Daan Besseling (Oisterwijk, NL) has a collection of outstanding breeders for the long distance

Daan Besseling has only had a brief career in the international long distance competition but his achievements were all the more impressive. Daan managed to win an impressive prize from Pau in his first season in 2011, and he repeated his performance in Marseille one year later. The key to success was the purchase of a few of spectacular breeding pigeons.

Daan Besseling and one of his stars, the Super 80

Friendship with Hans-Peter Brockamp (Boppard, DE)

Daan Besseling obtained a pigeon of Hans-Peter Brockamp (Boppard, BE) in the winter of 2007/2008. At the time, Daan did not expect this pigeon to have such a profound impact on his career. He quickly realised that he would be visiting the Brockamp loft more often in the future: he was quite impressived with the level of quality in this pigeon family. Daan would travel to Boppard on a regular basis in the years to come, to obtain youngsters of such top class pigeons as the Olympiad Pigeons Euro Diamond and Mistral, as well as the national winner of Perpignan 2006.

Euro Marseille

The NL10-5018071 Euro Marseille was the only Dutch pigeon that arrived home on the day of release (22 July 2012), being clocked at 22:44 after a race of 945 km. This was quite a head turning performance, given the additional 227km compared to the international winner (clocked at 18:23). Euro Marseille eventually had to settle for second at national level, while finishing in 8th place at international level against 11,314 pigeons. The pedigree of Euro Marseille shows why he was able to put in such an impressive performance: his parents are two exceptional pigeons.

The parents of Euro Marseille

His sire Super 80 was obtained from Hans Groenendijk (Sommelsdijk, NL). This top class bird stood out in Hans's team of racing birds with the following top results:

2008: Bergerac        4th  against 7,471 pigeons
2009: Bordeaux        14th against 6,299 pigeons
2009: Mont-de-Marsan  1st  against 4,144 pigeons

The Super 80 developed into a breeder with a proven record as well. He bred several great racing birds for Daan, including Euro Marseille, Big Star and Super 80 II. Other fanciers have won five national top 15 prizes with his grandchildren. The dam of Super 80 is NL02-1587082 (Piet de Vogel), a sister of Beer 307, 2nd National Ace Pigeon ZLU.

The Super 80, super class breeder for Daan Besseling and the sire of Euro Marseille, Big Star and Super 80 II

The dam of Euro Marseille is Elize, and she comes directly from his colleague and friend Hans-Peter Brockamp (Boppard, DE). She is a daughter of DV06720-02-537 Euro Diamond, the most renowned pigeon of Brockamp; Euro Diamond is considerd to be the world's best long distance pigeon. He won no less than four top five prizes in national races (and three international prizes), while winning the title of 1st Olympiad Pigeon Category E at the 2007 Olympiad in Ostend, Belgium. The dam of Elize is a youngster of BE99-4528985 George, just like Euro Diamond. The DV06720-03-859 Mistral finished in second place at the Ostend Olympiad Category E marathon, behind his half brother Euro Diamond. Click here for the pedigree of Elize.

Elize, the dam of Euro Marseille

Big Star 

A great-grandchild of Euro Diamond, de NL10-3032864 Big Star, shows that the achievements of Euro Marseille are no coincidence. Big Star managed to achieve great results from Marseille as well. He won a 36th national Marseille against 2,916 pigeons in 2013, and he did great in that year's race from Agen as well: he was released at 8:40am for a race over 895km, and he was back home at 10:30pm, an incredible performance. He had been flying for almost 14 hours to reach his loft in Oisterwijk. It appears that the Daan Besseling pigeons have the stamina to reach their home base on the day of the release. This is an exceptional quality that many modern day long distance pigeons have in common. The dam of Big Star is a granddaughter of Euro Diamond, which we introduced earlier on. The sire is again Super 80. In other words, Big Star is a half brother of Euro Marseille. You can find the full pedigree of Big Star here.

Big Star, a great-grandchild of Euro Diamond and a son of Super 80

Super 80 II

The NL10-3032880 Super 80 II clearly shows the breeding value of Super 80 paired to the outstanding long distance pigeons from Boppard. Super 80 II won a 17th national Bordeaux ZLU 2012 (4447 p.) and a 39th National Narbonne 2012 (4303 p.). He also finished in 5th place at the 2012 national ace pigeon championship of the Wie Heeft Ze Beter competition.  He also took a fifth place in the ace pigeon championship ZLU in 2012. The dam of Super 80 II is DV06720-08-1245, a daughter of DV06720-02-601 Perpignan ’06, whcih won a 1st National and a 2nd International Perpignan 2006. Click here for the full pedigree of Super 80 II.

De Super 80 II, a son of top breeder Super 80

A preliminary end?

Daan Besseling has stopped keeping pigeons on his own in 2015. He is still involved in pigeon racing but no longer from his home loft. This is due to the high number of birds of prey surrounding his home town. This was a tough decision for him, since he did have a collection of outstanding racing birds ready to achieve great results in the season to come. Daan has selected the best pigeons from this collection, a first part of which has been sold on PIPA in the spring of 2015. The second part will soon be auctioned on PIPA as well. We wish Daan all the best in his future career in pigeon racing, and we really hope to see him again in competition one day. Daan is really passionate about pigeon racing, so we would not be surprised if he considered making a comeback sooner or later.