D. Bullen & Son Raise the union Jack again: 1st International Pau 2011

Once again an English pigeon has won an International race, on this occasion from Pau and in doing so has helped to elevate the value of British racing pigeons on the Worldwide stage. This is something that we in the U.K. have believed for many years but it is the International results which really highlight this opinion.

The latest ‘victor’ is a three year old Blue widowerhood cock owned by David & Kirk Bullen of New Addington in Surrey. To achieve this majestic performance this Janssen x Van Wanroy/Stoffle had to face appalling weather conditions on both the channel and in England with heavy rain an almost constant companion on the last stages of his 892 kilometres homeward journey for a velocity of 1431 mpm. The margin of his victory was 31 mpm in front of the 2nd placed pigeon Internationally from the entry of 8601 pigeons and an incredible 213 mpm ahead of his closest British rival.


The birds pedigree shows that he is a mixture of various strain names but his ancestors are of the purest kind..... pure long distance winners. His sire having successfully competed in no less than 5 International events including twice from Barcelona the ‘Holy Grail’ of pigeon racing . While his sire in turn won 1st National and 5th International from Dax against 12,000+ birds in 2005. On his mother’s side his Grand dame won 3rd London & South East CC from Pau when only six day birds were recorded and her sire was 3rd placed from San Sebastian in the Bromley Specialist Club.

The International winner’s C.V. includes 27th B.I.C.C. from Tarbes and 3rd U.K. with the B.I.C.C. from Narbonne. I asked the senior partner David if his Champion would now be moved to the breeding loft but he says that he and his son intend to carry on racing with the bird, a very courageous decision.