Provinciaalke”  3034239-11 achieved 1757,63 m/min for the 405 km distance and thereby left the entire peloton ( old birds and yearlings inclusive) behind.  It concerns a granddaughter of the “Narbonne”, which, despite the huge amounts of money offered for this international winner, was not sold. As a yearling his wins included the 72nd national St Vincent against 8393 pigeons.  Daniël and Andy immediately put the “Narbonne” to breed, which looking back was a golden move, as in the meantime descendants have proven that they are “very good” either in racing or breeding.  

On the honours list of  “’t Provinciaalke” for example we see previously a 54th Arras 298p –  a  46th Arras 385 p – a  20th Arras 433 p – a  45th Ablis 203 p and the following race was crowned with  the interprovincial victory.

Out the pedigree of this winner we read (click here for the complete pedigree):

Father :” Son Narbonne” : 10-3037112, a cock which immediately remained in the breeding loft.

GF : “De Narbonne” : 07-3021295 ( 1 internat . Narbonne ’09)

B07 -3021295  De Narnonne


GM : «  Daughter Sisi » : Nl-09-1137753, a direct Batenburg- van de Merwe  , this sort came via Linda Desutter or via joint purchase by L. Desutter and Andy.  The “Sisi” won a.o. the 36th nat. Perpignan, the 6th nat. Montauban, etc……

Mother : “Mother  Provinciaalke”: 10-3037193

GF: “Speedy Boy Jr. “ : 07-3034333, a direct Norbert Ally-breeding cock out the “Speedy Boy” ( 3rd prov Ace bird long distance ’99 KBDB W-Fl) with “Supergirl” ( 3rd prov. Ace bird ’05 KBDB W-Fl)

GM: “Daughter Crack”: 07-3025965, she comes then out the “Crack” which amongst other things, shined with a 1st prov. Argenton 2106p, with a 2nd prov. Tours 3320 p , with a  3rd prov. Poitiers 1767 p……

Up until last year the youngsters by Daniël and Andy were put into half-widowhood, this season  - to make things easier – they used the system of the “sliding door” . On the advice of Rik Capelle ( Linda Desutter) the youngsters were trained earlier and more, whereby the cocks weren’t raced, only the hens. Darkening was done until the middle of June, but lighting was certainly not used. By the homecoming the youngsters are given a “good” meal and then at the beginning of the week they change over to a lighter mixture which is once again built up towards the race.  The medical aspect is in the hands of Dr. Piet Blancke. The interprovincial race will probably be the last one for “’t Provinciaalke”…….as the wise decision has been made to this pigeon – seeing its lineage and the I.P. victory  - into the breeding loft and….. maybe even couple it with its grandfather, namely “de Narbonne” !!

That was our look at the interprovincial winning hen from Blois on Saturday the 16th of July, organised by the I.W.V. . Our warmest congratulations to Daniël and Andy .